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Between Now and December 31st, Not only do you get great savings on many of our most popular products, but since we are very much in the Giving Mood, you will also receive some great FREE GIFTS!!



Between Now and December 31st, Not only do you get great savings on many of our most popular products, but since we are very much in the Giving Mood, you will also receive some great FREE GIFTS!!  Here’s how it works (P.S. – if you already have one or more of these items, you can substitute for something else – just let us know:

Spend $68 or more and you will get FREE:

Hammering The Chalk, the Long Version!  One of the Best Bankroll Management strategies in the business, used by many Professionals!  a $55 Value, Yours FREE!

Steve Collison’s Inside the Claiming Game!  An all time Classic – written by a Trainer, ICG provides insights into the Claiming Game that you will get nowhere else!  You will now look at Claiming races like insiders do, and the result will be lots and lots of tickets cashed! a $48 value, Yours Free!!

Charles Blaskower’s Hidden Form Longshots!  One of the best price-play methods ever developedaverage win mutuel is in the $27 range!  Very simple to use. A $55 value, Yours Free!



Spend $110 or more, and get all of the above +++:

Ben Fazio’s PERFECT PARLAY Strategy!  This is one we were holding back on releasing until the New Year but we are going to include it here.  This is easily one of the best we have seenShows how just two hits in a 10-race stretch can produce a profit.  Good Stuff.  A $55 value, Yours FREE!

Our New Mack Johnson’s 2,500-Workout Software!  Brand new – Author Mack Johnson tested his system on over 2,500 races and the result was great consistency and some great prices!  A $77 value, Yours FREE!!




😃Spend $220 or More,


get all of the above, and Jeff Sillifant’s Cash Cluster Software (Also includes the 3D System) & Jon Worth’s Super Cluster Software Program.  That’s $185 worth of Software FREE!!!


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Offered to the Public for the First Time!

  From the World’s ALL-TIME Best-Selling Handicapping AuthorRay Taulbot! 



(includes Ray’s H&R Bankroll Strategy Method)

++++FREE!!!!  Glen Dennings The Tri-Factor Continuum!   A super accurate selection and ticket-structuring strategy for Exactas and Trifectas!

Was $79.70   Now  $59.90

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My Best Five!!

👉A Multi-Dimensional Software Program that provides the Player with Several Ways to Analyze and Play, plus an Amazing ‘Consensus’ feature!

👉👉Greg’s Revolutionary New Software Program that contains not just one, but FIVE of his Best Programs.  Also includes four ‘Stat’ Screens that enhance overall accuracy!

Was $118.00    Now just  $88.00

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Modern Technology now makes it possible to map virtually EVERY Step a horse makes in the running of a race.

Speed Maps, long used in European and Aussie racing, is a huge leap forward for the speed/pace handicapper.

With the new SPEED MAPS!, USA, Software, players in North America will NOW have a deeper knowledge of which horse(s) have a distinct ‘pace/positioning’ advantage from which to spring to the front or make a big in-the-money run.

Was $148.00   NOW  Just $97.50!

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Denny Nash’s

THORO-PROFITS!  Denny’s All TIME Best Seller!

A Straight-forward, Fail Safe Way for the Everyday Horseplayer to make Serious Money!

Denny is perhaps one of the most innovative Turf authors ever, in that he has a way of applying real-world situations in other areas of life to horseracing.  Some of the Gems you will find in THORO-PROFITS:

A Money Management Plan that is virtually Fail-Safe when applied to Best Bets

How to Apply the Rule of 72 (a proven rule of profit from the financial industry) to Horse Racing

The Winner’s Mind-Set

Roll with the Pros, and Beat Them!

The Genius of Andy Beyer & the High Figure Best Bet

A Proven Way to Get 70% Winners and Profit by wagering on more than one horse in a race (this one is really neat!)

An amazingly simple Longshot System that produces a +31% ROI

Ebook & Hard Copy On Sale    $45.88   &   $55.00

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Gregg Banner’s New SPEED DEMONS!

A Multi-Faceted Speed/Pace/Quirin/Class Handicapping Software Program!! Generates Full PPs + Dynamite Trainer Stats!

‘Fantastic!’  Tom Console

Regular $97.50    Now just  $69.90

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New Product Addition!  Best Seller!:  A Professional Player’s Education: Locating Speed-Horse Specialists!

Believe it or not, horses, just like humans, go to school. No, they don’t learn ‘readin, writin and rythmetic’, but just like we two-legged creatures, they are taught skills that will aid them in their future careers.

They are first taught to accept the bit between their gums.  Then the weight of a saddle — followed by the weight of a saddle combined with a rider, then saddle/rider/bit/reins.

They are then taught to break from an open gate, and finally from a closed gate that springs open just like at the real racetrack.

>>>And it’s these last two lessons that are the most important for the aspiring runner – because here he/she is taught the most important lesson of all:

<<<The ABILITY TO CULTIVATE the most vital of all race horse traits: SPEED!!>>>

The Speed School Software analyzes this data via workout and recent race patterns to identify the ‘speed of the speed.’  Great for identifying big upcoming performances in all sprint races, but especially with lightly-race horses and horses coming off layoffs.

Regular Price:  $127    Now just $59.90!

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The NOW Horse!!!

New Product Addition!  Best Seller!!   The NOW!  HORSE!!

>>>An Exciting New Program that Points Out Trainer/Owner Setups to spot ‘Win-Ready’ Horses!

>>What is, do you think, the #1 reason that less than 5% of all horseplayers make money at the track?<<

It’s not necessarily for lack of knowledge, as many players have been well schooled in the art of reading the past performances, etc.

It goes much deeper than that. 

