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The best-selling, most popular, accurate methodologies in the game!



Hi Guys – Tom Console here. 

I know you don’t hear from me a whole lot these days, but a couple years ago I vowed to devote much more time to my handicapping and less time to promoting my products — unless, of course, something extra special came along.

And, the reason I am reaching out to your now is — that something has.

And I’m not going to mince words here — I have created some of the best-selling, most popular, accurate methodologies in the game, including my RPG Optimum, URTI Extreme, True Tenders, Snapcapper, Pro, etc.  Not bragging —  just facts.  And I continue to use these methods to make money at the track.

But what I am about to introduce to you, I have to admit, may exceed those precious gems of mine.  Let me provide you with a bit of background:

During my formative years as a handicapper, I read an absolutely fascinating book called The Odds Have It!, by a Turf & Sports Digest professional.  Now, I have close to 1,500 books on horseracing – I think I’ve got everything of quality ever written on the game, but I number The Odds Have It! as number 1 or 2 (Dave Powers’ Power Handicapping is the other).

This book was a revelation to me – it was a real eye-opener.

Never before had I read a text that explained the true ‘mechanics’ of the game better.  ‘Mechanics’ meaning the inside workings of the handicapping game, and why so many players were totally wasting their time by handicapping ‘conventionally’.  While the author explained that there was certainly merit in speed, class, pace calculations,etc.:


➽➽He said that most players were overlooking the most critical element in the game – an element that when evaluated properly, would lead to more cashed wagers than any other factor.


➪➪Here’s a quote from another of my favorite authors, John Iddings, which is a perfect lead-in to the product I’m so excited about:

“A toteboard system — for horseplayers — it’s been the pari-mutuel equivalent of the Holy Grail.

>>Imagine walking into any track in the world and, without doing an iota of handicapping, picking winners simply by reading the odds lines in the past performances or, if you are at the track, watching the toteboard.

The beauty of the pari-mutuel system is that money talks — sometimes it virtually screams – and the message is right there in the past performances and/or on the tote.  One hundred no-nothing punters can make uninformed $5 bets at Los Alamitos, and it translates into $500 spread across eight horses.  But when a five-person stable sends in $2,000 on its sure thing, the experienced odds or tote observer can spot it in the blink of an eye.”


So, the premise of The Odds Have It is that more than any other factor, the pattern of odds displayed in the PPs  can consistently determine when a horse is on edge for a win or big effort.  And believe me — this works much more often than it doesn’t work.

>>>So, and here’s what I have been leading up to:  I have been working with Len Czyzniejewski of RPM over the past several months to develop The Odds Have It, II!  And, thanks to modern technology and computer coding, The Odds Have It, II! is even more accurate, effective and profitable than the original!!

We not only use the original concepts, but have added a handful of what we call ‘Super-Factors’ to improve the overall performance.  Take a look at some of the results:


Screen Definitions:

**Crowd Favorite the strongest type of play that the program produces — theses horses have near-perfect odds patterns +TrainerPowerFactor +ClassPowerFactor.  37% win rate! +41%ROI.

**Ultimate Odds Crunchtimethe second strongest type of play.  This horse has a solid win rate and a great in the money average – 34.7% win rate — close to 77% of these horses finish at least 3rd.


**Profit Pattern Longshots our best longshot system ever!  And, amazingly, PPL does well when it isolates shorter price horses as well.  PPL has never had a losing year (we began researching this angle in 1988)  when concentrating on horses at morning line odds of 10/1 or higher.  Average win mutuel is $27.60 – win rate on 10/1 up horses is 12.1%.





Another great feature of The Odds Have It, II, is the frequency with which big priced horses run 2nd or 3rd.  We didn’t foresee this when developing the system, but often one of the price horses will complete the Exacta or Trifecta.  See below:



The Odds Have It, II! boasts the ultimate handicappers ‘Trifecta’ — Consistency, Frequent Big Prices & Solid Exotics Payoffs.  Review the Summary Bet Sheet for Keeneland on 10/4 & Laurel on the same day — The Summary Bet Sheet provides all the plays for the card on just a couple of sheets.  Will every day be this good — no — but more than enough will be to send you skipping to the cashier’s windows several time on your average 8 or 9-race card.:



Customers say:

“Tom – you have really outdone yourself this time!  I like all of your stuff but this one is the tops.  I like the fact that Odds Have It works in all types of races, and some of the prices are unbelievable — I look at the pps and cannot figure how anyone would come up with some of these horses.  Thanks — Great Job again!”  Don Stevens, Miami

“This is unlike any Odds-Based system I have used.  I like the fact that when the top pick is a favorite, it wins over 40% of the time according to my calculations.  Had a 38/1 shot run 2nd at Gulfstream the other day!”  Henry Filone, Dallas


The Odds Have It, II!

>>Boasts the ultimate handicapper’s ‘Trifecta’ — Consistency, Frequent Big Prices & Solid Exotics Payoffs. 

>>Is Reliable to Select Several Wins & In-the-Money situations on a given racecard.

>>Shows a +41% Positive ROI on CROWD FAVORITE selections (Crowd Favorite is the name of the box on the screenshot which produces the strongest plays – that does not mean the horse is the race favorite – it simply means that a ‘crowd’ of programmed-in handicapping factors chose this horse. 88When it is the race favorite, however, the win rate is close to 44%.)

>>Comes with the most POTENT Longshot System ever written – Profit Pattern Longshots! This method has never had a losing year (since 1988 when created) when playing horses at 10/1+ morning line!)

Order NOW – Save $55!!!!

➤➤So the rest is up to you!  If you want to have the opportunity to add something really, really special to your handicapping arsenal, The Odds Have It, II! is your baby!

We have priced it very, very fairly at just $143.00,

BUT if you order within the next 2 days – your price will be just $88!!!   A $55 Savings!!

and you can use our two-pay/no interest payment plan if you wish – so welcome aboard!  And, if you don’t like the system, for any reason whatsoever, just say so and your purchase price will be fully refunded

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Call or email us with any questions you may have.  Thanks for listening! Tom


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