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What is the ‘Magic Word’ and how can this one simple word hugely increase your chances of making significant

profits at the racetrack? Now In Software!!

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Len Cz’s Tailor-Made will show you how.


(very important – please read)

There are a number of ‘mysterious’ aspects to the past performances. Mysterious, that is, to 95% of the racing public who simply don’t have a clue as to the inner workings of the racing secretary’s office, racetrack management, the owners and the trainers.
To the uninformed, it may look very much like a ‘conspiracy’ between these factions to pull the wool over the racing public’s eyes.

IMPORTANT:   To put it in simple terms, a racetrack is a business, a BIG business, and in order to keep that business healthy, management has to cater to its most important customers.  This is true with any business — they will do anything in their power to keep their biggest accounts happy.


*And in the racetrack business, the most important customers are, no, not the ‘fans’, but rather the owners and trainers. More than anything else, racetrack management needs the owners and trainers to want to continue to race at their racetrack.


This is racetrack management’s #1 goal, because without the owners, trainers and their horses, there would be no profits at their racetrack.  So management will bend over backwards to

keep these respective parties happy.

(And what is this ‘backward bending’ really all about?)

“A MAGIC WORD or WINNERS STRAIGHT FROM THE GENIE’S LAMP?  Well, that may be overly descriptive, but yes, there really is a ‘magic word’ that will put you on these betting coups.  See for yourself!” Tom Console


Well, ask yourself this question:  What is it that makes an owner and trainer happy – very, very happy as a matter of fact?
Right on, you got it!:  Winning a horserace and collecting the winner’s share of the purse!

And, yes my friends, track management, working through the racing secretary’s office, can, and often does, provide owners and trainers with opportunites for their horses to win a race, and very often, this is done so that it flys well under the radar of the average player.

**Now, here’s the fascinating thing:**

this information is clearly available to any horseplayer who cares to do just a little research.
(But since author Len Cz has already done the research for you, you can do it the easy way and simply purchase this remarkable angle.)

**There exists, believe it or not, a ‘Magic Word’, as Len calls it, that will tell you immediately when one of these ‘set-ups’ is in the works.


And with only one additional rule, and it’s really not even a rule, just a number* that literally pops off the past performance page, Jyou will be cashing tickets like those shown in the attached appendix.  (*This additional number, though, is essential to cashing in on the bigger prices.)
These are actual results over the past 20 months, win and place prices, that the Tailor-Made® angle snared.  And notice where we cut off the win prices: at $71!  So you know there are tons and tons of other winners below this price level, with the average price in the $16.30 range.
Let’s go a little more in depth so you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on here.  There are a lot of ‘trade-offs’ that go on between racetrack management, owners and trainers, which is also an essential part of why this angle, when you are aware of it, works so well.
Obviously, no racing scecretary knows how each horse feels at post time, and a huge number of factors influence how the race turns out.  But it is one factor that gets us closer to the meat of this method.  Sometimes racetrack management just doesn’t have the right pieces to complete the puzzle/race.

The ‘Favor’


There are times, in otherwords, when the track needs horses to fill a race.  While this never seems to be a problem at places like Saratoga, where the races are routinely overbooked, many tracks will routinely scramble around for talent.  One of the ways to get this talent is to approach a trainer and ask him/her for help.
Now it’s reasonable to believe that the trainer has a horse, but not necessarily one ready to go.  The track and the trainer both know that the trainer’s horse is probably not going to win.  With the trainer incurring the expense of housing/feeding the horse during this ‘down’ period, both sides are in agreement that the trainer is ‘taking one for the team’ by entering his not-ready runner.  In return for this favor, the track now owes a favor to the trainer.

The ‘PayBack’


This favor is repaid by the track then providing the owner/trainer with a race or races that are favorable to that trainer’s ‘ready-to-roll’ horses.
Be aware, the race is NOT being fixed.  The trainer still has to legitimately try to get his/her horse across the finish line first.  Against horses and trainers and jockeys who are also trying to win.
There is nothing illegal, or even immoral about this. The trainer has incurred a probable multi-week period with no income for a horse.  The track then helps out the trainer by carding a race that will give one of his in-form horses a good chance to score.  It happens all the time.
It is our job to spot these situations, and share in the edge the trainer has gained. Tailor-Made shows you exactly how to do this!
And the fact that our trainer’s horse is fitted into a Tailor-Made spot makes it much more likely that handicappers like you and I, who are aware of what’s actually going on, will cash in on our ‘Inside Information’.

