Greg Banner’s My Best Five! One Screen, FIVE Premium Programs + Stat Screens that Enhance Results Even More. +++The Greatest ‘CONSENSUS’ Screen You Have Ever Seen!


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My Best Five!!

👉A Multi-Dimensional Software Program that provides the Player with Several Ways to Analyze and Play, plus an Amazing ‘Consensus’ feature!

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My Best Five!!

👉A Multi-Dimensional Software Program that provides the Player with Several Ways to Analyze and Play, plus an Amazing ‘Consensus’ feature!

👉👉Greg’s Revolutionary New Software Program that contains not just one, but FIVE of his Best Programs.  Also includes four ‘Stat’ Screens that enhance overall accuracy!    You get:

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Platinum Power!

A comprehensive selection program that many have called Greg’s Best!

The New Boss!

A Selective Speed-based program that melds together a series of Longshot factors and provides the user with viable price plays!

1-2-3 Method!

Need a quick evaluation of the day’s card with accurate selections that often result in big paydays?  This will do the job!

Example below:  OK, so I click on the 1-2-3 Method Button and it shows me all of the plays on today’s card for this particular programfour winners and and a couple 2nds from 10 plays (there is seldom a play in every race – the program(s) will display just the races where there is a play under the RA (race) column).

This is how all of the program buttons work — they will display all of the plays for that DAY at the bottom of the screen.

👉👉Handicapping Tip:  One of the really neat things about this is that you can take your Consensus Page and then compare it with the 1-2-3 Method plays, the New Boss plays, Pace Power Plays, etc.

When you see a horse picked by one of these programs, who is also one of the top two Consensus picks, the odds of that horse running big become even greater.

Best of Three!

A spot-play method that will dig up viable price-plays on any racecard – not for the weak of heart – but you will land some real bombs with this program!


Confused by one of the most critical elements necessary in picking a winner: Pace?  You won’t be anymore, as Greg’s accurate algorithms put you on the horse(s) likeliest to enjoy a big Pace Advantage today!





🖼A Picture is worth, in this case, a few hundred words, at least!

Please forgive the ‘chicken scratching’, but we tried to include as much info in the Screenshot below so you would understand exactly how the program works and understand all the elements, column headings, etc.

The ‘Working Factors’, in algorithm form, include 1st, 2nd & Final Call Pace, Recent race finishes, Recent race odds, Trainer/Jockey Formulations, Quirin Speed Points, Average Speed (last four Speed averaged), Earnings per start formula, Pace Power, Recency, and more. 

Also, the individual programs listed above are all Algorithmic compositions that mix and match various program calculations to produce their own accurate forecasts.




And>>> Last But Not Least THE CONSENSUS!!  —

Greg’s program creates an accurate Consensus of all the programs, ‘weighting’ important factors in each and providing.  You can just print this out and take it to the track, or bet from home — you will be totally amazed at how often one of the top three Consensus horses wins and how often boxing those three gets you a nice Exacta Payoff.  Check out the examples below.  These cards are very typical of what you will see at virtually all racetracks.  And check out some of the prices – not a whole lot of chalk.

When you look at these Consensus printouts, think about how valuable they are not only for straight wagering, but for horses to add onto your Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta tickets  —  and Certainly extremely valuable for your Pick 3, 4 5 & 6 Tickets.






OK -and how about a ‘dull’ day. (We’ll take this any day!)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Program!

Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2022

The price is right for the amount of information you receive. It has a unique feature where you can quickly find the top #1 and #2 platinum power number at the click of a button. Also, you can go deeper and look at the top 4 contenders in each race and combine with other factors, such as ability and late power to separate your turf runners.  You can look at the various spot play buttons, to find higher priced winners.  There are several Programs available to evaluate each race, from Pace, to Speed, to Jockey/Trainer, etc.  In addition the program creates an absolutely marvelous ‘Consensus’ that combines all of the angles into one printable page – best Consensus I have ever seen!  Great program for any handicapper!

Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2022

This handicapping software is very simple to use and comes up with more winners than software costing 10X as much. I have owned and used dozens of handicapping programs and this is still my go-to handicapping program for everyday use. The Consensus is not only super accurate, but is a whole lot of FUN to work with!  Give it a try, you can’t go wrong with this one.


🖥Stat ScreensAnother Great Feature!

In the upper left of the screen you will see a few other buttons that are extremely useful to the handicapper:

TOP E1/E2 displays the horse(s) on the day’s card who, based on up to 10 races, are the quickest out of the gate.  E1 stands for First Call  — E2 stands for 2nd Call.  So if you want to find the likeliest early leaders, this screen will give you a very good clue.

SPEED displays the horses that have shown the best final speed based on an average of their last four races.  This screen, all on its own, produces many winners, especially in races up to 6-1/2 Furlongs.

PRIME TJ displays the horses on today’s card who have the strongest Trainer/Jockey connections.  I really like this one.  There are normally only a handful listed for a full card but most of them finish in the money.  Example below:

Also, you will receive some great, proven wagering strategies in the manual as well as how to exploit the individual screen columns for Profit as well. 

And, again you will have a ball with the Consensus Page!, which is not only more accurate than, say, the DRF Consensus, but it produces much, much, much bigger prices!

And at just $88, you really can’t say ‘no’ to this one — and of course we provide a full money-back guarantee!

Give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 to order or order from our website and, of course, call with any questions.