The Z-CODE DYNAMIC ENERGY MODULE! The First Horse Racing Methodology Ever to Employ Energy Wave Theory – Catches Horses at Their Peak Energy Fitness!



The First Horse Racing Methodology Ever to Employ Energy Wave TheoryCatches Horses at Their Peak Energy Fitness!

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The First Horse Racing Methodology Ever to Employ Energy Wave TheoryCatches Horses at Their Peak Energy Fitness!


” ‘Extreme Consistency’ is the term I would use to describe the Z-CODE DYNAMIC ENERGY MODULE.  I very seldom go ‘gaga’ over any one program or system, but this one is so darned steady and consistent, and gets loads of great prices, in both straight betting and in the exotics, that I am actually very envious of the author’s skills.  I mean, even on what would be considered a ‘bad’ day you are likely to get three or more winners and a handful of Exacta/Trifecta payoffs.  Really good stuff here!” Bob Shurig, handicapping author

“I own quite a few of your programs, but I don’t think I ever got four to five winners on a single racecard as frequently as I do with Z-Code.  Also, the 41% Exacta hit rate is great, and I usually get two to three Trifectas, and at least one Superfecta, per card as well.  My account ledger at Twin Spires shows more (many more) payouts than losses.  Good job on this one!”  Dale Ramsey, Dallas, TX


ZCODE can be depended upon to perform brilliantly in all types of races, from Maiden races to High Class Stakes Events.  A $23.60 winner in a big Stakes at Santa Anita.

And how about a Churchill Downs DOUBLE!  ZCODE Clearly tabbed the winners of both the 2018 Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby!!

Betting the Oaks/Derby Daily Double got you a nice $34 payoff just by going with the top ZCODE picks in these two races!


ZCODE was developed by Darryl McMasters, a New Zealand resident who now mostly ignores racing in his own country while concentrating on racing in the U.S.  However, his expertise came largely from observing racing in the Southern hemisphere.  He discovered, solely by observation while armed with a stopwatch, that many horses, who would later come back to run big, showed a ‘burst’ of energy at a certain point or points in the race.  He kept meticulous records on these horses and cashed some huge bets on horses in NZ, AUS and Hong Kong.  “I literally sweated blood keeping all these records, and at times I had to wait a month or more for a horse I had a good energy number on to return,” Darryl tells us.

But then, a funny thing happened.  “I was totally blind to racing in the U.S. and Canada, largely, I guess, because there was no way to make wagers on those races from my country in 2005, but I figured racing must be pretty much the same up there.  Actually, I had never seen a Daily Racing Form.”

Then, several years later, when I was showing a friend how I calculated my Energy and other ratings, he looked at me a bit incredulously and said:  ‘Are you crazy!  Why are you going to all this work, all these calculations, when you can get the same information, probably even more accurate information, on U.S. racing!’  I was a bit stunned at first but asked him to explain.

‘Tomorrow I am going to bring you a copy of a U.S. Racing Form — when you see that they already have all the fractions, running positions, lengths beaten, etc., it will make your calculations light years easier.  I see what you are doing, and I’m sure you can plug in your formulas to the pp info and do just as well, if not better.  And you know that since last December we have had a full U.S. racing menu you can bet on – every track, and they have lots of ’em.  You’ll never be starved for action.’

“Well, sure enough, once I got a look at all the information offered in the U.S. racing past performance lines, I immediately KNEW that most of my work had already been done for me.  In fact, I could actually spot a ‘preliminary’ Energy horse with my eyes before doing any serious calculations.  And, while I was not getting prices as big as I did back home, THE CONSISTENCY WAS AMAZING and I found a way to hit a large percentage of Exactas and Trifectas, wagers which I never really touched in NZ/AUS since the big fields made them very hard to hit.”

Darryl, in fact, was overwhelmed with the sheer number of opportunities, given that in the U.S, you could have as many as 35 tracks running on any given day.  “I was very shaky as far as computer programming skills go, but I knew that to take full advantage of my energy system I would need to have a quick way to sort out the best plays at the various tracks.  That’s when a fellow New Zealander, Mark Simpson, who I knew from my hometown track, recommended locating a horse racing programmer in the U.S.”

“I did my research on the web, and one name kept popping up:  Len CzyzniejewskiIt seems he had been programming for handicappers since the mid-1990s, and though I was embarrassed that I didn’t know how to pronounce his last name, I gave him a call.  He was more than gracious, and asked for me to send all of the material I had on the system, with exact rules on how it operates.  He gave me a ballpark price on what it would cost to program it, which seemed more than reasonable, so the process began.”

Darryl tells us that it took Len roughly three weeks to finish the programming, and after a few adjustments and additions, “it was ready for Prime Time!”

“I was extremely pleased with the result.  In fact, the program was definitely more accurate than my longhand method.  Superb consistency, a sprinkling of some very nice prices, and loads of Exacta, Trifecta and even Superfecta payoffs.”




So The Z-CODE DYNAMIC ENERGY MODULE was born.  It is the first software ever to employ what Darryl describes as ‘Energy Wave’ Theory, with the concept that if you can calculate when, according to multiple conditioning factors, a horse is approaching its ‘peak’ fitness, you are very likely to see a big performance from that runner.  Look at the example below.  