Once you know how to decipher the ‘code’, and Len shows you exactly how in Tailor-Made, and are fully aware of how important the MAGIC WORD is, you will be on the ‘inside’, so to speak, and know when one of these deals are afoot.
And, friends, they occur at every racetrack almost daily.
Tailor-Made has been meticuously researched.  Here’s Len’s Intro:
‘Here is an angle that takes a new look at how to handicap horses! What if you could find a situation where a horse is given every chance to win even before the race is run? Or more specifically, spot a race that may have been written for a specific horse?
The angle started out as idea based on how track management deals with often cranky
owners and trainers – how the track appeased their grumbling about purses and other money matters.
But to give some meat to this introduction, please be assured that in finalizing it, I went to the well three times, each time testing out the ideas thoroughly over tens of thousands of races before finally getting it right.
I guarantee that Tailor-Made will increase your racetrack profits bigtime.   Your biggest surprise will be just how simple this method is to apply! ’
‘Tested over Tens of Thousands of races’. This is what Len Cz does, and he does it better than anybody in the business.  You can take Len’s testing methods to the bank — they are that thorough and complete.  And you can take the test results (included) to the bank as well.  No fudging — just facts exactly as the Len’s computer program spits them out.
Len also provides you with ‘optimal’ wagering instructions
Often you will just play a single horse.  Other times you will ‘dutch’, i.e., play two horses.  He also reveals a longshot method that produces huge profits.
**In otherwords, Len has not just researched the system and presented you with the rules — he then went back and had the computer bang out which wagering strategies provided the highest profits.  All you have to do is apply the very simple formula — it will take you all of about 2 minutes for each playable race — make your wager, sit back, knowing that in the long run, you are going to enjoy some very steady paydays.
OK, here’s the deal.
#1) You are all going to want in on this angle, that I promise you.  You will
immediately see the logic and profit potential once you’ve given the method even a quick read.
*#2) If for any reason you are not happy with Tailor-Made, you have nothing to lose – your purchase price will be refunded in full, and there is no time limit on returns.
#3) The price is a very reasonable $59.50 (item #5100, and that price includes 1st-class shipping.
#4) If you have any questions give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-696-0067 end_of_the_skype_highlighting — we’re here just about all the time!  That’s also the phone # you will call to order on as well.  And you WILL want to order this one!
see appendix

A Note From Tom Console

“When Len Czyzniejewski (‘Cz’) asked me to check out his new Tailor-Made methodology, I thought:  ‘That’s a strange title — must have something to do with what the horses wear, i.e., blinkers, wraps, saddle cloths, etc.’, because in my mind, the word ‘tailor’ always has something to do with clothing.
But, much to my relief, the methodology had absolutely nothing to do with an equine runner’s apparel, but rather how certain races are ‘tailor-made’ for certain horses, providing trainers and owners of these horses with an edge over the other
runners in the field.
And what Len has done, as he has done so many times before in his methods, is through incredibly thorough research, provide the racefan with an angle that will continue to pay dividends from now till kingdom come.
Now I was very aware of this concept — have been for a long time — and I would occasionally experience a nice payday by using this information.
But what Len has done that I was never able to, is to make order of the chaos and tensions that exist at any racetrack between management and the owners and trainers, and present you and me with an actual method that will spot these
often very lucrative plays.
In addition, he spent weeks researching the best ways to wager on these plays, and that
crucial information is presented to you as well.
Len’s database came up with at +47% ROI on the win and +19% on the place – incredible profit numbers that will keep any horseplayer well in the black.  I ran smaller test (7,100 races) and came up with a bigger win ROI, thank to a $116 and $101 winner.  But I have more faith in Len’s 400,000+ race study, so his figures are likely right on the money.
So understand what you are getting here, and I endorse it fully: An angle – a very simple, easy to understand and quick to figure angle, that actually peeks under the sheets, so to speak, of a racetrack’s business dealings with owners and trainers, and in doing so allows you and me to benefit from the often large mutuel payoffs that occur when one of these set-ups are successful, and they often are.
I highly recommend this method to all of you – it will make you money, period.  It is very reasonably priced and check out the no-questions asked guarantee.  I can vouch for Len’s honestly and integrity, and where this method is concerned,
he has simply outdone himself.”
P.S. – I just love what Len has done with ‘The Magic Word’!  At first I said ‘what in the heck is he talking about!’, and then I realized that yeah, there really is a Magic Word that puts you on these betting coups!  You will see for yourself!
Live Long and Prosper, your friend, Tom

Opening Day Saratoga Racetrack, July 23, 2010   (a True Story)

Opening Day at the ‘Spa’.  The rain is coming down but it’s so darned muggy you wish you could dive into the infield lake just to be perspiration-free for 10 minutes or so.  But it’s Saratoga — it’s Opening Day! — so what the heck!

Ok, getting close to post time for the 1st race, which looks like an absolute handicapping nightmare.  The turf course is labeled ‘good’, there are a ton of late scratches and the falling rain figures to get into the craw of both horse and jock.  What to do?  What to do?  There is nothing greater than starting out the meet with a winner, but thise field looks almost impossible to sort out tnd the heavy favorite, Seattle Mission, has not shown a liking for a wet turf course.

But wait a minute!  Looking at the conditions of the race, I spy a certain ‘word’.  A ‘word’ I learned about in Len Cz’s Tailor-Made methodology.  A ‘word’, he calls it ‘the magic word’, that will often give you a peek into the world of racetrack management’s alliance with the owners and trainers.

So I do some quick figuring and find only one solid qualifier.  It’s the #5 horse, Dontstealmyland.  I look at the toteboard and say to myself, cynically,  ‘right!, a 25-to-1 shot, the longest shot in the field, in fact, is going to win this race!’

