Ron Stabile’s/Robert Sinn’s F.I.G.S. WINNING SYSTEM!! Now Supercharged with Ron’s PCSP Performance Equation!! Order SOON – Save $55!!



Ron Stabile’s FIGS WINNING System! Performance Equation Super-Supplement to Robert S. Sinn’s Master Speed Formula!

Superb Accuracy — Superb Prices!

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Ron Stabile’s FIGS WINNING System! Performance Equation Super-Supplement to Robert S. Sinn’s Master Speed Formula!

Superb Accuracy — Superb Prices!


‘Thank Goodness FIGS+ is finally on software — this is the absolute best winner and Exacta/Trifecta picker I have ever dealt with.  Thank You, thank you, thank you!’ 

Pat Bartolotta, mutuels manager, The Meadowlands, NJ

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FIGS+ is, without a doubt, the most precise speed-handicapping tool available to the handicapper.  Of all the factors in the multi-faceted art of handicapping, the number one consideration is: HOW FAST CAN YOUR HORSE RUN — TODAY? 

FIGS+ accomplishes this with a complex formula that measures ‘hidden’ speed — it ‘reads between the lines’ in a sense, and regularly identifies huge price overlays as well as your everyday meat and potatoes 2/1 to 7/1 winners.  FIGS+ versatility is what has wowed the horseplayers lucky enough to grab a copy.


From Tim Crane, Las Vegas Oddsmaker

‘When I first read your promotion, I thought that the term ‘hidden speed’ was an advertising gimmick.  But nope – nobody in their right mind would come up with some of the horses that FIGS+ does.  My sincere congratulations for developing a ‘monster’ winner and Exotics selection method.’ 



Originally developed by Robert S. Sinn, an electrical engineer and computer expert, the FIGS Formula is so unique that it actually has a U.S. Patent!  See the info below – if you don’t understand it, well, join the crowdall we care about is that it works!:

Speed Rating = [(furlongs of race x 60 Lengths per furlong – (Lengths behind winner))/Time of race, seconds) + [(0.07 x furlongs) – 4.92] / 0.008
Example for a six furlong race where the horse finished two lengths behind the winner:
Speed Rating = [(6 x 60 -2)/72] + [0.07 x 6.0 – 4.92] / 0.008]
= [358]/72] + [0.42 – 4.92] / 0.008 = [4.972 – 4.5]/0.008 = 0.472/0.008 = 59.00

In addition, Ron Stabile, author of The Secret Flat Software Program and a mathematical wizard himself, took the FIGS methodology and Super-Charged it with his PCSP (Pace, Class, Speed, Consistency) Performance Equation.

Ron’s PCSP is profitable on its own, and Sinn’s FIGS Ratings are profitable on their own, and when combined produce extremely accurate and consistent results.

Ron tells us:  The method picks horses at all odds, including favorites.  The picks on Power Horses win at between 36% and 45%  and I have lost count of how many 3-horse Exacta and 3-horse Trifecta boxes, in the hundreds of dollars, I have hit. 

You can count on a FIGS/PCSP pick to almost always run a big race, and at least hit the show spot 84% of the time.”


▶︎What Does The FIGS+ Formula Contain?

The FIGS+ Formula is multi-faceted and all-encompassing – – it not only hones speed to a sharp, sharp edge, it also entails

TOTAL Pace Values for every distance up to 1-1/6 miles

‘Normalized Pace Values’ which adjust to today’s track and distance

Final Speed (which also alerts and adjusts for big minus or plus track variants)

FIGS+ Pace Value — a final adjustment to the initial total pace value

Class – based on a horse’s ability to perform well recently at or above today’s class level

Consistency – based on win and on the board hits using this year’s stats (after March 1) or this years and last years stats (before March 1)

Trainer/Jockey – individual stats and ‘team’ stats



FIGS+ Speed vs. The Daily Racing Form Speed Ratings – Why FIGS+ is Superior


The FIGS+ Software

What you will find with the FIGS+ Software is tremendous versatility, in that it works at big tracks, small tracks, bullrings, etc.

Our research shows that the best overall results, by a couple % points, comes in Allowance, Stakes and Handicap races, one reason the results were solid even in Breeders Cup events.

You can see from the below examples of just how potent FIGS+ can be at any track and on any surface.  Horses appearing in the FIGS Power Horse box (horse must have a minimum 55-point advantage in TOT column) at the bottom of the screen are considered Best Bets and hit @37%+ of the timeSome of the better prices, however, will show up in the FIGS Leader Box.  If the FIGS Leader is a short price, then a good strategy is to go with the Exotic Bets in the boxes below FIGS Leader.

Below is an example of a horse that was 15/1 on the morning line but who won easily at a big price  —  horses with small point advantages in the TOT column are worth serious consideration if their price is 6/1 or higher.

Take a good look at the next two examples.  This is where the FIGS+ program can really shine — uncovering ‘hidden speed’ horses that run big.  No, prices like this don’t happen all the time, but the fact that they happen at all is a strong testament to the selection power of FIGS+.

Below is a race from the 2019 Breeders’ Cup – here’s another example of how efficient FIGS+ is with finding horses that most of the public is ignoring.

While the above examples display mostly double-digit winners, FIGS+ also picks shorter prices, including favorites that can be used as ‘singles’ in your horizontal Exotic wagers.  In fact, when a FIGS Power Horse is the actual favorite, the win rate is close to 42%! Average overall win mutuel is $9.10.

So if it’s the Breeders’ Cup, an $8,000 claimer at Fairmount Park, a middle-grade Allowance at Tampa Bay – whatever  — FIGS+ will not only give you an honest evaluation of the race along with accurate selections, but it will also provide you with the kinds of prices that you are simply not accustomed to cashing in on.

AND >>>>  We’ve got a great deal for you if you order within the next 14 days. 

FIGS+ will retail for $193.  However, if you order within that 14-day window, your price will be just $138!  And remember, you can take advantage of our 3-pay/no interest plan if you wish (3 equal payments over 90 days).

So Call us at 1-800-696-0067, or order from our website. 

FIGS+ is a program that should be in each and every horseplayer’s arsenal.

Give it a try  — you have absolutely nothing to lose with our full money-back guarantee.


The FIGS+ Software Progam   $138.00


The FIGS+ Ebook  $45.88


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