Denny Nash’s BET to WIN for a LIVING!! Back in Print for Only a Limited Time!! 125 Copies Available! Software too!!



Denny Nash’s

Bet to WIN for a Living!! (just 125 Copies Available)

This is the one we’ve been trying to get our hands on for years now and, Yippee, here it is! 

Out of print for well over a decade, when this book was made available on Ebay it immediately went for $471!

A True Classic, Bet to Win for a Living! lays out a winning formulation in very straightforward rules which it then implements with a couple of time-tested bankroll management strategies.




Denny Nash’s

Bet to WIN for a Living!! (just 125 Copies Available)

This is the one we’ve been trying to get our hands on for years now and, Yippee, here it is! 

>>>Out of print for well over a decade, when this book was recently made available on Ebay it immediately went for $471!

A True Classic, Bet to Win for a Living! lays out winning formulations in very straightforward rules which it then implements with time-tested bankroll management strategies!


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From Denny:  Bet to Win for a Living! will show you exactly how to join the elite 4% and make a supplemental living betting on horses. You will learn Who to Bet, How to Bet, When to Bet, When NOT to Bet, Exactly How much to bet – it’s 100% automated – there is no room for error. We’ve taken an old idea that sounded good but didn’t make money and finally made it work!’

Stick to the rules, use the bankroll management strategy(s), and you will find your racetrack fortunes improving dramatically!   On Software, too!! ……


The Bet to Win for a Living – The Backstory

Denny Nash shows experts and beginners alike how easy it is to bet on horses and make outstanding profits with his publication of Bet to Win for a Living!

Bet to Win for a Living! is a step-by-step horse betting guide dedicated to helping players use conservative wagers and a structured bankroll management strategy to achieve high-rates of return with only a 7 in 1,000 chance of failure.

The book provides detailed instructions and System 1 can be used on all types of horseracing, Thoroughbred, Quarter and Harness, and it also works on European racing.

It also outlines the reasons why the formula works over the long run and what type of returns to expect.



Denny Nash author of The Rebound System, Thoro-Profits and The Greatest Horse Racing System Ever! wrote Bet to Win for a Living! as a result of hundreds of requests from subscribers worldwide to his horse racing selection service.

Most were looking for a system that eliminated the “decision” factor.

A huge percentage wanted a 100% mechanical approach that would provide a high-percentage of winners and steady returns over a long period of time. Bet to Win for a Living! provides that and as a result became an immediate best-seller when it was introduced.


“The book fills real market need or hunger. It takes a stale, old handicapping idea that simply did not work, and turned it into a real money-maker,” said Denny Nash.

“Every idea has merit but relying solely on analytics while ignoring “racetrack know-how” does not work in the racing world. I mean to take an old concept and to make it work? That’s not an easy task. It took a lot of playing with numbers and trying different approaches. My 25 years of handicapping experience really helped – I guess you can call it ‘railbird’ intuition.

“But I didn’t just stop at the money part. I also share an amazing resource to my readers I recently discovered that teaches them to tap their inherent talent for solving problems and live a better life.

“My book is not only about winning money; it’s about being a winner in spirit. I dedicate an entire chapter how important it is to get rid of negativity and start enjoying life. Money, after all, is not everything. The book is a real holistic approach, rarely if ever seen in wagering materials. If you follow the approaches in laid out in Bet to Win for a Living, and follow them to the letter (which isn’t difficult at all, by the way), you will enjoy success.” Denny Nash

The Bet to Win for a Living! Methodologies

                            In Bet to Win for a Living! you will find THREE, viable, easy to use systems of play that produce profits.  The first system can be used with little or no handicapping and can be used on any kind of horseracing as well as on European racing (English and Irish). It involves using a conservative money-management plan. You won’t get big prices, but you will get consistent steadiness and longterm profits.

                            The second and third systems involve some light handicapping and are capable of getting some nice prices while enjoying a 36%+ win rate.


Denny has again provided a Bankroll Management plan for each system that will insure a positive return. In our opinion, most horseplayers will prefer these other two methodologies since they can get some nice prices while again being very consistent.

As Denny says: We all know no matter how effective a horse racing system is there are bad days and good days. For example your handicapping technique may produce a high percentage of winners most every time, BUT who’s to say those winners will not be low-priced chalk because that’s all the track is giving on that day? Many of us would consider an all chalk day – a bad day. BUT … even days like these can be made tolerable and profitable with effective money-management. Now, I know that most players are out there for fun, it’s a hobby.

“But the guys that actually make money, consistently, run their racetrack operations like a business. Wagering on the horses is INVESTING afterall, and all smart investors have plans to manage their bankrolls. I will provide you with three of these close-to-foolproof Bankroll Management plans.”


>>>The fact that Denny was able to research and develop three viable systems that produce long range profits while also providing his readers with money management strategies that will work not only with these systems but with any solid 30%+ win % system is remarkable!


                     >>>Simply stick to what Denny teaches you and your racetrack fortunes will improve dramatically.


The Bet to Win for a Living Software!

Takes all of the guesswork out of the equation, as the program will, of course, provide you with all of the selections.



A few pointers about the new Bet For A Living Software.  The first system in Denny’s book is basically a tote method where you need to know the odds of your potential plays a minute or two before post.  This system is not programmable as there is no way for the software to know the live odds.  The method is of course included in the manual.  No handicapping involved –  all it requires is a quick glance at the tote nearing post time and then following the recommended bankroll strategy.  Using the suggested betting plan, Denny found that only in 7 out of 1,000 runs of the required betting series (7 races) did the method fail to return a profit.  Len’s tests showed it was more likely that between 20 and 26 out of 1,000 betting series will fail, but that still makes this method overwhelmingly profitable.

The other two methods, which we simply call BTW1 and BTW2, are fully programmed.  Both of these methods are very high % Win/Place/Show systems.  You will do just fine using these systems on their own, but you will do even better when using the recommended wagering strategies that Denny includes in the manual. The strategies are designed to smooth out any losing streaks (and long ones will not occur with either system) and produce a bigger profit than a straight-betting strategy would.

However you play, though, you will do well.  You could run two separate bankrolls, one for BTW1 and one for BTW2, for example, or where two different horses are listed bet the lower price.   It’s up to you – however you decide to play, you will realize a high hit rate.  Let’s look at some examples:



So you now have the opportunity to pick up a rare, much sought after methodology for a much, much more reasonable price than is being offered on other websites.  Not only will you enjoy cashing more tickets, but by employing the very simple bankroll strategies which are included, your chances of profiting will be enhanced tremendously. 

We have just 125 Copies Available so Get your Order in Soon!

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