Our Rare Handicapping Book Acquisition Team has Done it Again!! Check This Out: The Best of Bert Norman! – So Rare that the Price on Amazon is over $445!



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New Acquisitions!  We feel like we have really outdone ourselves this time.  We have recently acquired three very rare racetrack Masterpieces that contain timeless knowledge about selecting winning horses and how to profit from those winning horses (i.e., expert, precise money-management plans, etc.).


Publisher’s Note:  Have you ever dreamed about finding buried treasure?  Or a long, lost relative leaving you a $$$ bounty in their will?  Well, sure, we all have, yet few of us ever actually experience those dreams.

But what we have found, over and over again, is that there is sometimes gold buried in them thar hillsor in our game in libraries or publications long past forgotten. 

As you have probably realized by attending your local racebook, the average age of a horseplayer these days is solidly rooted in the 62 to 92 range.  There just ain’t no ‘young-uns’ hanging around the racetrack anymore — a much different scene than most of us ‘oldsters’ recall, when racing was the only game in town.

But on the upside, many players now in their golden years have been using knowledge to stay ahead of the game that they acquired in the golden years of racing.  And, being the largest major vendor of handicapping products in existence, we have been graced with several of these winning methodologies from folks who either wanted to make a few extra bucks by having them published or simply wanted to share and/or have us do a thorough test on them.  And once again, we were very lucky to score this ‘coup’ with Bert Norman’s Best!


The Best of Bert Norman!


Along with the likes of Ray Taulbot, Lou Holloway and Dowst, Bert Norman was perhaps the greatest ever creator of simple to use, accurate methods of play of all time.  His systems work, period!  This is great acquisition for our Library and now you can own a copy too!

Check this out!  The price on Amazon!


So you can get this book for between $445 and $674 on Amazon!  Right!

But we have the book and are offering it at a much, much, much more reasonable price  — $59.50 for the Hard copy or $55.88 for the ebook!  A bit of a savings, no?

Here’s a quick look at Bert’s Intro page which perfectly describes Bert’s philosophy, which is to help all players become winning players – and if you are a Bert Norman fan, you know that he accomplished just that with the likes of his Quick Figure +, Speed Key, Early Speed Longshot, etc.

👉👉NOTE: We will also be putting this on software under the title:  Bert Norman’s Proven Profit Form Overlays!  If you decide to purchase the book now we will credit it towards the price when you buy the software. 


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Hard Copy  $59.50


Ebook  $55.88


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