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Editor’s Note:  Many of our software programs, for one reason or another, did not initially get much exposure.  Often this is because there was a limit on sales, but in the case of Len’s In The Groove, we ran into a bit of a copyright snag with the Free software that is included, The Exacta Magician.  Turns out that a fellow in the midwest had purchased the rights several years ago.  So rather than hassle with it, we just pulled the software off the market.  Recently, however, the copyright expired on Exacta Magician (which is a dynamite Exacta/Trifecta/Superfecta getter!), so we are 0ffering the complete In The Groove package again, and this time at a nicely reduced price.  Dave

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What is the Significance of the Number 311,454?  Well, it is the number of Races that I tested my

New In The Groove Racetrack Methodology on.

What is the Significance of 36?  Well, that is the percentage of winners ITG caught in the database test. 

And how about 41?  Well, that’s the neat Return on Investment (ROI – +41%), or PROFIT, that the Methodology Produced. 

Exactas, Trifectas, Pick 3s also showed nice returns.  Want a piece of the action?  Read on…..


The BIG (and most important) Question!    

If there’s one question I get from customers more than any other, it’s:

‘Len, how do you account for your success at this game? 

What do you do that allows you to win at the racetrack?’

I start with telling them that I’ve been doing this a long time and over that time have had the good fortune to either develop or become privvy to many profitable racetrack angles.

But there’s more, I tell them.  Much more.   I am successful because many years ago I learned one of the true ‘secrets’ of racetrack success.  

    And it had little to do with handicapping, or ‘inside’ information, or statistics, or computer software. 

👉Nope, what I discovered, thanks to a very wise, veteran professional player, was a new way to look at the game.

A way that quickly promoted me from  the loser’s camp into the winner’s.

And, this new way of ‘seeing’ things, combined with a very solid method of play, can work wonders for the horseplayer.

Listen up:

The fact is that of the millions of fans who attend the races annually, only a tiny portion have ever bothered to educate themselves on the game.

Oh sure, they say they want to make money, but they don’t want to expend even the tiniest amount of effort or cash to learn how to accomplish that feat.

Can you imagine someone saying he wants to be a good lawyer, but doesn’t plan on going to law school?

Or someone who says she wants to fix her own car, but never picks up a book or manual on exactly how to perform those often complex repairs?

So this is how you have to look at the game: 

If the vast majority of fans who go out to the track are ignorant of even basic handicapping knowledge and instincts, then they’re going to lose, lose consistently and lose big.

There is absolutely no hope for these players.

And what happens to all the money they throw away day after day, week after week, month after month? 

Very simply, it finds its way into the hands and pockets of players who know what they’re doing out there. 

Players who have a plan and don’t need to wager on some horse just to have some action.

Players who have actually picked up a book, a piece of software, etc., that has shown them how to approach the game in an intelligent and profitable manner.

(ITG will do that for you, by the way.)

In otherwords, just a little knowledge at the racetrack can go a long, long way.

Those who are successful at the game have availed themselves of at least a portion of the immense amount of quality literature that exists out there.

That’s where a method like In The Groove comes in.


So the secret is, very simply, that 95% of the folks who attend the races have no clue whatsoever, and their money is laying there in the mutuel pools, up for grabs.

And who is going to grab it?  Folks like you and me, who have a plan, who have and use a profitable method of play.

Folks who know what they are doing, in otherwords.  With ITG, you will know what you are doing.

The same is true in any other financial arena.

In the stock market, a select few make steady profits by taking advantage of the general public’s ignorance.

Same thing goes with bond traders, currency traders, real estate investors, etc.  They all have an edge because they know how to play the game.

It’s no different at the racetrack.  The public is ‘right’ about 33% of the time, when the favorite wins.  They are wrong the other 67% of the time.

And, again, most of the general public’s  losses find their way into the wallets of the players who have the knowledge to take advantage of this lopsided situation.

So let’s say you are given an opportunity to acquire a method of play that allows you to take advantage of the public’s ignorance.

A method that not only shows you how to locate winning situations, but also shows you exactly how to wager in order to maximize your racetrack profits.

Would that be worth the $$ You probably now blow by betting without any plan on an average day’s card?

If the answer is no, then fine, the racetrack to you is little more than a hobby and you have no real desire to ever actually turn your ledger into the black.

Nothing wrong with that.  Most players are just out there for excitement, to have some fun, and this hobby will keep your brain active, stimulate your nervous system and help keep you young, both in looks and attitude – so if you are in that group, good for you.  But… if you want to reach higher:


👉👉Translating the ‘Secret’ into a Simple, Workable, Profitable Methodology

*But if your answer is yes, then I’ve got a real treat for you.  It’s called  In The Groove!, and it is one of my proudest creations to date!

While I spend most of my time putting other people’s quality and winning ideas into computer code, I only  release these methods if they meet certain  criteria:

1st), of course, it has to be profitable.  At a +41% Win ROI, This one definitely is.

2nd), it has to be easy – very easy, in fact!  This one is.  Once you get the hang of it, you are looking at maybe 5 minutes per race.

3rd), it has to be consistent.  This one is.  With a 34% win rate and 77% of qualifiers at least hitting the board, In The Groove! certainly qualifies.

****Oh, and it has to be ‘fun’.  And I have always found that any method that gives me both consistency (no long runouts) and profits, is FUN, period.

So let me tell you what I have discovered here — and it’s pretty darned exciting!****

ITG Explained

Horses are creatures of habit.  Miss their regular feeding time, and you have a very agitated horse.

Do just about anything that differs from ‘normal’, and you have a horse that’s not quite content.

On the otherhand, a horse that has established similar patterns of behavior can be quite the content horse.


