NEW!!! Len Cz’s FOR MAIDENS ONLY!! The Ultimate Maiden Selection Program, Not Only For Wins But For Lucrative Exacta Payoffs as Well!!!



The Ultimate Maiden Selection Program, Not Only For Wins But For Lucrative Exacta Payoffs as Well!!!

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Len Czyzniejewski’s


Super High Hit Rate in All Types of Maiden Races –  42% to 88%!

Exacta Formula produces Steady and Often Big Paydays!

Great for Straight Betting and for Place & Show Parlays! (FREE!! Parlay Wagering Strategy comes with your Order!)

…Also works great on other, non-Maiden types of races!

…Super ConsistencyLong Runouts simply do not Happen!

….Revealed:  Distances & Odds — Where The Highest Overall ROI’s Can Be Found!

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Len was working on some modifications for Jon Worth’s The Four Aces methodology late one night when his eyes fell upon a rather amazing sight.


“I was running several tabs  thru the database, focusing on the already very high hit rates that Jon’s program produces, when, BOOM!, there it was!  The tab I was running involved Maiden and Maiden-Claiming races, with some additional factors I had added in, and the numbers produced of overall win hit rates and Exacta hit rates, just seemed to be way to good to be true.

“So I ran it again, this time with a different sampling (average sampling @11,000 races), and basically got the same remarkable result.  Ran it again with another sampling, and, yep, the numbers came very strong once again.

>>>“So I started to get excited, as whenever I had run three samplings on any method that all showed strong results previously, that method proved out with those same results over every database sampling.  

“I asked Dave to test it using his brisnet files, and though that was only about 800 races, he came up with results that mirrored mine.  So, I was so confident in this method, that I headed straight for the Sports Book and started playing it immediately (which is something I rarely do).  But don’t take my word for it.  Look at some of these results:

Winning Hit Rate in Maiden Races: 42.4% —  On the Board (Win, Place or Show 88.4%)

Winning Hit Rate in Maiden Claiming Races:  43.4% — On The Board (Win, Place or Show 87.7%)

>>>Also, We have worked out a Strategy for Playing these selections with certain Longshots in Exactas that has produced some really great returns!”

Why Maiden Races Can Be the Best Wagering Opportunities on the Card

👉👉Below is an 👀eye-opening article on playing Maiden races that we have published before — Absorb this95% of all players do not have this knowledge, providing you with a big edge on the games most misunderstood type of races.


The Bizarre History of the Maiden Race from the Viewpoint of Even the most Seasoned Handicappers

There’s probably no two words in the English language that strike more fear into the handicapper’s heart than: Maiden Race😱!

Racing lore, from the very beginning, has warned handicappers of the ‘unplayable’ Maiden race. Many ‘systems’, both of the ‘junk’ and ‘legitimate’ variety, invariably contain a rule eliminating races for non-winners.

Well-known handicapping authors are not exempt; many of the earlier works from respected players cautioned against getting too serious about Maiden affairs.

So why do so many horseplayers treat Maiden races like the Boogie Man?  What frightful👻 consequences do they expect to encounter when contemplating playing a race full of non-winners?

The answer no doubt lies in the disinformation spread about races of this type in the past, in addition to the fact that when viewing a Maiden event in the Racing Form, the player often feels adequate decision-making data is lacking, especially in cases where several lightly-raced runners or first-time starters are present.

👉👉The truth of the matter is, however, that Maiden races are some of the most predictable events offered on the average daily race card. 

I found this out quite by accident several years ago.  I, too, had initially bought into the myth that Maiden races were bad news – that only an idiot would risk his money on these affairs confined to horses who have never won a race.

I’ll throw out some quick numbers to illustrate this point. We looked at 8,500 claiming races ($6,250 to $40,000 claiming range) at tracks all over the country and computed the average price of the winner. The result: $10.73.

Then we looked at 8,500 Maiden races.  The average price of the winner: $8.99.

👉What this tells us is that races carded for Maidens in our sample were considerably more formful than races carded for low-level claimers.

When we broke the data down further, we discovered that the average win mutuel in ‘straight’ Maiden races (straight Maiden races are the top-class races carded for non-winners) was $8.11, an even more formful result.



👉👉And this is really neat:  Len’s research showed that top selections (horse in the top box at the bottom of the screen) ran 1st or 2nd close to 58% of the time, 👉👉and when at morning line odds of 5-to-2 or below, ran at least 3rd almost 88% of the time.

So if you are a ‘modified show parlay’ player (‘modified’ parlay plans are the ones like Hammering the Chalk, or Dr. Anthony’s Parlay Power Match, etc.), you have almost a built in guarantee that any eight to 12-race parlay series will show a profit. 


👉👉And if you are a straight bettor the average mutuel on runners who are 5/2 or higher on the morning line is in the $6.80 range and with horses of this type winning at @40.7% a nice positive ROI is produced just wagering on these competitors.


👉👉And Then …. This…. (from two different beta testers)

“I really like this program, guys– – my win/place average for top picks was almost 60%.  But here is the thing — I am testing this before you restricted it to just Maidens — but I’ve got to tell you —  you need to open it up to all types of races.  I have seen many, many very nice hits in non-Maiden races as well — several at double digits.” Tyler Matthews, Houston, TX

“Thought your Mark III Maiden was a pip — best Maiden selector I had seen, until this one!  The in-the-money average is close to 86% in my tests, and I am amazed at some of the prices this program gets –  it is by no means only chalk.  I know you said you were going to add code to make it a program for just Maiden races, but this thing rocks with all kinds of races, especially regular claiming and low-level Allowance races.  Just my opinion, but you should allow your customers to see how FMO performs with other races — I think they will be very pleased.”  Scott Hampton, Cleveland, OH


So two of our five beta testers suggested that, based on their testing, the program should be opened up to allow users to see how the program does in all types of races. 

