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From David Powers:  Professional Secrets Revealed! 

His Two Best-Ever Systems/Software Combined into One SUPER Powerful Selection Machine!


The New EZ Money Power Pro! takes the cream of the crop systems/methodologies from Dave’s EZMOPRO & POWER HANDICAPPING!  and rolls them into a gem of selection consistency. 




“A Bold, incredibly Consistent and Powerfully Accurate Software Program.  From cheap claimers to the highest of the high Stakes races, EZ Money Power Pro! gets the job done!”  Tom Console, Handicapping author

“If your dream is to think, play and win, like a Pro, it’s all here!”     Jon Worth, Handicapping Author

“There’s nothing I like more than consistency and EZ Money Power Pro delivers and then some.  Good days are frequent and bad days are few and far in between.  I have so much confidence in the selections, and the value line the program generates is absolutely sensational!  This is truly a professional tool and it is so nice that you have priced it where players at any level of the game can have access to it.  Thank you!”  Randy Karras, Pensacola, FL


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From David Powers:  Professional Secrets Revealed! 

His Two Best-Ever Systems/Software Combined into One SUPER Powerful Selection Machine!


The New EZ Money Power Pro! takes the cream of the crop systems/methodologies from Dave’s EZMOPRO & POWER HANDICAPPING! (Power Handicapping is the 11th best selling handicapping book of all time, by the way!) and rolls them into a gem of selection consistency.   

**Also, with a little help from our friend, Dick Johnson and his PowerPack SuperModule!

A No-BS, True ‘ShortCut’ to Playing, and WINNING, Like a Pro!


👉👉The Smartest Way To Win At The Races

            How would you like to look back 12 months from now and be able to say you beat the races?

Beat them soundly – pocketing several thousand extra dollars.

Dollars you can use to invest, purchase a new car or home, take a great vacation, etc., etc.

            A little over-optimistic, perhaps?  Or even unrealistic?  Especially when 95% of horseplayers lose their butts, year after year?

            Don’t tell that to the handful of ‘annointed’ ones.  Those horseplayers who play professionally and win on a consistent basis.

Don’t tell them you can’t beat this game.

They’ll just smile and shake their heads, as they walk up to the windows to cash another big winning ticket.

            But how does one acquire the knowledge necessary to join the ranks of the ‘win’-crowd?



Where are those secrets revealed?   Well, as it turns out, anyone can learn them. If they have about 20 years to spare, that is.  That’s about how long the average horseplayer struggles to reach the top.   But…

…if you don’t have two decades to spare, there is an easier way:


👉👉Learn from a Pro!

A fellow who has already paid his dues and is willing to share his expertise with you.

For a price, of course, but a very reasonable price, considering that if you practice what he preaches, your game is guaranteed to improve by leaps and bounds!

👉Enter David Powers.  Teacher, Business Owner, Winning Horse Owner (biggest hit: part owner of Reraise, who won the 1996 Breeders’ Cup Sprint!) and, most importantly, Winning Horseplayer (biggest hits: $181,600 Pick 6 at Hollywood Park!; $59,500 1st Place Pick the Ponies Contest, Las Vegas Hilton; $55,000 2nd Place Wynn Las Vegas contest)



👉Note that EZ Money Power Pro also generates its own value line (EM) – here that line says Candy Tycoon should be 3/5 according to the criteria it is looking at – so $14.60 is an enormous overlay. 


David Powers has a great gift:

👉👉The ability to make a difficult subject, like thoroughbred handicapping, easy to understand. 

The ability to provide you with insights that lead straight to the cashier’s windows.

            He helps you see the BIG picture and fills you in on the smartest moves to make in every conceivable situation.

In a nutshell, he can show you the most viable ways to win!


David knows there are many more ways to lose than to win.  He’ll steer you past the rocky shoals that have shipwrecked the vast majority of horseplayers and out into the open seas where winning becomes a habit.  He’s here to help you make sure your investments at the racetrack leave you flush with cash – not broken-hearted!

My philosophy has always been to find methods that produced positive results on the most difficult to handicap races, i.e., contentious Stakes and Allowance races.  If a method passes that test, it is going to work even better, often much better, on easier to handicap cards — the kind you get on most racing days at most tracks,” Dave tells us.  “I got this idea from Gordon Pine, one of the game’s true geniuses, who in his 1981 article called ‘Why Statistics Matter’, theorized that if a set of rules produced positive results under very difficult circumstances in a game of ‘calculated’ chance, it would produce even better results in games where the circumstances were more favorable to the player.  I know my success would not have been close to what it has been had I not adhered to this principle.  EZ Money Power Pro! conforms to this principle in that it has an excellent record on really tough racecards, and an even better record on easier cards.”



The EM Value Line creates its own probability morning line – it is so much more accurate than the track morning line.  Note that EM has Plum Ali at 2/5 odds, making this horses a super overlay at 7/2.  Also, back to the Preakness Stakes (below), here the EM on Early Voting is 1/10!  (that would mean a $2.10 win payoff).  So $13.40 was indeed a lucrative gift.

