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Well, we may be jumping the gun just a bit, as some frigid weather is still around (it even got down to 48 degrees in Southern Cal the other night — I know you all feel sorry for us!), but the fact is that Spring ushers in some of the highest quality racing nationwide and, perhaps most exciting of all, we are back into Triple Crown season again (KY Derby, May 4!)

And as the weather begins to warm up, racing becomes more formful and field sizes grow, resulting in heftier average mutuels both in the straight betting pools and the exotics.

Spring normally also brings forth our biggest annual offering of Quality Handicapping Products.  During the late Fall to late Winter days we seem to receive more submissions for potential products than at any other time during the year, likely because so many budding handicapping authors are housebound during the colder months and have time to research new methodologies, etc.  Take a look:



Our Spring Has Sprung Sale Collection!



So here we go again, and we are offering some super, super savings deals on top quality products, and our Bonus Product Offers, quite honestly, simply cannot be matched.


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P.S. – And Remember, we are coming up to the best time of the year for racing.  The Churhill Meet begins soon, the upcoming Belmont Spring/Summer Meet is the most ‘formful’ meet in the country, Santa Anita also kicks off its Spring Meeting Soon.  And, of course, the TRIPLE CROWN RACES!


So get yourself ready for all the Upcoming Action!  Our products will give you the edge that very, very few horseplayers enjoy.

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Purchase $68 or more, you receive FREE!  X-Lab’s The Astro-Certain Software — Numerology Applied to Selecting Winners at The Racetrack!, a $78 value;


$85 or more — Len’s Super Precise In The Groove Software Program + the ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE Exacta Magician Software!, $79 value;


$125 or more — CONTENDERS & PRETENDERS!! Eliminate the Losers — FOCUS on the WINNERS!! Precision Multi-Factor, Super-Accurate Software!  $99 value;


$175 or more —👉😃The Zion ‘Horse-Whisperer’ Sheets-Style Profit Angle!! Catching Horses on the Rebound – The ‘Sneaky’ Trainer’s Ultimate Move!! Nice Prices — No Runouts! +++FREE Fenway’s ‘Six Figure Tipster System!’ $118 value;



$200 or more System 17 Premium Software Program, $125 value;

17 Profitable Systems Combined to Create Super Accurate Consensus Plays!


$275 or More:  Len’s Brand New For Maidens Only Software Program, a $138 value

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$350 or more:  Denny Nash’s Brand New Handicapping Supremacy Program, a $148 value

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David Powers’ POWER HANDICAPPING!! A Guide to Success for the Aspiring Pro! Now on Software!! 

On Sale for the 1st Time Ever!!

The ‘New-Era’ Handicapping Methodology from David Powers. A Very Good ‘8’ from PRN!

One of the Best Selling Handicapping Volumes of all time   NOW on SOFTWARE!


☞The First Book/Software Written Especially For The Aspiring Pro! A Step-By-Step Approach Designed To Minimize Error and Time Spent and Maximize Long-Term Success.

Was $128.00  😃Spring Sale Just $99.00!





The Intricacies of Professional Pace Play Made Easy!! NEW~~


“While most pace programs I have used work best in sprints, HP PACE is equally as effective in route races up to 9 furlongs, both turf and dirt.  This is really something special!” 

Pat Bartolotta, Mutuel Line Manager, the Meadowlands

Was $118.   NOW Just  $89.90



NEW!!! Bruce Markham’s The MARK III MAINFRAME SELECTION SOFTWARE! Superb Consistency + High Average Mutuels Win, Place & Show!

Bruce Markham’s work is what we call in the business, ‘Systematic‘, meaning that the author went through a painstaking process of mapping dozens and dozens of handicapping factor combinations before finally finding the ‘One’, and then putting it into an easy to follow format that the player can grasp almost immediately and use.  This is a good one, and of course, is on Software as well.

Was $128.00   NOW Just $97.50




Tom Console’s The ODDS Have IT!, II!! An Absolutely Brilliant Odds-Projection Selection Method!! Consistency + Frequent BIG Prices! Order SOON – Save $55!





