NEW!!! IOTC 2022! Two of the TOP PRN Rated Systems Ever, Thoro-Cap & The Invisible Overlay, Now Both in One Superlative Software Program!! AND … A Great FREE Gift!!



Consistency, High Average Win & Place Mutuels & Frequent BIG Payoffs!  What more could the Horseplayer ask for??!! How About Bert Norman’s Monster Daily Double Software for FREE!!


Consistency, High Average Win & Place Mutuels & Frequent BIG Payoffs!  What more could the Horseplayer ask for??!!  How About Bert Norman’s Monster Daily Double Software for FREE!!

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IOTC 2022!

Many years ago, a super clever handicapper from Connecticut created one of the most consistent systems of all time called THORO-CAP!

Thoro-Cap! received Phillips Racing Newsletters’s Highest Rating Ever and Ray sold thousands of copies. 

Ray followed that up with a system called The Invisible Overlay!, again super consistent and again highly rated by PRN.

In the early 2000’s Len put both in a single program and called it IOTC.  It was a solid program though a bit confusing to use, but recently he has been reevaluating his programming and found several ways to enhance this already super consistent program.

‘Programming has changed immensely over the years’, Len tells us, ‘and I found that by adding in some of the more innovative algorithms I had developed this program really took off for the skiesYou will find even more consistency as well as higher average mutuels.  I am very, very proud of this one.’

IOTC 2022A Great Program Now an Even Better Program!


The way the author came about discovering the Formula for Thoro-Cap! is fascinatingit reads like a Hollywood movie!  Read on:


👀So you can now see what a superb Handicapping Tool you are dealing with here.  Let’s take a look at how the software will virtually, instantly make your handicapping life a whole lot easier.

Note that with the Software the program provides you with an IOTC Play, which is the strongest play, and also shows you separately which horses are the Thoro-Cap Play, and the Invisible Overlay Play.  The Longshot Play is also very Powerful.


We begin with a biggie, and not just because it is a biggie – the fact is that you will hit a lot of Double Digit prices with IOTC


‘So glad you brought this one back!  I remember so, so many great cash-in days when I originally used it – some of the prices were out of sight!  Then after being away from the races for a few years, I could not find my copy.  Thanks so much!’  Fred Grant, Miami, FL

‘I have always made Thoro-Cap one of my prime go-to systems.  It is consistent, reliable, and also gets some great longshots.  The software is going to make things so much easier!’  Dave Kingman, Baltimore, MD


IOTC 2022! will add to your fun and profits at this great game.  The versatility of the program gives the player many, many chances to cash in, both with straight wagers and Exotics. 

AND …  Get This!  Order soon and we will also include our new Monster Daily Double System Software!

A $68 value, this extremely clever way to play the Daily Double was developed by the great Bert Norman.  It provides the potential to hit a high percentage of Daily Doubles, many at a price!  And it’s yours, FREE!!!

The Price for the IOTC Software is just $111.00.   Ebook $49.88 and Hard Copy $58.00

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