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“While most pace programs I have used work best in sprints, HP PACE is equally as effective in route races up to 9 furlongs, both turf and dirt.  This is really something special!” 

Pat Bartolotta, Mutuel Line Manager, the Meadowlands

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“Innovative & very, very effective.”  Bob Shurig, Handicapping author

“While most pace programs I have used work best in sprints, HP PACE is equally as effective in route races up to 9 furlongs, both turf and dirt.  This is really something special!”  Pat Bartolotta, Mutuel Line Manager, the Meadowlands


“Just got your High Percentage Pace Software and I checked it out on my past 500 plays.I think it is your best pace program ever.  Len did a superb job in programming it.  Thanks!”  Ray Lopez, Reno, NV

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🤔PACE:  Of Utmost Importance, but a Downright Mystery to the Majority of Fans

There are literally hundreds of bits of information involved in successfully picking the winner of a horse race.  The casual fan sees horseracing as just a random bunch of animals breaking from the starting gate and running around the track.  He/she is totally unaware of the myriad pre-race and during-the-race factors that determine the ultimate outcome.

However, when one surveys groups of Professional and semi-pro handicappers, those with more than just a basic knowledge of the game, asking them what they feel is the most important of all the variables in the race game, eight out of 10 will answer ‘PACE’.  Their opinion is that most races, especially sprints, are determined by how the race plays out via lone frontrunners, or many frontrunners, or a pace ‘presser’, two or more pace pressers, etc.

>>Again, while many other factors enter into the equation, if you are able to get the likely pace scenario correct, you are halfway, or more, home. 

But it’s painstakingly hard work to determine: which horse(s) will likely break from the gate first, or the likelihood of a pace battle; or if a ‘Lone F’ trip is likely by one of the speedsters, or if the pressers will be close enough early to take advantage late, or is there perhaps so much pace in the race that it will set up for a ‘deep’ closer.  This can be exhausting, frustrating work.


But What If There Were An Easier Way?  A much, much, much easier way! 


The High-Percentage Pace/Speed Equation Software!

based on Dr. Howard Sartin’s ‘Perfect Pace’ Theorem

A marvelous new method that uses pace time ‘screening’ to locate the pace advantage horse(s). 

👉The software first of all determines the ‘likely’ pace scenario based on an algorithm that searches for lone speedsters, pressers, mid-race runners, late pace, etc. 

It then ‘screens’ each horse to determine if his/her running style ‘fits’ today’s likely pace scenario, awarding positive points to those that are tight fits and subtracting points from those who appear to be non-pace contetenders.


👉Now, understand that while pace is extremely critical to the outcome of almost any horse race, there are other important factors that enhance a pace contender’s chances, so the software then measures several speed factors and weaves a series of sprint and route turn-time calculations into the formula, and finally measures trainer competence at today’s distance and class.

👉This unique combination of factors results in a reliable pace/speed program that performs brilliantly on all surfaces at distances up to 1-1/8 miles.

It provides a very high win and in-the-money hit rate and has the ability of landing some great prices to boot!

“The High Percentage Pace Equation Software makes a very difficult concept/subject (Pace), look easy.” Tom Console


>>>What is ‘Perfect Pace?’

Dr. Howard Sartin is known as the ‘Godfather of Modern Pace Handicapping’.  Along with colleague Tom Brohamer, who authored ‘Pace Makes the Race’, Dr. Sartin developed theories and methodologies that made pace the centerpiece of their handicapping acumen.  Dr. Sartin also wrote many, many thesis and papers prior to forming his company.  We  have several of these writings/musings and one, published in 1986 we believe, described what he called ‘Perfect Pace’.  It theorized that if one could get a good handle on a likely pace scenario, combining other factors, most particularly speed, but other considerations as well, in just the right order, the player’s hit rate would improve dramatically.  Interestingly, as far as we know, that was about as far as this theory went, as we don’t recall a ‘Perfect Pace’ software program from the Sartin group.

So our programmer, Len, who is always up for a challenge, developed the High-Percentage Pace/Speed Equation! based on this theory.  He used the ‘Total Pace’ concept (which he expanded on for his Pace Ace, Plus program), and then tested hundreds of handicapping factors that would enhance the Pace Scenario algorithm.  Judging by the excellent results, he landed on just the right combination!