Bert Norman’s Best Selling Handicapping Gem: Maximus!!! NOW on Software! Explore the Value & Consistency of ‘Negative Elimination Solution’ Handicapping!!

Was  $111.00    NOW Just $85.88!




The ANGLE AMBASSADOR!! Looking at Winning Angles from a Whole Different Angle! Superb Consistency in All Types of Races! Prices Galore!! No Runouts!

A Super-Powerful Combination of  121 Winning Angles that Produce a Very High % of Wins (36.8%) and In-the-Money Horses!

☛High Average Win Mutuel (@$8.30)!

Close to a 48% Win Rate for Single Qualifier Horses who are also the Morning Line Favorites!

Runouts Virtually Non-Existent!

Was  $138.00   NOW Just $111.00!



The Best 2024 Triple Crown Selections & Analysis in The Business, Bar None! From Leo Cates of PowerHorse, International. Yours For Just $65!!!!

Kentucky Derby May 4, Preakness Stakes May 18, Belmont Stakes June 8+++Full analysis and selections on all of the other races on each day!

So think about it:  🤔Do you really want to labor over these extremely difficult to handicap races, high quality races loaded with shippers/foreign runners, etc?  Or would you rather, for a very reasonable price, hire an expert to navigate these very rough waters for you? 

Just $65.00




Len Cz’s The Magic Box!



The Meeting of Minds, A Collaboration of Genius: The TIPS PRIME-MOVER GENERATOR SUPER MODULE!! A Worth/Len Cz Masterpiece. Check this Out!!!

So lately Len has been experimenting with certain combinations of his Power Factors and Tom Worths TIPS and we are happy to say that the first of these productions is ready to go and it is a Wonder to Behold:


Read the Fascinating True Story of the Development of this Masterpiece!

Was $128.00   NOW  just 97.50!


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The ESSENTIAL HANDICAPPER!Yes, There is Simple Way to Make Money at the Track!

There is a way to take home money from the Races the Majority of the Time.

Whew!!  Long Title, but EVERY Word Speaks a TRUTH that All Horseplayers want to hear.

Tom Console, a guy who actually paid his way thru college ( a very expensive college!) by playing the horses, reveals several Simple ‘Truths’ that can propel any player, regardless of his/her experience, into the winners’ ranks.

Handicapping can be like a maze, as the picture above illustrates  —  you think you are rolling down the right path when, boom!, you hit a dead end — you double back and it looks like clear sailing again, and then … another dead end.  You feel lost, confused, and get the sense that you are constantly starting all over again.

Finding and remaining on the correct path can be very difficult, and the average player often gives up the serious pursuit of profits in frustration. 

😊But help is available — even the simple act of reading a handicapping book or system from a recognized author can help you brave the rocky shoals and steer you into calmer seas.

Read All About it Here!

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Retail Price  $111.00   Now just  $88.88!



Armchair Profits!

Armchair Profits! So what can a 24-Year-Old College Computer Whiz-Kid Handicapper, Who Majors in Probability Theory, Do For You?

Armchair Profits was designed by a young computer scientist — a fellow that was able to look at literally thousands of factors and test thousands of combinations.  What he came up with appears rather simple on paper, but the key was that he located the correct ‘combination’ of factors to produce winning results.  ‘Great Programming — the kids have a knack for this, but this is the first youngster I’ve seen create a winning program for our game!’  Bob Shurig

Was $127.00   NOW  $79.90!

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👉👉Among our Top Ten Best Sellers Ever!

The Z-CODE DYNAMIC ENERGY MODULE!  The First Horse Racing Methodology Ever to Employ Energy Wave TheoryCatches Horses at Their Peak Energy Fitness!

Regular $148.00    –  Now just $88.00!!!

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Burt Norman’s Proven Profit Form Overlays! A Never-Before Published Methodology from One of The Most Prolific Handicappers of All Time!! Includes His Private Bankroll Method!

Average Win Mutuel on Best Bets is in the $9.50 range with a win rate close to 31% producing an enticing ROI in the 45% range.  Also, contenders very often hit the board, so plays can be used with success in Exactas, Trifectas, Supers, etc.

Regular Price  $148.00     Sale Price   $118.00

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Ray Taulbot’s The BLITZ!!

