The Best 2023 Triple Crown Selections & Analysis in The Business, Bar None! From Leo Cates of PowerHorse, International. Yours For Just $55!!!!


The Best Triple Crown Analysis in The Business, Yours For Just $55!

Kentucky Derby May 6, Preakness Stakes May 20, Belmont Stakes June 10.  +++Full analysis and selections on all of the other races on each day!


The Best Triple Crown Analysis in The Business, Yours For Just $55!


You Get Complete Analysis for the BIG Races as well as Selections for the Undercard (the other races on the card) for the Kentucky Derby, Preakness & Belmont Stakes!

Our good friend Leo Cates, Triple Crown expert extraordinaire, of Power Horse International, will again be offering his Triple Crown Selections & Betting Strategy Package (KY Derby (May 6), Preakness (May 20), Belmont Stakes (June 10)).

Leo’s got a knack for being right on the money with these big-time races, as those of you who have subscribed to his service for the Triple Crown series and Breeders’ Cup are well aware.

👉👉Last year a $25 win bet and $2 Exacta bet on all of his Triple Crown plays returned a +$438 Profit!

The year before he tabbed Essential Quality as the winner of the Belmont Stakes and gave us the Trifecta in the Kentucky Derby (Medina Spirit, Mandaloun, Hot Rod Charlie) that paid $848.45 for just 50 cents!.

The ‘UnderCards” on these Big Days is Where the Real Value Lies!

>>>Remember that on these big racedays, the undercard races are all of super quality, many Stakes, and Leo will provide you selections for many of these races as well. 

🤔The reality is that in races like the Kentucky Derby, you have up to 20 horses, most trying the 1-1/4 mile distance for the first time and most have not raced on the Churchill oval, so trying to pick a winner in these Triple Crown events is very, very difficult.

👉But the other races on the card are all of superb quality and are made up of horses with proven ability at today’s distance and on today’s surface, so they are much easier to handicap.


👉👉But because of the huge number of mostly uninformed bettors on these days, horses that figure strongly in these races often go off as overlays as the money from the crowd is all over the place and not necessarily on the logical horses.

😀This is where Leo really shines, as he can easily spot the major contender(s) in these races as well as the logical Exacta/Trifecta/Superfecta runners.

On the undercards in 2021, Leo provided his clients with 18 additional plays, including Exactas & Trifectas.  👉He got 7 winners, including $27 and $21 payoffs, 11 total horses who ran at least 2nd and 14 total that ran at least 3rd.

In 2022, 👉he hit 8 out of 21 releases, including a $37.40 winner, and 15 of them ran at least 2nd or 3rd.

He hit Exactas for $313, $237, $188 and seven others, as well as Trifectas for $848, $511 and $297, and Daily Doubles for $206, $155, $122, $111 and $107.




“I’ve been using Leo’s picks for the Triple Crown & Breeders’ Cup for as long as you have offered them – started in 1995, I think – and without a doubt, his selections are the most consistent from a win standpoint, a price standpoint and an Exotics standpoint that I have ever used.  He’s not perfect, of course, but there is no way I could have even come close to doing as well on my own.  In the BC races alone, I have followed his selections to a ‘T’ and have pocketed several thousand dollars.  While I love his Triple Crown picks in the big races, his undercard selections on each of those days have been absolutely phenomenal.  Thanks so much for this wonderful, fun and profitable service.  Long live Leo Cates!’  Glenn Farrell, Tampa Bay, Fl

“I always look forward to Leo’s selections for the big races.  Two of the biggest Trifectas I have ever cashed ($1,223 and $976) came courtesy of his selections.  How he keeps track of all the class horses as well as the foreign horses I will never know.  All I know is that while many claim to be ‘experts’ in this game, Leo, more than anyone else I’ve ever known, truly fits that description.’  Robert Thompson, Lexington, KY


“Guys, don’t even think about this, just get it!  Leo is the real thing.  And for the price of what an average lunch for two costs these days, you get three FULL days of expert selections.  I quit doing my own handicapping on these days after using Leo’s picks for a few years starting in the mid 90s.  I can absolutely guarantee that you will get more winners and exotic payoffs than you ever would have on your own.  Don’t tell your friends how you got a boatload of  winners on these days, though, make them think you figured it all out on your own!”  Tom Console, Handicapping Author


So think about it:  Do you really want to labor over these extremely difficult to handicap races, high quality races loaded with shippers/foreign runners, etc?  Or would you rather, for a very reasonable price, hire an expert to navigate these very rough waters for you.

For just $55, total, you can share in Leo’s expertise. Analysis of each Triple Crown raceday card will be emailed to you the night prior to the races. A great package at a great price!


Give us a Call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.

Triple Crown Analysis 2023 & Selection Package  $55