The Hidden Treasure Longshot Software Program!! From the Greatest Longshot Handicapper of All Time: Dan Speller: the Double-Digit Payoff ‘King’!!


Dan Speller’s Hidden Treasure Software Program!


First off, do you like to cash in on big prices? Like $92.80, $65.40, $41.00, etc., etc.?


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Dan Speller’s Hidden Treasure Software Program!

First off, do you like to cash in on big prices? Like $92.80, $65.40, $41.00, etc., etc.?


See the Video Click Here___

And please be honest:

Other than throwing a dart at the Racing Form pp’s, would you ever actually be able to locate one of these big-priced monsters on your own? Probably not.

But think about this:

🤔What if someone had already developed a method of play, a purely mechanical method of play, as well as software, that would allow you to cash in on huge payoffs like the ones mentioned above?

And what if you discovered that that method was available to you, at a very reasonable price?

Would you jump at the chance to own it?     OF COURSE YOU WOULD!!


Well, guess what! That ‘fantasy’ method mentioned in the paragraph above is very much a reality.

👉In fact, it’s available to you, exclusively thru us, RPM.

It’s called  The Hidden Treasure Method!

and it is the by all-time BEST Longshot System Creator ever, the ingenious Dan Speller of New York, New York!


Average Win Mutuel is in the $32 range, and while the winning % is in just the 12% range, 👉that produces a very, very nice +92% Positive ROI over the long haul, and over the last couple years of testing we have logged dozens of winners in the $80+ range.


🤫So you may say to yourself:  ‘Why doesn’t everybody just use a system like this and rake in that huge ROI?’ 

Well, it all comes down to one word:  ‘PATIENCE’.



As you well know, you can do a lot of waiting for the prices to hit with even the best of longshot systems, and this is one of the best.  Most folks simply do not have the inclination to wait, even though in the long run the returns are very substantial.  And the thing about longshot systems, you don’t have to bet a whole lot to win a whole lot, and you can simply play a system like this ‘on the side’, so to speak, while you play your other methods.  And you can also use an intelligent money management plan (included in the Users Manual), so that often when you hit you are getting the big payoffs multiple times.  Stick with it, and your long term ROI will be BIG.  We have proven this over a 142,000 race test.

Take a look at the screenshots below, and the one at the top of the page, of course.







👉👉Remember that the whole purpose of a winning longshot system is for it to identify ‘patterns’ that even many very savvy players to not know exist.  Patterns that great longshot authors, like Dan Speller, have studied and used to profit at the races for decades.  Now you can take advantage of that knowledge and cash the kind of tickets that you previously never, or hardly ever, did before. 

It is very fairly priced at $97.88.



Give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  Thanks!