David Powers’ POWER HANDICAPPING!! A Guide to Success for the Aspiring Pro! Now on Software!! Watch the Video!



David Powers’ POWER HANDICAPPING!! A Guide to Success for the Aspiring Pro! Now on Software!!

The ‘New-Era’ Handicapping Methodology from David Powers. A Very Good ‘8’ from PRN!




The ‘New-Era’ Handicapping Methodology from David Powers. A Very Good ‘8’ from PRN!

One of the Best Selling Handicapping Volumes of all time   NOW on SOFTWARE!


The First Book Written Especially For The Aspiring Pro! A Step-By-Step Approach Designed To Minimize Error and Time Spent and Maximize Long-Term Success.

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➫’One of the most unique approaches to the game we’ve seen; Dynamite!’, says Ron Ambrose, Director of The Sports Institute in Las Vegas.

‘David Powers POWER HANDICAPPING is one of the most realistic, get down to business handicapping books ever published.  It is subtitled ‘A guidebook to Success for the Aspiring Pro’.  We couldn’t agree more – following his advice will certainly put you into the top tier of horseplayers.   We award Power Handicapping Very Good 8 on a scale from 1 to 10.’     Phillips Racing Newsletter!

See why everybody is talking about Power Handicapping!, the only book on the market that lays out the REAL FACTS about what it takes to make a go at this game: And NOW it’s on SOFTWARE!!!!

‘Power Handicapping! belongs in every handicapper’s library. It’s the only book I know of that truly provides the average player with the tools necessary to succeed at this very difficult game!  And now that it’s on Software everyone can enjoy the full benefits of this amazing methodology at a click of their mouse.’ John Boal, author, Get The Maiden Edge.

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Power Handicapping is a very well ‘balanced’ selection tool, in that it hits at solid rates with horses in most odds ranges.

It combines average speed (bris speed + drf speed – average of three most recent highest speed ratings); an early speed calculation which focuses on the 1st and 2nd call; Quirin speed points which are calculated at the first two calls; Jockey/Trainer average weighted to focus on win an place finishes and Power Ratings weighted to focus on total performance.

While PH performed well at all class levels and distances, overall sprints showed Prime contenders winning 3.6% more often than in routes.

Especially noteworthy are that certain odds, based on morning line, resulted in the best overall returns.



☞☞Our database studies show the best overall profits were in the 7/2 to 5/1 range and in the 10/1 & 15/1 range. This study takes the average number of plays per week at the tracks studied and figures profit or loss.

Least effective were morning line odds in the 6/1 to 9/1 range. This study includes both Prime plays and Consideration horses.

👉🤨And this is definitely worth noting:  Horses at 4/5 and Even money showed nice profits playing to win with their hit rate at 60%+. Since we only have a couple hundred examples thus far, though, we need more study to verify this.

**Price horses (10/1 and up) have shown nice ROIs in a fairly large sample. Also note that when the Prime Play or Consideration horse is also the PH Price Indicator horse, the hit rate is even higher.


Power Handicapping Selections are accurate at all class levels, from Maiden races to Stakes


📷And our New SNAPSHOT! Feature has been expanded to include even more critical handicapping information!

NEW!  Power Rankings!


➽➽We have now added how each horse ‘ranks’ in 10 very important handicapping areas.  🤓I want you to look at the section inside the red rectanglethis is pretty neat!  You will see how this horse ranks, or compares, to others in the same race.  Categories are POWER Ratings; Last Odds; Last Speed; 2nd Last Odds; 2nd Last Speed; Jockey/Trainer Win %; Early Speed; Late Speed; Class (LKELLY); Earnings Per Race.


A horse like Breaking The Rules (the horse in the above Snapshot), 🔍as you can see, ranks pretty well in most categories, suggesting that he will be competitive, and he did finish 2nd by the way a 7/1.   If you see a horse whose rankings are mostly 4th or 5th and below, you know that you can likely eliminate that runner.  

Power Rankings is just another feature to help you hone in on horses likely to win or finish in the exotics.  You don’t have to look at it at all if you don’t want to – the picks the Power Handicapping Program provides will have you cashing often, but this option is there for you.



Other important Stats included in the Snapshot Feature:

Stats provided are Official Program # (SC);

B Rank (how the horse rates on Power Handicapping Total Points);

Overall win and in the money %;

the jockey and trainer overall win and in the money %;

Days between today’s race and the previous two races (which can clue you in to a horse’s condition or lack thereof);

the last 3 finish positions; the lengths beaten in those races;

the Bris Power Ranking #s from the last 3 races (a rising or steady pattern suggests consistency);

# of workouts since last race;

Trainer Stats that are relevant to today’s race (these stats can be found under Trainer Stats2 which is a button on the top right of the screen).


These stats can be very helpful, especially in races where there is no Top Pick horse, or no pick at all.  It can also help you, at a glance, find horses to include in your exotic wagers.  The trainer stats can be especially significant when they show a positive ROI in a category relevant to today’s race.

☞☞For example, again referring to the Snapshot picture above, you can see that the jockey and trainer both finish in the money close to 50% of the time. Also note that the Trainer Stats at the bottom of the screen show that this trainer has @ a 50% itm average in todays type of race (Stakes) and in Turf starts. Just glancing at these stats alone tell you that this horse has @50% of at least finishing in the Trifecta.


You will find Power Handicapping extremely consistent both on the win end and in the money, with a nice mix of price horses to boot.

You will get a high win rate (@36%); a high in-the-money hit rate (@81%) at above average mutuels (average win mutuel @$8.20)Runouts are virtually nonexistent.

The Power Handicapping Methodology has been proven again and again for over 25 years now. 

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