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You May have read something similar to this in the past, especially if you are a Bert Norman fan.  But it is such a great introduction to one of the greatest handicapping minds of all time.




Background – this is a fascinatingly good read!

In Southern California, during the final couple of decades prior to the millenium, when it was the only game in town (no casinos, no sports betting), it was very common (almost daily) to see the same three gentlemen, usually in the Clubhouse, but often on the tarmac in front of the wire, in deep study over the Racing Form.

Two of the gentlemen were of medium height with graying hair, while the other was a tall, swarthy fellow who looked like like he was fresh off a Hollywood movie set.

Closer study revealed the personages of Dr. Howard Sartin, chewing on the ever-present six-inch cigar, Tom ‘Pace-Makes-the-Race’ Brohamer, and, the handsome fellow who stood 6′ 3″ …. Bert Norman.

While many fans of the game would perhaps wonder how Bert, a genius system creator, was a ‘fit’ with the other two, a famous book author and one of the first developers of pace-based computer software, as it turns out, the other two relied more on Bert’s expertise than their own.


Bert, you see, didn’t believe in complexity, and exotic pace-line formulations, etc.  He was truly an old-fashioned ‘seat of the pants’ type of player, who relied heavily on information from the same pps that were staring everyone else in the face  —  😎he just saw 👁them in a different way. 


Quoting Bert, I was always good at mathematics and thus, at ‘logic’.  When I look at the past performances it’s like a jigsaw puzzle completing itself right before my eyes.  I know almost immediately who the main contender(s) are, the likely pace scenario and the top jock/trainer teams.

‘I also have a knack to know, almost immediately, if a race is playable or not.  I initially assumed everyone could see the same numbers, or combinations thereof, that I was looking at – but after seeing so many of my picks go off at big odds, when I thought they should be among the favorites, I realized I might indeed have been bestowed with a bit of ‘gift’ where the ponies were concerned.’


Bert boasts a string of high ratings from Phillips Racing Newsletter, the ‘consumer reports’ of the horse racing system/software industry including a ‘Very Good 8’ (out of 10) for the system we are about to discuss here, his ‘Maximus!’, which is now on Software for the first time. (Bert also received ‘8’ and ‘9’ ratings for his Quick Figure Plus, Speed Key, Monster Daily Double System and others)

Bert designed Maximus! to provide Precision Consistency for the Player.  Below find his Introduction.  While Bert focused on the Top Three/Four contenders as his ‘base’, with the software program Len was able to introduce some really neat algorithms that get the likely winner down to just one or two horses (and you can make it even more precise by sticking to the ‘Best Bets’ as outlined in the Manual).


The Value of ‘Negative’ Elimination Handicapping


What Bert does in Maximus is employ what he calls ‘Negative Elimination’ Solution Handicapping.

While many systems produce selections based on positive handicapping factors, Bert’s theory promotes finding the horse(s) that show the fewest ‘negative’ qualities/factors.

👉👉You will note in the screenshots below that the horses with the LOWEST positive or highest negative scores in the TOT column are the selections. 

Bert says:  ‘My approach in Maximus, and in a few other of my methodologies, is to find the horse(s) who have the fewest ‘negative’ handicapping factors.  So I’m looking for a horse who is very hard to knock because he/she simply has done very little wrong recently, and who I simply cannot eliminate based on normal negative factors.

As you will see in Maximus!, this  approach may work equally as well as a method that focuses on positive factors, but the problem with those methods is that you often end up with the chalk, because just about everyone is approaching handicapping from a ‘positive factor’ standpoint. 

With Negative Elimination Handicapping, your prices will inevitably be higher, without sacrificing win/place/show hit-rate percentage.’



Screen Shots.  Notice the variety of tracks.  Maximus! is one of the few programs we have found to be equally consistent at all levels of tracks:  A, B C and even D-level tracks (Fan Duel, Evangeline, Hawthorne, Delta, Hastings, etc.).


Note in the Columns below, which look back to as many as four races, the numbers in those columns are preceded with a G or a BG simply means that this race met all of Bert’s criteria to be considered a ‘Good’ race, while a B signifies a ‘Bad’ race based on  criteria. 

Other columns include rating for Fractional times, Class, Trainer competency and a Revised ‘Consensus’ (PSMD) produced by Bris Pace, Speed, Mid-Race Position score & Distance Score.  This column rewards or penalizes horses for recent performance.

👉👉Len also adapted the high-hit rate Exacta/Trifecta Algorithm to Maximus, so you will get some very nice Exotic payoffs as you will see in the examples below.














‘I have always loved Bert Norman’s work.  The way he is able to take a very complex game and reduce it to relatively simple, ‘rule-driven’ systems is a gift to the horseplayer.  I will bet that anybody who learns just about any of his systems will be able to pick better than the guys at the Daily Racing Form.  Maximus is a great addition.  I remember having a copy years back and somehow misplaced it.  Actually, while it was still simple, it was one of Bert’s more complex systems from a figuring standpoint.  But now that it’s on software that hones in on a single horse, I’m a very happy player!’  Doug Winslow, Denver, CO

‘Hats off to you guys and to Bert, who I have heard even Andy Beyer took some pointers from.  Everything from Bert Norman works, period.  I’m no sure I have ever seen a system writer before who seemed to be ‘born’ for exactly this.  Have only had a chance to check out Maximus for a few days, but I am very please with the results.  I take all of the plays seriously, but thank you for laying out the plan for the Best Bets in the user’s manual.’  Thanks again, Lou Woodley, Paramus, NJ


👉And, true to Bert’s original intent, you will see that one of the top three scorers in the TOT column will win close to 76% of the time. 

That knowledge alone is great to have, whether you are betting straight or exotics, but Len’s computing now provides you with the ‘Likeliest’ and ‘Next’ Likeliest Winners, and in the User’s Manual we will show you how to locate the Best Bets, which will hit at close to a 35% clip at an average mutuel of just under $10.

So if you enjoy Consistency, above average mutuels, a very productive Exacta/Trifecta algorithm, & a program that is also very good with Quarter Horses, then you have found your match in MAXIMUS!


Maximus! is just $97.50, an extremely reasonable price for a program boasts this type of consistency and ‘range’ of playable races, big tracks, medium size and small.

Give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website and, of course, call us with any questions you may have.  Thank You, Dave & Len