The Scott-Hadley PICK QUICK Simplified Percentage Pattern Formula!! High Average Mutuels — Steady Profits at All Tracks Small & Large! Also 46%+ Win Rate for Favorites!




Pick-Quick Simplified Percentage Pattern Formula Consistency Method! 



Scott-Hadley’s Pick-Quick Simplified Percentage Pattern Formula Consistency Method! 

The Scott-Hadley partnership is perhaps one of most the underrated system creators ever, as their body of work still stands out, especially with their crowning achievement, the

Pick-Quick Simplified Percentage Pattern Formula Consistency Method!

A long title, but EVERY Word is IMPORTANT and EVERY Word MATTERS!:


Pick-Quick!  –  By hand, maybe six minutes per race – by Software – Instant!

Simplified – Focuses on just a handful of what Scott-Hadley calls Super-Confidence Predictor’ Handicapping Factors which takes the place of very thorough handicapping.

Percentage Pattern FormulaPick-Quick Formula is based on Proven Winning Patterns that Produce High % Win, Place & Show Payoffs at Much Higher than Average Mutuel Prices.

ConsistencyPick-Quick boasts very strong consistency, not only for straight wagering but for Exotic Wagering as well.


So Easy – So Effective

  With the Software, of course, every play, every exotic play, every longshot play is displayed for you in mili-seconds! 

And with the paper version, it is so easy to figure as well, with the handy two-sided ‘cheat’ sheet card!  Very, very accurate! 


Note: To those who have never purchased a Scott-Hadley System previously, a few words of encouragement:

Do not be ‘turned off’ by the utter Simplicity of the Method.

After a day or two, you will be amazed at the logic and surprised at the way it consistently ferrets out ‘LIVE’ Horses. 

While the overall winning percentage is ‘average’, the average Mutuel Price win be in the $10 to $12 rangeOur percentage of profit, over a period of time, will run from at low of @20% to over 100%.  These are stats based upon thousands and thousands of races.

The Pick-Quick Software

Everything right there for you at a click of your mouse.  With the software we have enhanced the Longshot picking ability as well as providing an Exacta Box selection that hits close to 42% of the time.



Special Situations

The below example comes into play when there is no pick in the bottom boxes.  Watch for it  —  these horses hit the board close to 80% of the time.

Playing to Place





☛☛High Average Win & Place Mutuels, but also Deadly Accurate with Favorites!

Pick-Quick, as mentioned above, boasts much higher than average mutuel payoffs in the win an place spots.

However, Pick-Quick has an almost innate ability to sniff out ‘True’ Favorites.

In fact, when Pick-Quick selects a morning line favorite,the win rate is close to 46%!  This is not only great for betting to win, but also for keying in Exactas and Trifectas and ‘singling’ in Pick 3s, 4s, etc.

There are several tracks in the country that show a higher favorite’s win rate than others, mostly Class B and C tracks like Golden Gate, Mahoning Valley, Charles Town, Fairmount, etc.   Look at the example from Golden Gate below.  5 Winners and 2 2nds, and the one price horse selection, The Great Haynes, ran 2nd at 7/1 and keyed nice Exacta, Trifecta & Superfecta payoffs.



“I have been a longtime Scott-Hadley fan.  Everything they published was simple and very, very effective.  This is the first time I have seen Pick-Quick and I am super impressed.  Unbelievable simple but most of the Prime Picks run big.  So glad you got ahold of this!”  Roger Maitland, Dallas, TX


Pick-Quick! is a methodology that covers basically all of the important handicapping bases and you definitely want to add this one to your arsenal.

Super Consistent, Consistently High Mutuels, Win, Place & Show, Great for Favorites as well and PQ’s Unique Exacta Box formulation has a high hit rate (@42% and a Trifecta hit rate of @21%).

So what’s to think about?   If you don’t like it, for any reason, you can ask for a refund, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.  And the pricing is right.

For the Software just $97.50

For the Paper Version just $59.50   Ebook just $53.88


So give us a call  1-800-696-0067 or order from our website, and do call us with any questions you may have.  Thanks!  Dave & Len



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