Adjustments like racing at a different track than its previous race.  Or having a different human being sitting on its back.

Now there are lots of instances where these changes CAN have a beneficial effect,  no doubt about it.

Lasix for the first time can provide just the spark to get a horse going.

And there are reasons why some jockeys and trainers have higher win percentages than others (which we will address).




👉👉By this I mean that the horse that has the most ‘familiar’ situations, AND has had success in these situations, will have a good chance run big facing a similar situations.

Now how to translate this into a handicapping method?  One that isn’t difficult to do, and one that can be mastered quickly. 

One that kind of “falls in place” with its ease of use.  One that is nicely consistent and profitable. 

Well, this is one of those methods.

Below see the first three pps from a Charlestown race using the Paper/Pencil version

As you can see, there are certain areas that are highlighted, which provide us with the points we will total for each runner. 

Di Colas Girl had a huge bulge on points and won at 5/2.  Not a huge price, but horses with a 20-point+ edge on points over its closest rival win close to 43% of the time. 

Top scorers with any point bulge between 7 and 20 pop close to 34% of the time — the overall win average is close to 36% and you get some darned nice prices in the process. 

Maybe you can figure out exactly what is going on here — but if you cannot, it requires just a small $39 to $77 purchase to find out — you will get your money’s worth, and then some, I promise you.


👉👉Not exactly brain surgery stuff here, but the vast, vast majority of horseplayers completely miss the ‘comfort level’ concept.  Most are not even close to having a clue about how important this factor is.  But ITG ‘KNOWS’, and will continuously put you or horses that are tight ‘fits’ in today’s race.


ITG – The Software! Also Includes the Remarkable Exacta Magician Software!FREE!!

If you are a computer handicapper, you are going to love the ITG software. 

Not only is ITG an extremely consistent program, but it includes an absolutely stunning BIG-PRICE Exotic Program called The Exacta Magician!.  Check out the examples below:


September 22 at Belmont was a huge day for the Exacta Magican, which hit over $10,000 worth of Superfectas and close to $1,300 worth of Trifectas.

Race 5 featured the $23.80 winner keying a $201.50 Exacta, $1,001.00 Trifecta and $4,011.00 Superfecta.

Race #7 provided Exacta Magician users with a modest $63.50 Exacta, a decent $243.50 Trifecta and pulled in a 56-to-1 shot (the #7 horse) to cash in on an absolutely sensational $6,426.00 Superfecta!

And here, while not as exciting as the above two examples, a nice $101.50 Exacta.  All of these payoffs came from following the software’s selection suggestions blindly — no thinking – just playing the recommended combinations.

 Below an example of the kinds of prices you often get with the Exacta Magician.  Note that the Trifecta Box also included the 4th-place finisher, #6 — so a box in the Superfecta brought you an additional $1,192 payoff!

Here ITG and ‘Magician tabbed a $1,504 Exacta and, get this, a $4,633 Trifecta!

Exacta Magician had the 95-to-1 2nd-place finisher in both the Trifecta and Exacta Box wagering suggestions.

Below, more great hits — a $207 Exacta and $1,697 Trifecta.

A decent $55.60 Exacta, but EM pulled in the #9 horse in the Trifecta as well for a nice payoff of $287.

Handed to ITG users on a silver platter — $478 Tri — $3,374 Super!

Seriously folks, how many other software publishers provide you with the opportunity to cash in on horses that pay $153. 

Keying the ITG horse with the others in the Exacta got you back $607 — but the amazing thing here is that Exacta Magician actually

uncovered a 75-to-1 shot to use in the Exotics!

Now, are all the ITG/EM payoffs going to be huge?  Of course not, but you will get plenty, and we mean PLENTY, of decent hits like below. 

Payoffs like these will keep you afloat while you are waiting for the big ones to come, and they will come, as you can see from the examples above.

Here’s another biggie:  Not only do you get a $16.80 ITG winner, but a $259 Exacta and $964 Trifecta as well!

This is seriously good stuff folks:

we guarantee that you will cash in on the biggest Exacta/Trifeca/Superfecta payoffs in your wagering career with ITG/Exacta Magician. 

No, every race will not be a winner, but how many $4,600 Trifectas, or $1,700 Exactas, or $900 Trifectas, or $600 Exactas, etc., etc.,  do you need to turn a profit, a very nice profit, at the racetrack – and with a bit of patience, you will hit payoffs like these. 

And, again, we promise that if you stick with the program, you will make these kinds of hits – just wager as the program suggests. 


And, no we’re not charging $800, or $1,100 for the program like many of our competitors do while giving  you plenty of data but leaving the ultimate wagering decision up to you.

ITG/EM is just $147 ($77.50 on sale!), and chances are you will hit a handful of payoffs much higher than that during just the first few days you use it. 

This is not one you want to miss out on.

The research done on In The Groove has been extremely thorough.  

👉👉If you are looking for extreme consistency with the opportunity to also cash in on some large exotic payoffs, then you’re going to like what you see.


>>I remember my mother’s little lecture when I was a kid and couldn’t make a decision about.. whatever. 

She would say:  ‘Well, either you want to, or you don’t.  Make up your mind!’

That pretty much sums up the situation many horseplayers find themselves in:  Either they want to make money and are willing to expend a little $$ — or they don’t.

In The Groove! is a definite must for the ‘want to’s’ As for the ‘don’ts’, well, we sincerely appreciate your continuing contributions to our bottom line!


 As always, please feel free to email me if you have any questions whatsoever.  And remember, the software is just $77.50 at the sale price (paper and pencil version is $39.50 and Ebook is $39.25)!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website

Yours Truly,  Len

  +++Remember —  You are getting as part of the ITG program the Exacta Magician Software! for FREE!!! (a $118 retail value)!!


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