The Meeting of Minds, A Collaboration of Genius: The TIPS PRIME-MOVER GENERATOR SUPER MODULE!! A Worth/Len Cz Masterpiece. Check this Out!!!


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So lately Len has been experimenting with certain combinations of his Power Factors and Tom Worths TIPS and we are happy to say that the first of these productions is ready to go and it is a Wonder to Behold:


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In a far away place (Rhode Island), many long years ago, (the 1980s), Tom Worth developed one of the most accurate predictors of thoroughbred performance known to mankind with his tips factorial analysis: TIPS!

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First came the actual Tips methodology, which was exceedingly accurate, but rather cumbersome since it required wading through some 80+ ‘Tips’ to handicap a race.

A ‘Tip’, by the way, is a proven performance angle, often created by rolling two or more factors into a single spot play proposition.

Tom created several imaginative names for these angles., like the Sudb (single up/down below), Brown 100 (a consistency factor where total in the money finishes over the past two years when divided by 100 equals .7 or higher) ESLODC (early start last out and drop in class today), WSWP (well spaced workout pattern), WUTT, QBF, ACE, etc., etc.

So you basically would need to know all of the definitions in order to handicap a racecard. We have talked to many tips veterans who did wonderfully with the methodology, despite the time required to figure a racecard. 

Then, one of Tom’s customers added some new streamlining factors to the methodology, and it was marketed as ‘Pops’ and Tips.  And it sold well and again proved solidly profitable but ….

 for most folks employing, the tips, methodology was simply too time consuming.

But then, fortunately, a few years later, RPM programmer Len Cz came along to offer a computerized version of the TIPS methodology. And, in further updates, he was able to provide the horse player with a program that reduced the hours and hours of figuring that the horse player used to endure down to a few seconds of mouse clicks. 

Now. Len over the years has catalogued literary hundreds of what he calls Power Factors, i.e., angles that indicate likely future positive performance, much like the TIPS do. 

👉So lately Len has been experimenting with certain combinations of his Power Factors and Tom Worths TIPS and we are happy to say that the first of these productions is ready to go and it is a Wonder to Behold:



‘This research took a long, long time,’ Len tells us. ‘To start I instructed my database to look at virtually thousands of Tips/Power Factors combinations, and came up with roughly a dozen that looked very promising. I then had to run tests using close to 60,000 races to confirm the viability of these combinations.

‘Fortunately I was aided by an Artificial Intelligence program that was originally designed for stock market day traders. I was surprised at how easily, with just a handful of coding changes, I was able to adapt this program to our game.

And the really neat thing about this new approach to research is that I have already isolated many ‘niche’ areas, like sprints, lower claiming class levels, two-turn algorithms, etc., that will be the basis of future high accuracy programs.

‘Also, we took a long, long look at which odds/performance combinations most often made up the Exactas & Trifectas and created a separate algorithm that actually shocked even us at its extremely accurate and price-getting performance.’


Gadzooks!, as I think Batman or Robin would say, but you have certainly put together an amazing program here.  Not only do you get double digit winners on a regular basis, but the in-the-money percentage is awesome and, honestly, I have never cashed so many Exactas and Trifectas in my life.  While most are of the modest variety ($28 to $150), I have cashed several in the $265 to $675 range, and I caught two Trifectas just last week that paid over $700.  I am most impressed by the consistency of this program.  At an average win mutuel of @11.40 and near a 31% win rate, the ROI is terrific.  I also like the fact that there are virtually no runouts on the win end.  You can almost guarantee your customers a minimum of three winners per card, and by no means will they all be favorites.  Thanks again for you sincere, thoughtful and dependable work.  P.S. – Please don’t let this one go too cheap!”  Jason Hutton, Miami, FL

“Simply Fantastic!  That’s all I have to say!”  Tom Console

“I always liked the TIPS methodology, and I always loved Len’s work, and I am so thankful that you have found a way to combine both your expertise as well as Tom/Jon Worth’s.  It’s funny, when I read your promotions, I always think ‘maybe this is too good to be true’, but when I purchase your programs I am always happy to see that they perform just as you describe.  The Tips Prime Mover, I guarantee, will handicap better than 98% of the players out there.  Consistent double digit winners and I have to also commend you on your Exacta/Trifecta selections.  While some will of course be shorter prices the number that pay $50 or more just boggles my mind.  Keep up the good work.”  Craig Trower, Des Moines, IA


The Proof is in the Pudding


👇You’ve just got to Take a Look at these Full Card Results. 

And all the while Remember that they are Very Typical Results.  And you will get these results at all tracks, both small and large.

We first show you the 2023 Kentucky Derby Card and The Kentucky Oaks Card. 

👉👉As we have told you previously, if a program works well on some of the toughest to handicap and most contentious races run annually, it will likely work even better on normal racecards. 

We then show you a very nice day from Horseshoe Indiana. 

One of the things you will notice is the large number of Exacta and Trifecta hits, and many are at Boomer Prices.

On KY Derby Day, the program caught a $1,003 Exacta Payoff!  As well as a Pick 3 that paid over $7,300.00. 

And while you won’t get those types of prices often, you will hit a LOT of Pick 3’s simply using the program’s Exotic suggestions.  We have seen some cards where by using the numbers in the Exotics selection box every Pick 3 was hit.

We truly believe that the Exacta/Trifecta Algorithm Len created for this program is our Best Ever!  You will hit Exactas on every card, and if you stick to the suggestions of which horses to use based on morning line, most of these hits will be nicely profitable.










Below: Yep.  A $1,003 Exacta on Kentucky Derby Day!  Now, realistically, you would be lucky to get two or three of these in a lifetime of playing.  But the fact that the algorithm thought enough of the longshot winner to include him in the exotics is a testament to Len’s programming.  You will get plenty of Exactas in the $55 to $375 range, and Trifectas obviously hit at a lower % but we have seen plenty in the $255 to $925 range.




Here are the TIPs and Power Factors that are used to perform the basic analysis, while other factors also work in the background

711 –  horse back within 7 days

33 –  won 1/3 of starts

50wp –  won or placed in 50% or more of starts

EV – Even Finish

PW –  a win where at least three lengths were gained at any call

GNG –  horse gained positions or lengths during final 1/4


Working in the Background Qualifying Power Factors

J/T Team  –  Jock/Trainer Team wins/places 45%+ of the time

TT+ –  Turn Time, final turn, is faster than par for this class of animal

FQ –  Final Quarter run in less than 24.3

WPS – Horse in the money more than 62% of the time over past two years

Spd+ – Horse shows at least two fractions during race that are faster than par for today’s class of animal

EL – both faster than par early fraction and final fraction



👉So as you can see from the above results which, again, are very typical results from tracks of all sizes, Len has concocted a combination of forward factors from two of the most accurate groups of positive indicators known to horseplayer-kind!

Steady, Consistent Results, Solid Mutuels, many, many, A Large Number of Exacta & Trifecta Payoffs, a high rate of Pick 3/Pick 4 & Daily Double Payoffs (suggested strategies included in the Users Manual), No Long Runouts; All the Factors that horseplayers yearn for but simply cannot accomplish handicapping on their own.

👉Jason Hutton, who is quoted above, suggested that we should not let this program go for under $250.  He is worried that if too many get out, his overall returns will go down.  We assured him that that is very unlikely to happen and, as always, we want to price our software in the range where all of our customers can afford it. 

So we are pricing the TIPS PRIMEMOVER Software at just $128, which we feel is very reasonable considering the results and the work that went into creating it.

So give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website and, of course, call with any questions.  Thanks, Len & Dave

The Tips PrimeMover Generator Super Module   $128