👆Alluding to Dave’s quote from Gordon Pine above, note that on Preakness Day, EZ Money Power Pro tabbed 5 Winners, 5 Place horses and 2 Show horses.  On KY Derby Day, 4 wins ($16.20, $14.60, $11.00 and $5.40) + 4 2nds and 3 3rds.  Breeders’ Cup Day 2021, 5 wins, 5 2nds and 4 3rds.

In addition to providing his own winning expertise, Dave also reveals secrets used by other Professionals he’s acquainted with. 

Dave digs deep, into the far reaches of the world of professional handicappers, bringing you knowledge and winning methodologies from the ‘inner-circle’ of Pros, 😎and several of these angles are included in the EZ Money Power Pro Software Program, like FR1 (Walt Owen’s Formula 1 System), which picked the winner below!



👇Below is a recent day from Aqueduct, shown via out ‘Summary Bets’ Feature, that demonstrates just how powerful EZ Money Power Pro! can be.  No, every day will not be like this, but on most days you will get at least three winners and several on the board horsesThis software is very, very consistent.


Best Overall ROI Categories


(this information is derived from our database.  Len looks at dozens of different categories involving Class, Field Size, Distance, Track, etc.).  This data incorporates the ‘best ways to play criteria’ (above).

Field Size (# of horses in race after scratches)

8 Horse Field – +7.18%

9 Horse Field – +37.3%

11 Horse Field – +173.3% (includes a $79.20 Monmouth winner and $49.60 Belterra winner – take those out and ROI is + 42.5% in 11 horse fields)


Allowance Races (does not include Classified Allowance) – +21.64%

Classified Allowance – +34.14%

Straight Maiden + 14.23%




6.5 Furlongs – +24.7%

7.5 Furlongs Turf – + 34.0%

8 Furlongs Dirt – +16.54%

8.5 Furlongs Dirt – +13.42%




Best Tracks All TOP HORSE Plays

Churchill – +47.89%

Del Mar – +74.55%

Emerald – +17.55%

Monmouth – +69.59% (taking out the $79.20 and a $59.80 horse ROI = +49.32%).   

Worst overall Tracks: Charles Town, Laurel, Golden Gate

How the EZ Money Power Pro was Developed & the Powerful Angles the Program Uses

Len’s RPM database continues to grow and now contains over 16 years worth of data.  As the size of the database increases, Len is able to confidently predict which angles will show a positive return over the long haul.  So when he goes back and looks at previous programs, in this case EZMOPRO and Power Handicapping with some extra pizazz added from Dick Johnson’s Power Pack Super Module, he is able to evaluate which parts of the program may be underperforming.  He will eliminate these angles and then replace them with positive return angles in his database.  This has the effect, of course, of increasing the accuracy of the new combined software.

In EZ Money Power Pro several different angles are used to make selections — every time a horse qualifies on an angle, he receives points and the total points are shown in the TOT, or Total, Column on the main screen.


👉Here are the angles  — the abbreviations listed below can be found on the main screen at the top of each column.  Since each angle is profitable on its own, you could technically just follow your favorites and do well, though the consensus, i.e., TOT (Total column) will produce the best overall results:


BUS = Busby’s Biorhythm Selection – measures jockey/trainer/stable ‘team’ strength stats

CLM1 = Claiming Speed 1 (from Dick Johnson’s Horseplayer’s Money Machine)

CLM2 = Claiming Speed 2 (from DJ’s True HorsePower)

DDS = Daily Double Don’s Methodology (formula is primarily used to pick individual horses rather than DD situations in this software)

FR1 = Walt Owen’s Formula 1 System – this angle is 70 years old but still performs brilliantly

PEM = The Beyer Positive Elimination Method – Jeff Goldstein’s genius methodology

PRM = The ‘Premier Horse’ Angle from DJ’s PowerPack Consensus listing

SDSP = Secret Drop Spot Play from Dan Serra – This is one of Dan’s best!

TRIKG = Trifecta King Formulation (this angle, all on its own, gets some amazing winners – it is also used to calculate Exactas and Trifectas)

TRNSP = Training Speed Angle (trainers who ‘build’ speed into a horse’s pp lines – derived from the Trainer/Speed Equation

WW = Workout Wonders – nails workout-ready horses; derived from Wildcards & Longshots



Author Dave Powers has been at this game for a long time, and the plain fact is that he knows what works and what doesn’t. 

Learn from his experience and perspective on the game.  With EZ Money Power Pro!, you’ll find the keys that unlock many of racings most coveted secrets.


Once you become accustomed to EZ Money Power Pro!, your best days at the track are squarely in front of  you! 

You want to win at the racetrack. That’s a fact!

The information you need to vastly improve your racetrack fortunes are contained in EZ Money Power Pro!  That’s also a fact! 

So, it would make perfect sense, then, to get your order in for EZ-Money Power Pro! today.


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