The High-Percentage Pace/Speed Equation is a perfect example of what a program that exploits ‘hidden’ pace is capable of.  I am very impressed with how often the top plays hit the board.  At Gulfstream last week on the weekend cards, 14 of the 16 total plays ran at least 3rd and several won and placed.  At Delaware on July 2 a lot of near misses, but get this: Race 2: 2nd at 10/1, Race 3: 2nd at 10/1, Race 4: 2nd at 4/1, Race 5: 2nd at 10/1, Race 7: 3rd at 5/1  Race 9: Win at 2/1 – – using Dr. Anthony’s Parlay Power Match, which is a modified parlay method, to place and show, I made a ton of money …. wonderful consistency!  Ben Edwards, Pro Player, Miami, FL

As Ben writes above, 👉our testing has shown extreme consistency with this program, at tracks both large and small.  Check out the Summary Picks Sheet (which the software generates for you) below for Canterbury Park on July 2nd.  While all cards obviously won’t produce this well, many, many will.  Also, note the PRICE GETTING ability of this software.  Normally a high-% in-the-money program gets short prices –  this one continuously brings 4/1 to 20/1 horses into your reach:


“I call this my ‘shortcut’ to pace handicapping, as it has the extraordinary ability to sort out the pace picture at all distances.  Most of the time the Percentage Pace Power Play runs big, and when it has the recommended point advantage, even bigger.  You did a real good job here.”  Dale Arnistan, Brooklyn,


Let’s look at some screen 💻shots. 


You will note that High-Percentage Pace works well at all tracks, small and large.  The program does not pick a lot of favorites, but when it does the win % is in the 42% range.  Overall the average mutuel for Percentage Pace Power Plays (the first box at the bottom of the screen) that have a 3 or more point edge in the TOT (Total) column is $9.87 with a win percentage close to 31%. 

And the in-the-money hit rate is also very high, with Top Plays running at least 3rd close to 81% of the time.  And the great thing is that many of these ITM horses are nice prices.  A big chunk of the runners that finished at least 3rd were at odds between 4/1 and 25/1.

The columns:  LAST = days since last race; M/L = morning line; TOT = total points horse received from the columns to the right.  -1SPEED = speed algorithm for most recent race speed; -2SPEED = same, but for second race back; ESPEED = Early speed configuration algorithm; LSPEED = Late Speed algorithm; TRAIN = trainer % algorithm.


And, of course, High-Percentage Pace! also includes one of our most popular new features  –  SNAPSHOT!

And our New SNAPSHOT! Feature has been expanded to include even more critical handicapping information!  You can literally handicap a race simply using the SNAPSHOT screen.  Extremely valuable in races where there may not be any system plays, or to find likely Exotic candidates.   LOOK!:

NEW!  Power Rankings

➽➽We have now added how each horse ‘ranks’ in 10 very important handicapping areas.  🤓I want you to look at the section inside the red rectangle – this is pretty neat!  You will see how this horse ranks, or compares, to others in the same race.  Categories are POWER Ratings; Last Odds; Last Speed; 2nd Last Odds; 2nd Last Speed; Jockey/Trainer Win %; Early Speed; Late Speed; Class (LKELLY); Earnings Per Race.

 And the Trainer Stats section at the bottom show you stats that apply to today’s race, the win and in the money % of the trainer and his overall ROI in the listed categories.

This is extremely helpful info, especially when you are trying to break ties or looking for other contenders for Daily Doubles, Pick 3s, etc..  Of course, you don’t have to use this feature at all if you don’t wish, but if you have the time it is definitely work looking at.

Subsets of Areas Where High-Percentage Pace Excelled (based on 241,563 race database study)

While most distances, field sizes, surfaces, odds ranges did well, but if you want to be picky, the following areas showed the good overall returns:

All Allowance Races (from non-winners of 1, all the way up to Classified)  +31.4% ROI

4 Furlong Races = 48.18% ROI

5.5 Furlong Races – +19.44% ROI

Morning Line Odds Ranges – the lowest and the highest m/l ranges that show steady positive returns

2/5  to 3.5 = +5.16% ROI (pretty remarkable that these lower odds ranges produced positive returns – they are usually negative in most programs)

Even Money = +35.34% ROI

6/5 = +1.78% ROI

6/1 = +9.44% ROI

8/1 = +32.29% ROI

10/1 = +50.01% ROI


👉😎So with High-Percentage Pace!, you have a Sartin style pace program that not only screens for and finds likely pace scenarios, but then locates the horse(s) that appear to FIT those scenarios.

In addition, the program becomes even more accurate because it applies other high % handicapping factors to the equation.  And, again, the in-the-money hit rate is great as well.

And High Percentage Pace! is priced very reasonably considering the work that went into it.

Just $118 and you can use our 3-pay/no interest plan if you wish


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