Then I say, ‘Hey, why not! Anything can happen in a horserace, so I won’t follow the ‘herd’ and bet the odds-on favorite.  Besides, the jock and trainer win %’s are as good as any other horse in here, so I’ll just lay a $20 win and place bet on the #5.’

They break from the gate and jockey Leparoux takes the horse immediately to the inside.  ‘Good’, I’m thinking, ‘a ground-saving trip.’  He gets shuffled back a bit on the backstretch but the jock moves him away from the rail and towards the outside entering the stretch.  ‘If he has anything left in the fuel tank,’ I say, ‘it could get interesting here.’

Into the stretch and Leparoux moves the horse to the middle of the track and then closes like a freight train to get up to win by a neck.  Whoa!  And at 23-to-1!  Time for the ‘happy horseplayer’ dance!  $48.80 for the WIN!!

And the story hardly ends here.  Tailor-Made, or the ‘Magic Word’ as many users like to refer to it, was hugely popular in paper-and-pencil form, quickly becoming one of our best-selling methods of play ever.

And now, the news is even better, because Tailor-made/The Magic Word is now on Software!

And, More good news!  In fact, great news! (superfecta. superfecta!):


has just rolled off the
software assembly line!1

it will put you on some major superfecta
payoffs on a pretty darned consistent basis

and we are including
Superfecta-Selector free!!

when you purchase the tailor-made

√Note the Superfecta Payoff below – Tailor Made had it, for just a $48.00 ticket – or for $4.80 you would have got 10% of the $1 Super Payoff of $7,778.00!

Main Screen Above
Main Screen sorted
Trainer Stats Screen 1     Overall stats for jockey/trainer(jt)  class (c)  distance (d) and surface (s)   Shows # of races (r) win%  in the money % (itm) and roi
Trainer Stats unique to each trainer given the conditions of today’s race   there are 112 different categories that are evaluated depending on what stats apply to today’s race.  Extremely helpful and something very, very few handicappers have access to.
RaceAnimate screen provides you with a visual look at how the software sees the outcome of the race.  When you click the animation button the horses zip across the screen to their projected finishes.

We truly believe Tailor-Made is one of the most important and helpful products ever produced for the horseplayer, and after reading the story and checking on the payoff stats, we’re sure you will agree!

Understand that this is a ‘FIRST’ in horserace handicapping software.  Tailor-Made actually ‘reads’ the race conditions (the race conditions are found at the top of every race – they explain what type of race this is and who is eligible to run).  And in doing so, the Software uncovers those ‘secrets’ that trainers so carefully guard … ‘secrets’ that often lead to enormous-priced winners!  As well as many, many, many moderately-priced winners (the overall win % is @36%).  And the program tells you exactly HOW to wager – sometimes a straight bet — sometimes you ‘dutch’, i.e., play two horses.

Accurate, Up-to-the-Minute, Profitable Trainer Stats at the Click of your Mouse!

In addition, the Tailor-Made Software allows you to access incredibly accurate and profitable Trainer Stats.  We first offered this feature with The One-Minute Handicapper and have expanded it for the Tailor-Made Software.  Again, and this is IMPORTANT:  the vast, vast majority of fans do not have access to this crucial information, which gives you a huge edge over the ‘crowd’.
*And the Tailor-Made Software also contains all the regular RPM features: accesses FREE daily program; view and/or print full pp’s FREE; the patented RPM Charts – a huge help to the horseplayer – Pace Chart, Early Speed Chart, Class Chart, Earnings Chart, and Jock/Trainer Team Chart.

New!! Superfecta-Selector Program FREE! with your purchase!

Ever ‘drooled’ over those hefty Superfecta payoffs, like the one our new software caught on opening day at Saratoga! (see enclosed example).  Well, Len and exotics player Dave Samuels have put together a software program that both selects your Superfecta contenders and then tells you how to play them.  It’s a great tool for the exotics player, and with most tracks offering 10-cent Supers these days, this program gives you the opportunity to bet a little to win a lot!

We had planned to market the SS Program separately for $87 — still do, in fact, but you are going to get it FREE! when you purchase the Tailor-Made Software.  Trust me, you will be cashing many, many more Superfecta payoffs with this software than you ever have on your own!

$$Oh, and another good reason to order right away (within 17 days, to be exact) is that we are going to give you a BIG $47 off the regular retail price of $194, so you’ll be paying just $147!!  And, of course, you can take advantage of our 3-pay/no interest plan if you wish.

So do go to our website   www.rpmhandicappinggiant.com  and check out all the Tailor-Made details.  Many of you already have the paper-and-pencil method and pretty much know the score, but check out the website nonetheless.  And give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-696-0067 end_of_the_skype_highlighting to order — Today!

Actual Tailor-Made Win & Place Hits!   Notice where we cut off the win prices: at $71!  So you know there are tons and tons of other winners below this price level, with the average price in the $16.30 range.  And with the Software, everything is spelled out right in front of you.  The horse(s) to bet and how to bet them!!  Plus the new Super-Calc Superfecta Program will put you on many, many high-paying Superfecta Payoffs!!


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