Amazing Consistency! The PLACE/SHOW SPEED WIZARD!! Includes, FREE!!, the Amazing ALBERTI POWER PLAY!! Also, FREE, A Dr. Anthony Parlay Plan that INSURES a PROFIT!!!



Amazing Consistency! The PLACE/SHOW SPEED WIZARD!! Includes, FREE!!, the Amazing ALBERTI POWER PLAY!! Also, FREE!!,  Dr. Anthony Parlay Plan that INSURES a PROFIT!!!





(includes FREE!! The Incredible Alberti Power Play!)

Also FREE!!  Dr. Robert Anthony’s No-Can-Lose Power Parlay Strategy!

Question:  Does the average racehorse’s career have more wins or combined places and shows?  Dumb question, but it’s to make a point.

The average runner has less than 1/5 the number of wins than combined place and show finishes, i.e, the handicapper is going to cash five times as many place and show tickets than win tickets on a given horse.

So, what if we could develop an indicator, a method, that tells us when a horse is more likely to run 2nd or 3rd than 1st?  Good idea, right?

Well, lucky for us, and you, we have done just that!

It’s called the Place/Show Speed Wizard! and it provides you with a very accurate way to determine horses likely to run at least 2nd or 3rd. 

And, hey, the good thing is that if the horse wins, which they often do, you STILL COLLECT!

PLUS>>>>   Also included, FREE!! the amazing Joe Alberti’s The Alberti Power Play!,

a solid system that among the plays, boasts a play called the SUPER-BET that wins or places close to 60% of the time!




‘Re:  The Alberti Power Play.  I have never seen a price-play system that hits this frequently.  Not only frequently, but it comes up with horses that look awful in the PP lines that run big at Huge Odds.  Honestly, the logic of the system escapes me, but I don’t care — I just know that this is one amazing profit machine!’  Tom Console

‘It wasn’t that long ago that to get the types of %s you get in PW Wizard, you would have to bet mostly chalk.  Well, with PW/Alberti you get a super-healthy win/place/show % at above, often much above, average prices.  Also, congrats on your data research with the BONUS!! message, that shows when betting the horse mentioned you are assured of a long term profit.  I made a great score on Competitive Speed, who I would have totally ignored if I didn’t have the program.” Dale Gibbons, professional player, Laurel, MD

‘This is the perfect combination of systems for the conservative horseplayer.  Not only do you get extreme consistency on the win, place and show, but you also get frequent boomer prices, some simply on the ridiculous side!  I’ve attached a listing of the prices the Alberti play has hit in just the last three weeks at the four tracks I tested (GP, SA, TAM,FG).  Good work, guys!’   Bob Shurig, handicapping author

The Hits Just Keep on Coming!

Below you will find several examples.  There were just so, so many excellent examples showing the accuracy of these methods that we are including more than we normally do.  Be sure to read the explanations in the body of each example.


😃The BONUS!! Message:  Let’s Emphasize this AGAIN!

You will note in the example below the message:  BONUS!! Alberti Higher Percent Win Bet.  Len has installed new ‘filters’ in his database that inform him of the highest % win/place/show plays that also show a longterm profit.  So when you see this message for any of the boxes (Primary, Longshot, Alberti) you know that you can wager confidently and that you will be rewarded over the long haul.

And you want to see something else Amazing!  Look at the database study of 20/1 and 30/1 morning line horses with the Alberti Power Play:

That’s a 300% positive ROI on 20/1’s and +2290% on 30/1’s.   Will this keep up at this rate?  Almost certainly not.  BUT, the fact that the program picks winners at these kinds of prices suggests that over the long haul, it is very likely a solid positive ROI will result when horses of this type are selected.

💪And of Course, our New Expanded SNAPSHOT Feature is included.  This provides you with an ‘inside’ look at how each horse rates against the others in the race, along with rider and trainer %’s, trainer stats that apply to today’s race, power ratings, etc.  In the red rectangle you will see exactly how each horse stacks up against the others in several important handicapping areas.  Horses like this one, with lots of ‘low’ numbers (1sts, 2nds, 3rds, etc.), have an excellent chance to hit the board.  This horse ran 2nd.

👉👉The Place/Show Speed Wizard!   Great for Straight Wagers   Great for Parlays

>>>😊and we are including Dr. Robert Anthony’s Premier Parlay Strategy, FREE!!!!!

You will do just fine with Straight Wagers, win/place/show, but if you want to take a true adventure, give Dr. Anthony’s Parlay Strategy a try. 

>>This is a ‘modified’ Parlay method which is usually stretched out over 12 or more races.  You can often make a profit on these series of races even if you lose three or four of them, since you are only wagering a portion of your original bankroll (usually starting with $40 will suffice).

Now, most parlays are based on making place or show wagers at shorter prices.  But the advantage you have with the Place/Show Wizard & Alberti Power Play is that you often hit outsized place and show payoffs.  👉👉And Let me tell you, just one $6 or $8 place or show payoff will insure a solid profit when using this strategy, and you will DEFINITELY get those kinds of payoffs. 

So give it a try   —  you have literally nothing to lose, especially since the strategy book is FREE!!

And the Good News is that the PLACE/SHOW SPEED WIZARD! with the ALBERTI POWER PLAY! is super reasonably priced. 

Just $88 for the software,

$49.88 for the Hard Copy and

$41.88 for the Ebook!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website and, of course, call us with any questions.  Thank You!


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