NEW BEST SELLER!! DENNY NASH’S HANDICAPPING SUPREMACY!!! ++FREEE! A Sensational NEW Bankroll Strategy the Works with Any Solid System or Public Handicapper!!!


Handicapping Supremacy!!

My Own Private Racebook Method!


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A Sensational NEW Bankroll Strategy the Works with Any Solid System or Public Handicapper!!!


From Denny Nash:

Handicapping Supremacy!!

My Own Private Racebook Method!



Proven to enhance profits on straight bets as well as Exotics!

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‘Brash’, ‘Self-Assured’, ‘Totally Confident’, at times a bit ‘Outrageous’

Yep!  that pretty much describes Denny Nash.

If there was ever a handicapping author who simply tells it like it is, with no BS and no apologies for his strong opinionsyep, that’s Denny!

And his overwhelming self-confidence is not an illusion, or self deception.  He walks with this poise and self-assurance because he knows that what he does works.  Period!

Just as he did in his Bet to Win for A Living, Thoro-Profits and The Rebound System, Denny’s newest, Handicapping Supremacy!, lays out a totally logical plan that will produce racetrack profits when followed to the letter.


“I always put the horseplayer’s best interest over everything else.  I want to show the player by following some relatively simple rules, their game will improve by leaps and bounds.” Denny says.

“I love writing these books.  I really don’t care if I don’t sell a lot of them, though I have been blessed with wide distribution, which I am deeply appreciative of — I just like passing on the knowledge I have gained over the years.  And I like passing it on with ‘verve’, basically saying ‘Look — if I can do this, YOU can do this – just TRY!”


CONSISTENCY is the name of the game, and with Handicapping Supremacy!, you will get very consistent results.  You will see many cards with multiple winners.  On average, you will find four to six plays on most cards.

The Best Bets will appear in the Supremacy 1 Box, but if a horse(s) shows up in the Supremacy 2 Box, definitely use in your Exotics.

Take a look at the Gulfstream Card on January 8 below.  Obviously, all cards will not have five winners out of six selections, but the fact that the program pulls off multi-winner days frequently is significant for your bottom line.  This is a view of the ‘Summary Sheet’, which is featured in all RPM Software.  You can view it or print it out>> It’s a great timesaver.




Straight from the Horse’s Mouth!

“The reason I love Denny Nash’s work is that he provides the player with tools that he, himself, has used over the years to profit from the races.  His systems are as straightforward as they come, and if you simply follow his suggestions, you will enjoy steady wagering success.”  Bob Shurig, Handicapping author.

“Excellent content, as we have all grown accustomed to with Denny Nash.”  Tom Console

“Another winner from author Denny Nash!” Systems & Methods Report

“OK, a 35%+ Win rate with Best Bets (horses who have a 10 point or larger in the Total Column), at an average mutuel of @$8.60 is just fine with me, a 40%+ ROI.  Thanks for this!”  Dave Bernard, Cincinnati, OH

“Many thanks for this one.  I did a quick run over several cards for the past few days, and find the results very surprising.  Seems to work best on the quality tracks.  On yesterday’s GP card, using a $2.00 win bet on all the program’s top picks (two for some races), 13 plays returned $67.00.  And, that’s not including the DDs and Pick-3s included.  A rare day on any card.  AQU was also profitable with this program yesterday.  Hits a lot of exactas and trifectas.  Just needs some getting used to and some “mental tweaking”.  Overall, so far, this one looks to be one of your better programs, if these trends hold up.”  Charles, Maryland

“Thanks, Dave, for getting all the stuff to me in the quickest way possible. I was excited to try the supremacy software at Gulfstream Sunday.  6th race it listed STAT as the number 2 Supremacy.  Stat was listed 5-1 morning line. It went off at 22-1 and won paying $$ 46.40. Needless to say, that horse paid for the software. And thanks for throwing in the Hammering the Chalk docs .. very interesting and informative. I liked it a lot.  Hope to learn something from the money management manual. I’m sure I will once I get through it.”  Thanks, Al Black, Las Vegas


🧐A Program that is not Afraid of Favorites!

