NEW!!! Bruce Markham’s The MARK III MAINFRAME SELECTION SOFTWARE! Superb Consistency + High Average Mutuels Win, Place & Show!


From a True Handicapping Genius!  Bruce Markham’s

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From a True Handicapping Genius!  Bruce Markham’s

You are no doubt familiar with the Mark III line of Handicapping Products.  Many of you already own The Mark III Maiden Module and/or The Mark III Super ROI Longshot Method.

>>>🤔But did you know that both of these best-selling products were derivatives of the Original Mark III Mainframe Methodology by top handicapping author Bruce Markham?

(By the way – to the Baby Boomers amongst us the above picture will likely remind you of one of those original large tape recorders from the 1950s/60s.  Actually, it is a picture of an IBM Mainframe Hardware Drive circa 1984 that processed software.  And the ‘mainframe’ on your modern Windows computer or laptop, will do the same thing — in this case process your Mark III Software, just as it does with your other programs, only your machine is about 1200 times more powerful than the above guy, and thousands of times faster, and can easily store about 800 times what the old giant mainframes did — amazing world we now live in!)

While the Maiden & Longshot methods were limited to just those areas, 👉the Mark III Mainframe Methodology works on all types of races, and shows extreme consistency and positive ROIs in several different categories.


📺See The Video Click Here___

👉👉It also has an extremely high place and show hit rate, and we are by no means talking ‘chalk’ here in fact the average odds on these runners is  in the 5/1 to 6/1 range (check out the Saratoga card we included below – you will see many, many cards like this).

Bruce Markham’s work is what we call in the business, ‘Systematic‘, meaning that the author went through a painstaking process of mapping dozens and dozens of handicapping factor combinations before finally finding the ‘One’, and then putting it into an easy to follow format that the player can grasp almost immediately and use.  This is a good one, and of course, is on Software as well.

We love Bruce’s Introduction to the original method — because it says straight out what this system is capable of, and our data tests confirm every word.

Now, the Ebook is available, but you won’t have to worry about ‘reading the rules’ when you opt for the software, since the rules are all built in.  A couple clicks of your mouse and it’s all right there for you!

And then, and this is fascinating, Bruce provides us with the ‘crux’ of the system:

Now, while we don’t necessarily agree that Final Time is the ‘end all be all’ answer to the game, 👉Bruce has developed a way to measure final time for all of the horses in the race based on each runner’s best two recent races, and then calculates a unique rating that, all we can, works more often then it does not.

There are other factors, with a good recent workout being perhaps the most important, but what he has accomplished here is hardly an accident — instead we would call it ‘pure genius’.


About Bruce Markham

Bruce graduated from MIT University in the late 1960s with a degree in computer science.  One of his hobbies (skills) while in college was playing Blackjack, and he maintained a nice advantage over the house in his frequent trips to Las Vegas.  In the mid-70s he took a position with Merrill Lynch as a currency trader and this is when his interest in the Sport of Kings began.

‘My friend Larry took me to Aqueduct one cold winter afternoon’, Bruce says, ‘I wasn’t real keen on going but it turned out to be the best decision of my life.  What I saw was a virtual playground for a guy like me who was steeped in probability theory and forecasting.  I knew, really totally KNEW, at that point that I could make the pari-mutuel system pay dividends for me.  All I had to do was learn everything I could about the horse racing game, and I did that in a couple months.  Since that time, I have consistently done well at the track.  I didn’t give up my day job, of course, but I have since nicely supplemented my income from betting on high-probability situations at the track.’

And we are very fortunate that Bruce’s work has been preserved so the like of us sub-genius folks also have an opportunity to share in the windfalls.  👉👉If Consistency is your bag –  you are really going to love this one.



Take a look at the screen shots below.

With a high average win mutuel in the $9.70 range, and a win percentage topping 31%, you are going to earn a solid ROI on the these wagers.

👉👉But one of the best features of all of this program is that you will hit lots, and we mean LOTS of place and show horses at good odds. 

On most cards you will cash multiple tickets by playing across the board. 

😊Mainframe is a delight for the conservative player who wants to cash often, and at higher odds. 

This program is great for players using ‘modified’ Parlay methods for place and show as well, since you will inevitably, in most runs, hit some very nice place and show mutuels that can really bump your parlays into positive territory quickly.


Also on the above card:  another $12.80 winner, a $10.80 winner, a $4.80 winner, 6 2nds and one 3rd


Also on the above card, another $9.40 winner, a $5.30 winner, a $2.60 winner, 4 2nds and 1 6/1 3rd


Also on the above card, just 5 plays total, and 2 2nds, and 2 3rds, one at 106-to-1


Also on the above Churchill card — from 7 plays, 5 2nds, one at 14/1 and one at 5/1 + 2 3rds

Also on the above card just 4 plays total and one other winner at $7.80


Also on this card, from 7 plays, one other winner at $4.20, 4 2nds and 2 3rds, one at 45-to-1

Same card Major Dude (above) won on


Also on this card from 7 plays, one other winner at $3.00, 3 2nds at 11/1 and 3/1, and one 3rd at 68/1


Same card Get On The Bus won on (above)


Take a look at the below card from Saratoga — we are using this card since it is the first one we looked at when testing and also because in latter testing, we found many, many, many similar cards.

So let’s say you go to the races with your Mark III picks in hand and look at the results at the end of the day and say ‘What, just one lousy winner!’  Well, yes, but going back to the main theme of the Mainframe, the in-the-money %s and odds you get on these runners will put you in good stead nonetheless. 

You will overall get plenty of days with multiple winners, but we would be very content with a day like below, and if we are playing Exactas, Trifectas and Supers (a good number of nice priced contenders will run 4th, as well, and can really light up your Superfectas)And remember, this card is very typical of what you will see on most days at most tracks.  The average odds on the place and show horses was over 6/1.


‘I am very impressed with this program.  The fact that it continuously locates price horses that run big enables the player to catch overlay after overlay while also experiencing solid consistency.  While I still can’t quite decode the author’s Final Speed approach, it obviously works wonderfully.  Thanks, for this.’ Andy Dolan, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

‘I continue to be surprised at the horses this method picks – I often give them little chance but darned if they don’t hit the board on a regular basis.  I have been betting more to place and show than to win and have been doing just fine.’  Darren Latham, Houston, TX


✱✱So What You have got here is a methodology that is very consistent that also gets high average mutuels to win, place and show.

✱✱The method pinpoints the ‘True Speed’ based on Bruce’s precise calculations.

✱✱You can bet straight, or across the board — so it is great for both the braver souls as well as the conservative player.

✱✱Solid priced horses often finish in the Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta – you never want to leave a top contender out of these types of wagers.

✱✱On most cards you will see multiple hits.  We have never, ever, not in the testing of over 121,ooo races, seen a card where nothing hit.

We have priced the Software at a very reasonable $97.50.  Again, if you are into Consistency and solid mutuels The Mark III Mainframe is your cup of tea.

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  Thanks!


Software  $97.50

Ebook   $53.88

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