Includes New!! Sensational Value Line Tool & New SNAPSHOT ‘the numbers behind the numbers’ Feature!

 1st Time Ever Published!!

Reg. $88.00    Now  $58.75!

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“A Bold, incredibly Consistent and Powerfully Accurate Software Program.  From cheap claimers to the highest of the high Stakes races, EZ Money Power Pro! gets the job done!”  Tom Console, Handicapping author

“If your dream is to think, play and win, like a Pro, it’s all here!”     Jon Worth, Handicapping Author

“There’s nothing I like more than consistency and EZ Money Power Pro delivers and then some.  Good days are frequent and bad days are few and far in between.  I have so much confidence in the selections, and the value line the program generates is absolutely sensational!  This is truly a professional tool and it is so nice that you have priced it where players at any level of the game can have access to it.  Thank you!”  Randy Karras, Pensacola, FL

Retail $197.00   Sale Price  $147.00!

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Denny Nash’s

Bet to WIN for a Living!! (just 125 Copies Available)

This is the one we’ve been trying to get our hands on for years now and, Yippee, here it is! 

Out of print for well over a decade, when this book was made available on Ebay it immediately went for $471!

A True Classic, Bet to Win for a Living! lays out a winning formulation in very straightforward rules which it then implements with a couple of time-tested bankroll management strategies.

Retail Software  $197   Sale Price  $128.00   Ebook also available

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(includes FREE!! The Incredible Alberti Power Play!)

Also FREE!!  Dr. Robert Anthony’s No-Can-Lose Power Parlay Strategy!

Question:  Does the average racehorse’s career have more wins or combined places and shows?  Dumb question, but it’s to make a point.  You will cash many, many more tickets.  So how about a system/software that provides the user with the likeliest Place/Show Horses?


Well, lucky for us, and you, we have done just that!

It’s called the Place/Show Speed Wizard! and it provides you with a very accurate way to determine horses likely to run at least 2nd or 3rd. 

And, hey, the good thing is that if the horse wins, which they often do, you STILL COLLECT!

Regular Price  $97.50   NOW just $59.88

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My Best Five!!

👉A Multi-Dimensional Software Program that provides the Player with Several Ways to Analyze and Play, plus an Amazing ‘Consensus’ feature!

👉👉Greg Banner’s Revolutionary New Software Program that contains not just one, but FIVE of his Best Programs.  Also includes four ‘Stat’ Screens that enhance overall accuracy!  

Retail $111.00   Sale Price  $59.50!

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There’s no argument that Len Czyzniejewski is the best programmer of handicapping software in the industry, perhaps ever. 

Len, as a professional horseplayer himself, uses his computer genius to construct programs that accurately predict the outcome of a given race.

☞Even his simplest, least sophisticated programs will produce much better results than the average handicapper will get for him/herself by slogging through the past performance pages.

Len Considers this one of his two ‘Private’ Programs for short we call it


NCCG is another treat for the Consistency player and has the unique ability of ‘learning’, i.e., capturing and highlighting database trends to make for even more accurate selections.

Regular Price $118.00    Sale Price  $88!

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Fact:  The vast majority of races run in North America are won from off the pace.  About 27% are won in wire-to-wire fashion, but the other 73% are won by horses who are a length or more behind at the top of the stretch.

Fact: Horses that close more than 2-1/2 lengths between the middle of the far turn and the wire and finish in the money are often at odds of 9/2 or higher, thus insuring solid win, place and show prices as well as boosting Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta prices.

➽➽So, Logic would argue that if you could find a way to identify these ‘from off the pace’ horses, qualifying them not only on closing ability but also on class and speed, while also calibrating the value each length gained should earn at various distances, you would have a formula that would result in selections that win or hit the board more often than they do not.

Let The Late Shift Find These Horses for You!

Regular Price  $118.00   Sale Price  $88.00

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“How about a ‘peek’ into the future — the future results of a horserace, that is!  Future-Pic! generates a ‘snapshot’ of the most likely Win/Place/Exacta results, and it is right on the money more often than not!’   Tom Console

A Super-Accurate Selection Methodology  from a software engineer/horseplayer that provides the user with a very accurate glimpse of future results.  Best seller!

