Quigley’s Magic Numbers! NEW!! from a close associate of Jerry (Astro-Tote Board) Howell, comes a Remarkably Imaginative Method of Play that blends Numerology with Simple Handicapping to Produce Great Winning Results!



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Publisher’s Note:  Many of you now doubt have either purchased or read about Jerry Howell’s Astro Toteboard Method, or his Astro Certain Software.  As mentioned below, we were extremely hesitant to introduce these to our product line a decade or so ago, as we (me) thought it was all hooey.

But after our testing proved otherwise, these methods, which mixed handicapping and Numerology into the selection process, proved to be great sellers and we still have purchasers telling about the big hits they are making using these systems of play. 

And now we introduce Lewis Quigley, an associate of Jerry’s, who has come up with a super nifty methodology in the same vein.  It’s simple, very effective and whether or not you believe in the ‘power of numbers’,  you will be delighted with the results.  Read on:


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Quigley's Magic Numbers

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