One of the Most Profitable Methods Ever Now on Software – Guy Michaels’ The WINNING SYSTEM!! “Guy’s system works more often than not!” Tom Ainslie. See the Video



It is a method that focuses on PRICE, yet also has a good measure of consistency, and has steadily provided a super high ROI on win bets, longshots and Exactas & Trifectas over several decades. 

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An Eye-Popping Win ROI (+66.7%) from

Guy Michaels’ In Search of the Winning System!!

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The How To Best Play Guy Michaels’ System Video Here – MUST WATCH!

You may have heard of Guy Michaels via his multiple articles for Turf & Sports Digest, American Turf Monthly, The Daily Racing Form, etc., but did you know that he also published one of the most remarkable methods of play in the history of the game? 

It is a method that focuses on PRICE, yet also has a good measure of consistency, and has steadily provided a super high ROI on win bets, longshots and Exactas & Trifectas over several decades. 

Guy embarked on an amazing racetrack journey beginning in the mid-70s.  His journalist credentials allowed him to visit the pressboxes at dozens of racetracks.  His writing and observational skills made him many friends in the sport, including some of the cagiest players in the country.

Guy, a proficient note-taker, had put together a virtual bible of tips, suggestions and actual methods of play from several expert handicappers. 

And although it took years of experimentation, Guy’s persistence paid off in spades as, from his collection of notes —

He put together a methodology that continues to produce fabulous results!

This is a method that has been proven to produce profits at all sized tracks — 

The fact is that as long as you stick with it, it will produce profits at most meets at tracks large and small. 

When Tom Ainslie reviewed Guy’s system, he wrote: “Another great methodology from Guy Michaels — I can truly say that The Winning System works more often than it does not!”

In addition, we have found a great formula to virtually guarantee Exacta profits in fields of eight horses or more.

We got started on this project last December when a customer from Michigan sent us the original system with this note:

‘Hey Guys — enclosing a method that I have been using for close to 40 years.  It works and it gets great prices.  Problem is, I’m getting up there in age and don’t want to do the figuring anymore.  Can you please put this on software?  I’ll pay just about anything if you can get it done.”  Ron

We didn’t ask Ron for any money – – just told him that we would like to market it when Len finished the programming, which Len just did, and when Ron tested it out for us he said – Wow, this is sensational!  In fact, the prices this thing gets are unbelievable!’

May 16 Golden Gate – Look what Guy brought us!


Below you will see the examples he recommended to publish, along with our own.  Check out the prices!:

This is how Florida Derby Day Kicked off with The Winning System

Small Tracks do as Well as Large – A Multiple Bet cash-in at Will Rogers Downs

Another WRD race – just seven horses, but check out the Trifecta and Superfecta Payoffs!

Nice Exacta Hits are very Common with the Winning System



As we were composing this letter, the 2nd race at Tampa Bay came up with a $90 winner!


And this, at Fonner Park, a couple of hours later!

In Fact – Look at the entire Fonner Park Card:

Oh, and …. April 9, Oaklawn 4th race — Top scoring horse runs 3rd at 5o/1 and Gemma’s Trifecta box hits with the 1-3-4 combo for $2,379!!!!!


I downloaded intangibles, the pace line and the winning system and did a quick test against Mountaineer 6-11-19, a track I really don’t do well against. To my surprise, they work well together and was able to get a good line on 5-6/9 races on the card. Lots of food for thought. Will get in more practice tonite.

Great products! These really put the fun back into the analytics of handicapping.  Ross 😎

So with Guy Michaels’ The Winning System! you get:


Frequent BIG Win/Place/Show Payoffs

Frequent Exacta/Trifecta/Superfecta Payoffs Often At Big Prices

You really need to take this software for a test drive.  We can promise you that in the first few days of use, you will see payoffs akin to the examples above.  And, as with all of our software, you have nothing to lose since you will be fully refunded if you aren’t happy.

In Ebook and Hard Copy Format as well

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