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The Astro-Certain Software — Numerology Applied to Selecting Winners at The Racetrack!

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The Astro-Certain Software — Numerology Applied to Selecting Winners at The Racetrack!


Works on Thoroughbreds, Quarters, Harness!


 Includes Jerry’s State Lotto Magic Number Strategy FREE!!!

*****And, speaking of numerology (which is as good a way as any to lead into our main topic here), we were taken aback, several years ago, when Jerry Howell first sent us his Astro Tote Board Selector.  


We laughed at first, but were somewhat stunned when our testing showed Astro Tote to be one of the most accurate prognosticators of winning Exactas, Trifectas, Superfectas, etc, we had ever seen.  

This past summer we marketed an updated version of Astro Tote in book form, and the response was terrific, as we received many calls and emails about just how often readers were cashing in on the types of exotic payoffs that most of us just dream about.  

The paper & pencil version was a bit tedious, and many enthused users asked for a software version.


Well, the process took months, but Jerry and Len have worked together to produce:



The Astro-Certain/Magic Numbers Selector, The Software!


 So you will now simply let the Software do all the work for you and display the Numerologic formulas for your exotic wagers onscreen. 

And, with the software version, you no longer have to monitor the toteboard!

Now, you may be skeptical, as we were, about the value, or believability, of Numerology,

but here’s a brief explanation of why so many, people, including philosophers and scientists, feel that it indeed has an influence on our daily lives.


Numerology Explained


—–According to numerologists, everything in the world is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. These properties come from the numbers’ inherent vibration.


As the theory goes, each number has a unique vibration, giving it certain properties. These properties can shed light onto a person’s behavior or predict whether romantic partners are compatible. Numerological analysis can determine a person’s lucky number or lucky day. Recurring numbers can offer clues into how the world works or the significance of people and events. According to many numerologists, nothing happens by accident — everything happens because of numbers.


One of the really first mentions of numerology is seen on a 5,000 year old Babylonian tablet signed by a man named Hormabi. On the tablet, he stated, “The Gods have deliberate our courses by the numbers concealed in our leaders. Therefore we demand to identify our horses wisely.”


pythMost numerologists credit Pythagoras with founding the field of numerology. Pythagoras was a philosopher who was born in Greece around 569 B.C.  Pythagoras and his followers believed in mystical properties of numbers. According to Underwood Dudley, author of “Numerology: Or What Pythagoras Wrought”, the Pythagoreans became interested in number mysticism after discovering a particularly fascinating fact about numbers. If you add up a series of odd numbers beginning with the number one, the result is always a square number.


Discoveries like this led the Pythagoreans to the conclusion that “all is number.” According to one interpretation, this means that people can measure everything in the world and describe it in terms of numbers and proportions. This is a reasonable idea, and it has had a big influence on science and mathematics.  But according to another interpretation, “all is number” means that everything in the world is made of numbers and can be reduced to a numerical value.  The latter interpretation is the foundation of numerology.


—–Numerology is widely used in games of chance to predict likely outcomes.  Horse racing bettors typically use a series of lucky, or ‘magic’ numbers as determined by numerology.  The bettor pins his hope on the horses that possess those numbers to create a winning wager.——-


But you don’t have to be a believer in Jerry’s ‘Magic Numbers’,

or at least you don’t have to admit that you are,


***but you will believe in the Software’s ability to nail big-priced exotics after using it for just a couple of days.*** 

From a pure ‘fun’ (not to mention ‘profit’ perspective), this one takes the cake, as small exotic wagers often translate into outsized payoffs!

Between Christmas & New Years Day, using just Santa Anita, Aqueduct & Tampa Bay, Astro Tote landed Superfectas of $6,891, $3,343, $2,981 (+ a dozen others), Trifectas of $1,122, $979, $816, $814, + many more and a Super Hi Five at ‘Anita for $3,513!


*****The method works at every track in the country, and while the best payoffs come in the exotics (Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta), you can all catch some great win and place longshots as well.*****



**Now, you will find your most lucrative situations in Exactas, Trifectas & Superfectas and Super HighFives.

And the beauty of making these wagers these days is that you don’t have to be a heavy player to handle these wagers. 

Most tracks now have 10-cent Superfectas and 50-cent Trifectas & Super HighFives.

A .10 box in the Superfecta for four horses is just 2.40, for example.

So if you were betting on the Saratoga race above where Astro Tote hit a $4,954.00 Superfecta for every dollar wagered, you would still collect $495 – for a $2.40 wager!

Below are a couple of recent letters from our beta-testers:


Hi Jerry,

I did Aqueduct just on morning line.

Here are the results. You are right! The system is awesome.


Race 1   2-4 Ex $21

Race 2  8-1-6 tri $144

Race 3  4-1-6 tri  $30

Race 4   5-6-1 tri  $68.50

Race 5 …out

Race 6  7-6 Ex  $13.00

Race 7..out

Race 8   7-12-3-6    tri $146  Super $872 !!

Race 9   5-1-3-4       tri $31.6   super $61.00

race 10   8-3-1-9     tri $86.5   super 181.50

Not huge payouts but great results.

I’m a Believer!

John Z.


Dave and Len,

I had a very good test run today at Gulfstream Park. I am going to write you an in depth analysis so
that you can see how the horses are performing. I will go over all 11 races with details:

Gulfstream Park, 2 February 2014  the first day of sun that we have had in 2 weeks. Track was listed
as Fast – Turf Good.