>>Here you see that the #6 horse, Cute Knows Cute, had the highest TOT (Total) points by quite a wide margin.  Also, she had the high score in CTOT & second high in CWP, columns which make up what Darryl calls the Comprehensive Ability Rating.  The next few columns to the right comprise the Performance Gradiant Rating, with the highest overall score in PTOT, the Performance Gradiant accumulated points.  So, given all that, one would expect this horse to be one of the favorites but … she romped to pay $12.20 for the win, and ZCODE also caught the $48.20 Exacta.

Note on the above screenshot, to the lower right, the box that reads SHOW SUMMARY BETSThis is a handy feature included in all RPM Software that with a simple click of your mouse displays all off the plays on the card for the day.  You can also print these out, which is a convenient way to have all of the program’s plays right in front of you or to take to the track.

Below you see some of these sheets displayed.  These are very typical results, results you can expect on most days at most tracks. 


You will often get multiple winners on a given card, as well as Exactas and Trifectas, and the top picks often run 2nd or 3rd if they do not win.



Some of the strongest plays are horses that are the ZCODE TOP SELECTION and the top PERFORMANCE GRADIENT as well.  Horses who fit this description will win close to 38% of the time and run at least 3rd 78% of the time and, even better, the average win mutuel on these plays is in the $8.70 range, making for a super solid ROI.

“Having been in the handicapping/publishing business for over 30 years now, I have learned that the one thing my customers really crave is Consistency.  They don’t want long runoutsthey want to cash often and at a decent mutuel price, and they want the occasional thrill of hitting a big exotic payoff.  Well … Hello ZCODE!a methodology that possesses all of those elements and a whole, whole lot more.  Your biggest loss will not come at the racetrack — it will come from you not adding ZCODE to your handicapping arsenal!”  Ed Bain, Ed Bain, Inc., Provider of Comprehensive Past Performance Information

Let’s take a look at the Elements that make up the ZCODE Winning Formula — An Explanation of the Main Screen Columns:

ML = Morning Line

R = Number of races Evaluated

LAST = Days since horse’s last race

TOT = TOTAL Points earned from combining both CTOT (Comprehensive Ability Rating) and PTOT (Performance Gradiant)

CTOT – Comprehensive Ability Rating, which is comprised of CBRIS (an algorithm that measures upward or downward energy patterns using the Bris Power Numbers), CWP (an algorithm that measures early speed, turn times and in-the-money finishes which, when combined, produces a positive or negative energy pattern), and CJT (jockey/trainer team combined percentages — straight up, no adjustments)

PTOT – Performance Gradiant, which is comprised of PCAL (horse can earn points for recent in-the-money finishes, PLEN (horse can earn points based on early speed & Quirin Speed Point calculations in recent races) and PSPD (horse can earn points based on an algorithm that looks at 1st quarter speed and lengths beaten in most recent sprint or route race)

>>Database Research<<

ZCODE has been tested on over 166,000 races in the RPM Database.  Here are the highlights:

Horse is listed in all three bottom boxes: ZCODE Top Selection, Comprehensive Ability Rating and Performance Gradiant: 36.3% Win Rate, $7.47 Avg. Win Mutuel, ROI +35.1%.  Place, 54.3%, +17.8% ROI.  Show, 78.9%, +3.2% ROI.

Same Criteria as above when horse is morning line favorite: 43.3% Win Rate, Avg. Mutuel $5.02, +8.5% ROI (Yep, a darned decent return just betting Three-Box morning line favorites!)

Horse is listed in two of three bottom boxes: 33.4% Win Rate, $6.88 Avg. Win Mutuel, +15.2% ROI

Horse is listed in at least two bottom boxes and has a 24 or greater point spread in TOT: 34.6% Win Rate, $8.02 Avg. Win Mutuel, +36.8% ROI

Exacta Hit Rate Using All Four Horse Boxes: 43.3% 

Profitable Exacta Box Situations:  At least one horse in the box is 4/1 or higher on morning line, and at least one other is 6/1 or higher on morning line:  Hit rate 36.1%, ROI +22.3% (note: do not play Exacta if one of the horses is 8/5 or lower on morning line)

As you can immediately see, ZCODE very, very well thought out and consists of sophisticated handicapping formulas and algorithms that combine to produce solidly positive results at all tracks, big and small.  Look at example from Finger Lakes (below) – a Standout Three-Box winner — Exacta & Trifecta were on the smallish side but ZCODE caught both:

So, as Ed Bain says above:

“Your biggest loss will not come at the racetrack — it will come from you not adding ZCODE to your handicapping arsenal!”

You want CONSISTENCY, you abhor long runouts, you thrill at the occasional $20+ winner or 20-to-1+ place or show horse, you long for a no-brainer/no thinking formula for hitting a high percentage of Exactas & Trifectas, you want a high % of in-the-money horses so you can play profitably across the board if you wish, etc., etc.  So …. in a few simple words:

IS your AnswerPeriod!

☛☛And, for Early-Bird Buyers ZCODE is extremely reasonably priced at just $148! (Price will rise to $198 on June 1) .

And …. if it’s not for you, you can take advantage of our Full Money-Back Guarantee, so there is absolutely no reason in the world not to give ZCODE a try.  Unless, of course, you are the type of player who doesn’t enjoy cashing more tickets than you tear up!


So give us a call at 1-800-696-0067, or order from our website

You can download the software immediately, or we can send you the disk and manual, or both, if you prefer.  BUT DON’T PASS THIS ONE UP! – you will see steady, consistent and profitable results, immediately — and that’s a GUARANTEE!


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