The ANGLE AMBASSADOR!! Looking at Winning Angles from a Whole Different Angle! Superb Consistency in All Types of Races! Prices Galore!! No Runouts!


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☛A Super-Powerful Combination of  121 Winning Angles that Produce a Very High % of Wins (36.8%) and In-the-Money Horses!

☛High Average Win Mutuel (@$8.30)!

☛Close to a 48% Win Rate for Single Qualifier Horses who are also the Morning Line Favorites!

☛Runouts Virtually Non-Existent!




A Super-Powerful Combination of  121 Winning Angles that Produce a Very High % of Wins (36.8%) and In-the-Money Horses!

High Average Win Mutuel (@$8.30)!

Close to a 48% Win Rate for Single Qualifier Horses who are also the Morning Line Favorites!

Runouts Virtually Non-Existent!


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When long time customer Daniel Beacom came to us with a proposal to create a software product that encompassed a collection of angles that covered virtually every important handicapping aspect, Len at first shook his head, saying ‘This is a massive project — it could take months to program something this HUGE!’  

But Dan was determined — he felt that his Angle treasure trove would allow him to realize his dream of winning at the racetrack consistently, so he offered Len a rather handsome financial incentive.  Len agreed, but told Dan he could not work with a deadline since the project was so extensive.  That was fine with Dan and, indeed, it took many months, as Len began the project in May and just completed it the third week of September.

Says Len ‘You never know what you are going to come out with when your programming code takes up literally thousands of pages, but Angle Ambassador was totally worth all the time, stress, agreements and disagreements we went through.  This reminds me of another gargantuan project, Tom Worth’s TIPS Program, where the end results were much, much better than we had ever anticipated going in.  Angle Ambassador will provide the player with an extraordinary winning racetrack experience.’ 


Why Angles?

Angle (ang’gal) v. – 1. To try to get something, gain an end, etc., slyly and artfully. n. – 2.  A method designed as a shortcut to obtain optimal results.

Some of the most successful handicappers in history, going all the way back to the likes of Ray Taulbot, Lou Holloway, Pittsburgh Phil, Colonel Bradley, Tom Ainslie, etc., used angles as their primary source of racetrack income.  Even Andy Beyer, who stressed the importance of blood and sweat handicapping in his books, had a few proven angles up his sleeve.

With all the action available these days, 8 to 12 tracks at your local casino or racebook, up to 35 tracks or more if you are on your computer, it is imperative that the player picks his/her spots as it is tough enough to handicap one track, no less a dozen or more.

So having some proven profitable angles in your arsenal, angles that can be spotted quickly, make life much easier on the harried horseplayer.

And now, of course, the beauty of the computer age allows one to not only program a single angle, but many, many angles. 

And, if you are lucky enough to have the best handicapping software programmer the world has ever known, Len Czyzniejewski, working for you, then you can take all those winning angles and combine them to produce a higher win rate and a higher profit than any single angle will on its own!


And that’s EXACTLY what Len has done with The Angle Ambassador!!

“An absolutely fascinating software program that virtually guarantees that the player will not only cash very frequently, but often at a nice price.  Super consistent and a nice positive ROI even with favorites!”  Tom Console

And, as they say, a Picture🖼 is worth a thousand words, so let’s look as some pictures!

Here’s a real Beauty!!

Just dumb luck, you say.   Well …….

That’s right – Nails the Kentucky Derby two years in a row  —  two Boxcar prices!  Just a coincidence?  Well …

Convinced?  Our testing shows that Angle Ambassador! has virtually no weak links.  Whether it’s a cheap claimer we’re dealing with, or the best Stakes races run in North America.  Oh, did we mention Breeders’ Cup Weekend at Keeneland in 2020?  Look:

>>>Note in the below example that often you will see a situation where there are no horses listed in the boxes at the bottom, but two or more horses will receive scores in the TOT column.  If you look at the column immediately to the right, the Detail Column, you will see numbers in that column.  These are the rule(s) that the horse qualifies on. 

>>>>There are nine total rules, each which comprises a dozen or more angles.  It is difficult to qualify on most of these rules, which is why when a horse does qualify it is very significant  –  it means that the horse has a whole lot, and we mean LOT, going for it. 

If he qualifies on more than one rule, you will see a ‘2’ in the TOT column (see the Vequist example below).  So when you see horses receiving numbers in the TOT and Detail column but no single horse listed in the AA Contender box below, consider a ‘dutch’ wager, especially if one or both are long odds, and definitely include them in you exotic wagers.

OK, we’ve now that we know that Angle Ambassador is a superb Stakes and Big Race handicapper, let’s look at some of your average everyday races. 


NOTE: While Angle Ambassador has a high average win mutuel overall, it is super good with favorites.  When a horse is a AA Contender and also the morning line favorite, the win rate is very high, in the 45% to 50% range depending on the track (the smaller tracks seem to have the higher rate)



So as you can plainly see, The Angle Ambassador!, given its extremely diverse collection of angles, which virtually span the handicapping universe, will provide the player with a high % of winners and in the money horses, as well as frequent double digit prices.    Let’s break down some of the numbers:


Overall Win % for AA Contenders with 1 point in TOT column:  35.6% –   Avg. Mutuel on Win  $8.31   Overall Place:  52.5%   Overall Show:  74.6%

Overall Win % for AA Contenders with 2 points in TOT column:  40.7% – Avg. Mutuel on Win  $6.42   Overall Place  58.7%   Overall Show:  84.3%

Overall Win % on AA Contenders who are lone qualifiers with 1 point in TOT and also the morning line favorite at 2/1 or below: 47.7%  Overall Show  88.7%

Overall Win % for AA Contenders who are lone qualifiers with 2 points in TOT and also the morning line favorite at 2/1 or below:  49.3%  Overall Show  92.4%

“The Angle Ambassador is a true masterpiece of handicapping art.  You won’t find many programs that are equally adept at both Stakes races and low to mid-level claiming races.  From a consistency standpoint this is one of the best software programs ever, and I have tested or used most of them.  I’d advise not to charge a low price on this one — it’s just two good to let too many out.”  Thanks, Darrell Wynings, Tulsa, OK



Q.  How many plays can I expect on an average racecard?

A.  In the 3 to 4 range  on an average 9 race card.  Also, on average, 1 or 2 ‘dutch’ suggestions are likely to arise.  This is when there is no horse listed in the bottom boxes, but at least two horses have numbers in TOT and DETAIL.

Q.  How long are the runouts on the win end?

A.  Very brief.  Seldom do you go three races without a winner.  Also it’s not uncommon to see 3 or 4 selections win in a row.  Also, even if the horse does not win, he is usually 2nd or 3rd.  In fact, we have seen many situations where selections run 3rd or better eight or more times in a row.

Q.  Are there ways to make the win % even higher?

A.  Yes.  There are ways to enhance your ROI even further.  All of the Best Bet Strategies are included in the manual that comes with your purchase.

The Angle Ambassador! will open up Win% Doors & Positive ROI Doors that have long remained closed to the vast majority of players. 

And, considering the ‘scope’ of this program and the super consistent results, we priced it originally at just $137, but on this 3-Day sale you can get it for just $88!!  Hurry!

So call us at 1-800-696-0067, or go our website to order.  And, of course, call us with any questions you may have.

Thanks!  Dave & Len