More from Denny:  “Everyone likes to cash in on a price horse, but the fact is that close to 80% of all races in North America are won by horses who are 5/1 or lower.  While Handicapping Supremacy is by no means strictly a ‘chalk’ selector (you will see that from the examples below), it is Super Accurate when it does pick a morning line favorite.  How accurate? 

“Well, if the selection is actually the morning line favorite, the win rate is close to 45% and these horses will run at least 3rd close to👉 86% of the time.  That’s because Handicapping Supremacy! employs an algorithm that eliminates most ‘False’ Favorites, and only gives the ‘Go’ sign to legitimate favorites.  So you never want to leave these high% plays out of your exotics  —  they often make great ‘singles’ for your exotic bets as well.

All I know that I have learned from painful experience that I would much, much rather cash a ticket on a short price than tear it up and throw it on the ground, so I designed this program to give users tons of opportunities to ‘cash and not trash.”


Let’s take a look at some screenshots and then we’ll show you some highlights of the Really Great Bankroll Management Strategy Book we are offering you for FREE!!!!



How Handicapping Supremacy Works & Why it Works So Well

The Handicapping Supremacy Software Employs roughly 120 individual handicapping factors which are consolidated into six different ‘Rating’ columnsin otherwords a numerical rating is created in each column for each horse which measures all the combined factors used into one number.   Columns:

QUALODDS = A combined total of recent odds.  The idea is that we want to see a horse that has attracted wagering attention in recent races.

TOT = TOTAL Column, which is the culmination of the ratings in all of the Columns.

CPR = Comprehensive Performance Rating.  This is a number that combines all kinds of speed and pace factors for each horse, including pluses or minuses for how the horse has performed in relation to today’s competition and average fractional times for the level.

XLSPEED = A combination of speed ratings indicative of each horse’s speed ability.

CONDN = an algorithm that is designed to estimate what kind of ‘form’ the horse is currently in.

RCOMP = a rating reflecting jockey/trainer ‘Team’ stats.

KCLASS = Class ability of each horse based on Len’s proprietary Kelly Class Rating System.



🤔Also it’s important to note that many, many top picks run 2nd or 3rd as well.  We have seen many cards where none of the top picks finished worse than 3rd, so if you are on the conservative side or like to run place and show parlays, this software will certainly help you there.


👉👉😃😃A Great FREE!!! Offer for YOU!!  A Bankroll Management Strategy that is GUARANTEED to Pump Up Your Bottom Line!  A $95 retail value   Yours FREE! with your purchase!



This publication came to us via a long-time customer.  We had never seen it before but doing some research showed that several thousand of these were sold at the retail price of $95!

This publication provides the Best Ever ‘Dutching’ Strategies, as well as a Professional Dutching Chart/Table, and spells out exactly how to Profit from these strategies.  We’ve never been big on dutching, but after reading this decided to start playing as the strategy suggests, and our results have been solid.

It also covers straight betting strategies, and contains the most extensive Exacta and Trifecta and Superfecta ‘cost’ tables we have ever seen, and solid suggestions on how to hit a high % of these wagers.

The Strategies can be use with any solid system, or even a public handicapper! 



Here’s the Table of Contents, Introduction, etc., and examples of the cost tables, of which there are dozens.  This strategy covers ALL Bases!:

So this is a Total No Brainer.


Adding Denny’s Handicapping Supremacy to your race-playing arsenal just makes plain good sense.

👉It is Supremely accurate;

👉The most lucrative ways to plays are plainly laid out for you AND —  >>>

👉You receive the fabulous money management book absolutely FREE!!!

>>>>And … you have absolutely nothing to risk/lose because the software carries a full money back guarantee>>>and even if you do decide to return it you still get to keep the Bankroll Book!

Also, if you want just the Money Management Book, we have copies available for $55 (ebook)

The software is very reasonably priced at just $138.00, and you can use our 3-Pay/No Interest Plan if you wish.

So give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website and, as always, call us with any questions.  Thank You!

Handicapping Supremacy Software   $138.00

Ebook    $55.00













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