Len had suggested that early on in his research, and while the higher win and in the money percentages are definitely with the Maidens, the program does very well with all kinds of races, so he decided to open it up so users can look at every type of race carded. 

Now, if you want to stick to just Maiden races you can look at the heading CLASS: near the top left part of the screen.  👉👉If you see an M (Maiden Claiming), an S (Straight Maiden) or an AO (Maiden Allowance), then you know you are dealing with a Maiden race.  Those are the only three Symbols that designate Maiden races.

Also note a neat new feature:  Just to the right of the CLASS designation, you will see PT.  These are the scheduled Post Times for every race on the card, so with a quick glance you will know when any race is coming up.


The Genius Behind the Program:  ‘Survivors & Gaps’

👀Also, below the Examples —  See the Amazing Data relating to distances and Odds!

(Note:  the below info is provided to show you exactly the how and why of the program’s workings.  It may seem a bit odd but it is the reason why the program works so well.  Don’t be confused by it — the program does all the figuring and selections for you but we thought you would like some insights into the mechanics of this very high hit-rate program.)

As you will see in the following examples, as well as the one above, the Key to playing successfully is to pay strict attention to ‘Survivors’.

Now, very simply, a Survivor in this program is a horse that fully qualifies — Qualifiers will all have blank spaces under the ‘Comments’ Column.  

Those with comments are eliminated from consideration.

As you can see above, both Speaking Scout and Cabo Spirit had no comments under the Comment Column, so they fully qualified.  If you look in the TOT (Total) Column, you will see that Speaking Scout had 5 total points as opposed to Cabo Spirit’s 3 Points, so ‘Scout was the program pick.  A 2-Point ‘Gap’ in this program is significant. Now, other horses may score more total points, but if they do not fully qualify they will be eliminated for the reason listed in the Comments Column (though they can still be used in Exactas).

Now, as far as the ‘GAP’ goes, in the second box at the bottom you will see the phrase ‘Survivor Gap’This is the Gap, in points, that the top scoring Survivor has over the second highest scoring Survivor — in the above case ‘Scout has 5 points and the only other Survivor, ‘Spirit, has 3 points, so ‘Scout’s ‘Survivor Gap’ is 2 points.  A Survivor Gap of 2 or more points is considered significant for across the board play, as well as Exacta play.

The Exacta Strategies are Simple & Effective, usually involving ‘keying’ a top Survivor in boxes with two or three other horses.  The Strategies are completely explained in the Users Guide.








👉👉First time Starters!  Yep!  The Program rates those too.  Below is a great example — also, when there is no Main Selection, you can sort the TOT Column to see which horses comes out on top.  If the Point Gap is 2 points or more, like it is here, an across the board wager is called for.





Where the Gold Mines Are!🌈🌈


Below are the areas where the database showed the most promising results.  These %s are based on the entire database study, so they include all tracks.  Basically, the readout shows the average number of races per week where Main Selections occurred and the Win % and overall ROI.  For example, in the 5 Furlong category, an average of 18 races per week had a Main Selection — the hit rate was close to 40% and the ROI almost 18%.  The 62% hit rate & +34% ROI at 4.5 Furlongs seems too good to be true, but that stat held up over the course of the database study.  The TRI/SUPER box lists the number of playable exotics that occurred in this category –  it is something we are still tracking but need a bigger sample to confirm results.


And this surprised us since we figured positive ROIs would be restricted to shorter races, but here we have 7 and 8 furlongs both showing + ROIs.  Win %s were much lower than in the shorter races, but the ROIs were boosted by a good number of double digit payoffs.



Odds Ranges

When the morning lines were 8/5 or 9/5 (1.6 or 1.8) the win hit rate was 50%+ and the ROIs were very solid in these low odds ranges.





Also, and again a bit surprisingly, ROIs were very strong in the 9/2 Morning Line runners and the 6/1’s.  The +88% ROI in the 9/2 odds (and we looked at this several times) seems insane, but many of these runners won and paid much more than 9/2, all the way up to $45 and $43 in a couple instances.


So, if you wanted to be very selective, you could just wager on Main Selections that fall into these categories, although decently positive ROIs were realized with most Main Selections with M/L odds of 5/1 and less as well.


So We Reiterate:


…Super High Hit Rate in All Types of Maiden Races –  42% to 88%!

...Exacta Formula produces Steady and Often Big Paydays!

...Great for Straight Betting and for Place & Show Parlays! (FREE!! Parlay Wagering Strategy comes with your Order!)

…Also works great on other, non-Maiden types of races!

…Super Consistency — Long Runouts simply do not Happen!

...Revealed:  Distances & Odds — Where The Highest Overall ROI’s Can Be Found!


👉👉Also, if you are interested in a viable Parlay Strategy, for which this Program is Tailor Made, we are including Dr. Anthony’s Parlay Power Match Bankroll Strategy! for FREE!!  (Many of you may already have this, but dust it off and give it a try with this program!)



Len’s For Maiden Only Software Program is priced at just $138, which we feel is very reasonable given the software’s versatility and Positive ROIs in so many different categories.

So give us a call 1-800-696-0067, or order from our website

Give it a try – you’ll be glad you did!  And, per usual, you have nothing to lose since we offer a Full 100% Money-Back Guarantee