$98.75 Retail –  Sale Price $68.88!

Full Web Site Details Click Here____




The DRAAMAN, II Mystery Method! – A Remarkable Method Developed Originally for Racing in Hong Kong & Australia – NOW!! Adapted for Racing in the U.S.! Consistency + BIG Prices!!


Regular Retail  $97.90      Now just  $59.90!   

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IOTC (Invisible Overlay + Thoro-Cap) 2022!

Many years ago, a super clever handicapper from Connecticut created one of the most consistent systems of all time called THORO-CAP.  Thoro-Cap received Phillips Racing Newsletters’s Highest Rating Ever and Ray sold thousands of copies. 

He followed that up with a system called The Invisible Overlay, again super consistent and again highly rated by PRN.

In the early 2000’s Len put both in a single program and called it IOTC.  It was a solid program, but recently he has been reevaluating his programming and found several ways to enhance this already super consistent program.

‘Programming has changed immensely over the years’, Len tells us, ‘and I found that by adding in some of the more innovative algorithms I had developed this program really took off for the skies.  You will find even more consistency as well as higher average mutuels.  I am very, very proud of this one.’

IOTC 2022 — A Great Program Now an Even Better Program!

++++You Get Bert Norman’s Monster Daily Double System for FREE!!!

Retail $111.00    Sale Price  $77.77!

Full Web Details Click Here_____




Len Cz’s Tailor Made – The Magic ‘Word’ Software!!

What is the ‘Magic Word’ and how can this one simple word vastly increase your chances of making significant profits at the racetrack?

Once you know the Magic Word, which can be found in the conditions of any race, you will have the ability to get prices like these on a fairly regular basis:


Tailor-Made!~ actually ‘reads’ the race conditions (the race conditions are found at the top of every race – they explain what type of race this is and who is eligible to run)And in doing so, the Software uncovers those ‘secrets’ that trainers so carefully guard … ‘secrets’ that often lead to enormous-priced winners!

Regular Retail  $147.00     Now just    $87.60!!

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Enjoy unlimited access to the entire 2M2P Product Suite starting from today through December 31, 2024 for just $199!  

2M2P is Used by the MAJORITY of Professional Players in the U.S. & Canada!  No Exaggeration!

2M2P provides the Highest Quality Database Information, which they translate into Winning Handicapping Tools for YOU!, information which Comes Directly From the largest Purveyor of Thoroughbred Data Worldwide:  Equibase!

For Just $299 and You Will Enjoy the Premium 2M2P Products & Features Every Day thru the End of Next Year!

👉👉And REMEMBER:  You get DRF-Style Past Performances for Every TRACK — EVERY DAY, FREE!! with Your Subscription🚫No more paying big bucks for Racing Forms Every Day!

2M2P  Powered by Equibase©️.com!  The World’s Largest Provider of Horse Racing Data!

Regular Retail $299.00   NOW  $199.00!

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NEW!!   FIGS!! 

Ron Stabile’s FIGS WINNING System! Performance Equation Super-Supplement to Robert S. Sinn’s Master Speed Formula!    Superb Accuracy — Superb Prices!

‘Thank Goodness FIGS+ is finally on software — this is the absolute best winner and Exacta/Trifecta picker I have ever dealt with.  Thank You, thank you, thank you!’ 

Pat Bartolotta, mutuels manager, The Meadowlands, NJ

Regular Retail $138.00    NOW   $97.90!!!

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Guy Michaels The WINNING SYSTEM!!


Guy embarked on an amazing racetrack journey beginning in the mid-70s.  His journalist credentials allowed him to visit the press boxes at dozens of racetracks.  His writing and observational skills made him many friends in the sport, including some of the cagiest players in the country, and gave birth to this remarkable system!

First time on sale!  Regular $99.50    Now just  $69.90

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Two of The Highest Win% Systems in Our Inventory for One Great Low Price++A FREE Bonus Offer You Won’t Believe!! ++The Famous Foursome Software Program!!  reg. $88.00   Now just $57.77

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Manipulating Speed the Quirin Way!