Race      type              selections     Astro Tote   results   Win   2nd    3rd   4th  5th


1st.          1m Msw              2 7 3 4        2 4 6 5        4 3 2 1    4      3      2      1    the 4 horse won the race
and paid $ 12.40  ex 153.10 , tri $352.00


2nd.          6 1/2 clm            7 1 6 4         7 1 6 5       6 7 5 3     6     7      5       3    a very late scratch 2 so  # 1
was the replacement.   6 won $4.40 ex 11.60 DD $27.80


3rd.          7f clm                  8 6 2 7         3 8 1 5       8 3 6 1     8    3      6       1   another top horse winner 6.80 win
DD 23.60  PIC3 168.80. Astro Tote had the ex 17.00


4th.          116 Clm Turf     9 1 6 4          2 4 6 7       1 3 6 7     1   3       6        7   win price 10.40, ex 315.00  # 3 & 6 were
in a very tight photo  for second place – 3 was 35/1 and 6 25/1   DD 39.00 ** Watch these DD’s and
PIC 3″s increase significantly as we move on.


5th.           6 oclm               7 1 6 4           4 3 1 7       7 6 5 3     7   6      5         3   win price 11.60 ex 35.40  DD 57.50
Pic3 226.00


6th.           7 1/2 MswTurf 9 1 3 8              n/a         8 12 7 9   8   12    7         9    win price 14.80  DD 87.00  Pic3 369.00


7th.          1 1/8 ocm turf  2 8 3 4              n/a          3 5 7 1     3    5     7          1   ***Win price*** 52.60*** DD 329.20
Pic3 2645.80*********


At this point we are 7 races and 7 winners!

8th.           1m oclmturf    9 10 3 12           n/a      13 9 12 6    13  9    12         6  the first loss on the day


9th.           1 1/16 MSW tf  6 7 1 9             n/a       10 3 7 4      10  3     7          too many first-time starters
and they (1st timers) came in 1st, 2nd and 4th


10th.         1m mclm tf        9 1 3 7             n/a        8 4 3 5        8   4     3           too many first-time starters


11th.          1m mclm tf       3 7 11 5           n/a        3 13 5 9      3  13    5           9  winner 3 easy chalk 5.00 place


Seven winners out of the first seven races is remarkable. That is a very good 52.60 win in the 7th race and it is a turf race.

Jack R.


On Donn Handicap Day (2/9) at Gulfstream, how about this!:

Today at Gulfstream, 2/9/14
8 wins, 6 ex

Started out with wins in the 1st four races low payouts, though


In the 11th race hit the win and ex top two horses          win $80.60 place 25.00  show  12.00

Top 2 were 7 1  1 won the race 7 second exacta $381.60  This was a grade 1 Turf race!

In the 12th race the Grade 1 Donn handicap the 4th top horse won #8 & 2 second best horse

was 2nd – 8 & 2 ex 51.40

This software will be selecting horses at big prices going into the qualifying races up to the



Below a couple of screenshots from the above day.  Winner, Exacta & Trifecta in 1st race.


Race 1   Pgm Horse Win Place Show
4 Coin Broker 10.00 5.60 3.20
3 Mio d’Oro 12.00 4.60
2 Siete C 2.10
Wager Type Winning Numbers Payoff
$2.00 Exacta 4-3 153.60
$2.00 Trifecta 4-3-2 352.00
$1.00 Superfecta 4-3-2-1 504.40

Things were really rolling on this day, as the Astro-Certain numbers ran consecutively for 7 races, resulting in several Daily Doubles & Pick 3’s.  Astro-Certain numbers tend to run in streaks.

Race 7   Pgm Horse Win Place Show
3 Stick to Your Guns 52.60 20.00 8.00
5 Satisfaction 6.00 3.80
7 Naples Gold 4.20
Wager Type Winning Numbers Payoff Pool
$2.00 Exacta 3-5 306.80
$1.00 Trifecta 3-5-7 996.60
$1.00 Superfecta 3-5-7-1 2,447.50
$2.00 Daily Double 8-3 329.20
$2.00 Pick 3 7-8-3 (3 correct) 2,645.80


Some days are redhot like the above — other days are just so-so, but you are always cashing something, often a BIG something. 

On the below day at Santa Anita not much was happening early in the card — a couple Exactas, a Trifecta, a couple low-priced winners, then BAM!:  a $132 winner in the 7th and a $44.80 winner in the 9th!


****One of the great features in the New Astro-Certain Software is:


that it will highlight what we call ‘Astro Price Prospects’ (see box to lower right of screenshot).  Since there are at least four Astro-Certain numbers for every race, obviously a lot of winners will come from those numbers.

However, very often one of those winners is a price horse, at times a BIG PRICE horse.  Many of these big prices place and show as well, so we recommend to wager as follows: 1 unit win, 2 units place, 4 units show in fields of 8 horses or more.


***So while the biggest rewards using Astro-Certain come from playing the exotics, if you are a conservative bettor you can simply focus on the Astro Price Prospects.***




  The Astro-Certain Numerology Software is just $155, which is probably less than the first Trifecta you will hit.  Give it a try!  +++Includes FREE! Jerry’s New State Lotto Strategy using Astro Certain!