Len Cz’s NCCG (Notorious Consistent Cash-In Generator) Database Proven Software! Len’s Private Consistency Method. Works on Quarter Horses too! Watch the Video!!


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Len Cz’s NCCG (Notorious Consistent Cash-In Generator) Database Proven Software!  Great Results on Quarter Horses, Too!!!

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There’s no argument that Len Czyzniejewski is the best programmer of handicapping software in the industry, perhaps ever. 

Len, as a professional horseplayer himself, uses his computer genius to construct programs that accurately predict the outcome of a given race.

Even his simplest, least sophisticated programs will produce much better results than the average handicapper will get for him/herself by slogging through the past performance pages.

Len Considers this one of his two ‘Private’ Programs for short we call it

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NCCG is another treat for the Consistency player and has the unique ability of ‘learning’, i.e., capturing and highlighting database trends to make for even more accurate selections. 


While money can be made at this game with good longshot systems/programs, the runouts can be excruciating.  It’s so much easier on the mind and body when you are cashing CONSISTENTLY.

And that’s EXACTLY what NCCG will accomplish for you.


How NCCG Works

What Len has done is taken a dozen critical handicapping factors, weighted them in importance and scale, and applied them to each entrant in the race.  By ‘critical’ we mean database factors that, when used individually, are all very predictive of a race’s outcome.  He than built a rating scale and combined the score of each individual horse which show up in the TOT, i.e., TOTAL, column.  Here are the factors he used.  Note that the Jockey/Trainer J/T Column includes  all three Jockey Trainer stats listed below.  ‘Minus One’ means most recent race; ‘Minus Two’ means next to last race.  ‘Kelly Number’ is Len’s proprietary Class Rating Scale :


So top ranking horses, especially those with a significant point advantage in the TOT Column, are logically superior contendersYou can sort each column as well, to see which horses fare best in each category.

Let’s take a look:

NCCG is built to focus on the likeliest win/place/show horses based on the results of a super extensive database study.  The program will alert you with this message: BONUS!!! GOOD THOROBRED PLAYWhat that means is that horses fitting the programmed requirements showed a positive return in the database.

NCCG is also a solid Exacta/Trifecta program.  Although the Exotic plays only come up when there is a TOP CHOICE the payoffs are often substantial.

With the high SHOW % for TOP CHOICE BONUS horses, modified show parlays make a lot of sense.  We’ve seen as many as 14 runners  in a row fitting this description run at least 3rd.

NCCG is also a Prolific Quarter Horse Selector

Many of our programs do well with Quarter Horses, but thus far, NCCG is the topper.  Our Database shows that betting all NCCG Quarters to win showed a +6% Profit;  that’s ALL of them.  However, there are some tracks that really stood out with Quarters, especially Prairie Meadows and Lone Star.

At Prairie Meadows the average # of win plays per week was 28.    Now, while this only encompasses the latest season, you can see that the win rate was @61% and the ROI a +56%.    It did not make money on Exactas, Trifectas or Superfectas so ignore those plays  concentrate on the win end.

Lone Star averaged fewer plays per week but the 41% win rate translated into a nice +19% ROI.


Now, the overall strength in the Quarters came in the Claiming  ‘C’   and  Maiden  ‘M’ ranks.  Below is the study showing average monthly plays, win rate and ROI in those areas.  One note:  Los Alamitos Quarters were not used in this study; it had a poor overall performance so we eliminated it from the study.  Primary tracks used were Lone Star, Evangeline, Delta, Prairie Meadows and Indy.


For NCCG thoroughbreds you will see a sample below of the Access database Len has used, and built upon for years.  The database is capable of breaking down results into multiple categories.  And, again, Len instructs the program to only highlight horses who fit a longterm profit pattern.  Here you see the results at a couple tracks, Churchill (CD) and Charles Town (CT).  The table to the right shows results for Win, Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta.

You can see that this sample returned a +25.45% return on Win and 10.14% on Exactas.  Trifectas and Superfectas showed losses, but just a tiny one on Supers.

Charles Town, on the otherhand, where $5.20 is a big win mutuel – it’s a very chalky track, losses were shown on the win and Exacta.  But look at the Superfecta — a +52.4% return.  At some smaller tracks like Charles Town, bettors often ignore the Superfecta, and when a price or two sneak in, as they often due, you are gifted with a nice overlay.

So with this programmed knowledge, the database will hone selections to be more accurate and consistent in each wagering category.  Pretty Neat!

So get on board with a super CONSISTENT, proven spot play software program that focuses strictly on longterm profitable situations for both Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. 

Priced right at just $118!


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