The Best Method we have found to predict who’s going to get the early lead is an old one:  William Quirin’s Speed Points  While this methodology was developed way back in 1979  – –  it was included in his book Winning At The Races — little has come along that predicts the likely leader of a race as well.

Why is it important to know which horse(s) are likely to be prominent early?

Well, because 83% of all sprint races and 77% of all route races are won by horses that were on or near the early lead (‘on or near’ means within 3 lengths of the lead at the 2nd call).  So with this knowledge, the handicapper can focus his efforts on horses that fit that description.

And now, you don’t have to all the work longhand.  Our programmer, Len Cz, has developed a software program that neatly provides you with the Speed Points on every runner.  In addition, he has added several crucial handicapping factors that, when considered along with the Speed Points, provides extremely accurate selections, both on straight wagers and in Exotics.

Manipulating Speed the Quirin Way!  will provide you with an edge that few, very few, other handicappers have  — you will know, most of the time, who the likely leaders are, and likely leaders win and hit the board at a much higher rate than other running styles.

Available in ebook, hard copy and software.

Retail $99.50  —  Sale Price  $59.90!!

Full Web Details Click Here____



The Scott-Hadley partnership is perhaps one of most the underrated system creators ever, as their body of work still stands out, especially with their crowning achievement, the

Pick-Quick Simplified Percentage Pattern Formula Consistency Method!

A long title, but EVERY Word is IMPORTANT and EVERY Word MATTERS!:

☛Pick-Quick!  –  By hand, maybe six minutes per race – by Software – Instant!

☛Simplified – Focuses on just a handful of what Scott-Hadley calls ‘Super-Confidence Predictor’ Handicapping Factors which takes the place of very thorough handicapping.

☛Percentage Pattern Formula – Pick-Quick Formula is based on Proven Winning Patterns that Produce High % Win, Place & Show Payoffs at Much Higher than Average Mutuel Prices.

☛Consistency – Pick-Quick boasts very strong consistency, not only for straight wagering but for Exotic Wagering as well.




The BRIGGS CODE!Data-Point Selection Software at its Finest!!

New Product Addition!  First Time on Sale Ever!

Data-Point Selection Software That Exceeds Even Our Wildest Handicapping Dreams!! 

The BRIGGS CODE! – The Case of the ‘Hidden Class’

An ingenious formulation from a mathematics horse playing professor that defines ‘Class’ as it has never been done before.   No more ‘guessing’ about where a horse fits classwise – Briggs points out Class standouts and the results is a super consistent, super profitable program!

Regular Price $147.00   Now just $88.00!

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Hot Product!! Tom Console’s & Dr. Robert Anthony’s Masterpiece:  Project UFON 3000!   A Unique Blend of Numerology and multi-factor handicapping!  reg.  $199.00  now  $88.88

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Our Rare Handicapping Book Acquisition Team has Done it Again!! Check This Out: The Best of Bert Norman! – So Rare that the Price on Amazon is over $445!

Along with the likes of Ray Taulbot, Lou Holloway and Dowst, Bert Norman was perhaps the greatest ever creator of simple to use, accurate methods of play of all time.  His systems work, period!

Retail Amazon $355 to $445  –   Your Price for the Ebook  $55.88!

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Denny Nash’s

THORO-PROFITS!  Denny’s All TIME Best Seller!

A Straight-forward, Fail Safe Way for the Everyday Horseplayer to make Serious Money

Includes FREE!!!  Denny’s THORO-ANGLES!!

Retail Price Ebook $77.00   Sale Price  $45.88

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The Great Discovery!

A Proven, No-Handicapping Selection Method & a Long Term Profitable Bankroll Management Strategy all Rolled into One!!

George Adams, who helped edit books for Tom Ainslie and Andrew Beyer, said of The Great Discovery: It’s really no tougher than just looking at some numbers!’

Ebook  Regular Price $48.00  –  Now just $38.88

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An Adventure into the strange world of Numerology and Handicapping!

Ebook regular price $44.88   Now just $28.88!

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So give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website — Free Bonus Items will be sent with your regular order.  And, again, if you want to substitute a Bonus product for one you may already have, just let us know.