But the important thing, the vital thing, is that to the money-makers in this game any given horse race is far, far from a random event.

The NOW Horse Software boasts an Algorithm that points out patterns that have previously been used successfully by Trainer/Owner/Stable teams.  The result is consistency and some mighty big mutuel payoffs.

Regular Price  $97.00    Now just  $49.88!

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Back in the ‘olden’ days, our mailbox would often be filled with solicitations for handicapping systems that promised untold riches.  Of course, 99% of those were pure junk, BUT …

once in a great while, something really special came along.

Which brings us to the subject at hand:

Denny Nash’s WATCH & WIN!

is one of those rare works that advertises ‘No Handicapping Needed, No Past Performances Needed’, that actually fits that bill

>>>Denny has designed a unique and extremely simple methodology that requires only the Morning Line odds and the Tote

Anyone can implement it whether at the track, the racebook or from your easy chair at home. 

The concept is extremely sound, and it is unique among all of the Tote methods we have evaluated in the past.

You definitely want to read this one!

Ebook & Hard Copy On Sale  $48.88  &  $55.00

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The BRIGGS CODE!Data-Point Selection Software at its Finest!!

New Product Addition!  First Time on Sale Ever!

Data-Point Selection Software That Exceeds Even Our Wildest Handicapping Dreams!! 

The BRIGGS CODE! – The Case of the ‘Hidden Class’

An ingenious formulation from a mathematics horse playing professor that defines ‘Class’ as it has never been done before.   No more ‘guessing’ about where a horse fits classwise – Briggs points out Class standouts and the results is a super consistent, super profitable program!

Regular Price $147.00   Now just $88.00!

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The HorsePlayer’s Cash Loop!

The HorsePlayer’s Cash Loop Software!! Profiting from the Races from Home! Includes Bill Molten’s Extremely Innovative ‘Loop’ Wagering Strategies!

regular price $78.00      NOW   $49.88

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The Beyer Positive Elimination Method Software!

Jeff Goldstein’s Classic!  Works brilliantly at any track.  The principal idea of this system is to find horses which are in form, and who have a Beyer (or any other speed rating) edge, a ‘reverse’ edge.

regular price $111.00   NOW  $58.88

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The Wizard of Odds Software! First Time on Sale Ever!!

In his remarkable 1965 work, Horse Sense: A New and Rigorous Application of Mathematical Methods to Successful Betting At The Track, author Burton P. Fabricand laid out a creative way to beat the races.  His theories come to bloom in the Wizard of Odds Software.

Regular price  $197.00    NOW   $97.88

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The Peter Dallas Experience!

The PETER DALLAS EXPERIENCE SOFTWARE!! Winner Selection Honed to a Fine, Fine Edge!! Another True ‘Professional-Player’ Software Program from RPM!  A Best Seller!!

Regular Price $127.00     NOW  $79.88

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Console’s The Ten-Point Power Play!


Regular Price $97.50   NOW $49.88

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Jon Worth’s Minute-to-Win-It!

Jon Worth’s MINUTE to WIN IT!! Super Consistency – 50%+ Win/81% Place/91% Show!! Low Risk for Substantial Gain — Runouts virtually Non-Existent!

Regular Price $97.00    NOW $55.00

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Mr. A’s Private Racebook Method!

MR. A’s PRIVATE RACEBOOK METHOD!! Limited Edition: just 75 Available. From one of the most Prolific Handicappers of ALL TIME!! ++ FREE, Jess Howe’s ZERO-RISK ODDS MANEUVER!!

Regular Price  $111.00   NOW  $59.88

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The Fantasy Speed Angle Software

NEW!!! The FANTASY SPEED ANGLE! Where the ‘What Ifs’ Become Reality! Includes FREE!! Walt’s Reno Special & Ron R’s Exacta Logic/Tote Magic!!

Regular Price $77.00   NOW $45.88

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Len Cz’s The Magic Box Software!  1st Time Ever on Sale!

Magic Box contains over 200 systems, methods, angles, etc., that make it one of the most powerful selection programs on the planet.

Regular Price  $399.00    NOW  $155.00!

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Tom Console’s RACE PROFIT GENERATOR Now with CALC-SPEED 2.0!  1st Time Ever on Sale!

It performs millions of calculations in less than a second!

It utilizes the most sophisticated handicapping database EVER, ‘auto-tuning’ itself to focus on consistent winning situations!

It analyzes every horse in every race using 1,200+ crucial handicapping factors.

Regular Price  $295.00   NOW $177.00

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Mark Cramer’s Short Form Paradigm Software!   

Typical Mark Cramer Genius!  The author of dozens of important handicapping publications, Mark has put his ALL into this remarkable Software Program!

Great, great Value!!  reg.  $247.00  sale price  just $127.00!

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Best Seller!   SUPER MASTER CONSENSUS STARS! with NEW ‘SNAPSHOT’ Feature!The Perfect ‘Blend’ of High Performance Systems to Create an Even Higher Performing Software. Works on Thoroughbreds & Quarters!   reg. $197.00   Now   $148.00


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The Ideal Odds Software!

“Former Mutuel Clerk Shows Frustrated Horseplayers How To Escape from ‘Losing Wagering Cycles’ And Truly Profit from a Little Known ‘Flaw’ in the Pari-Mutuel System!”  Learn what very, very few players are or ever will be aware of.

Regular  $99.00   NOW  $49.88

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The Quick-Pic Daily Double Profit Wizard!

The QUICK-PIC Daily Double PROFIT WIZARD – No PPs, No Handicapping Required!!


FREE!! Super High-Quality, Aluminum Body, World’s Greatest Handicapper LED (lighted) Pen!! A $19 value – comes with its own gift box!!

Regular Price  $79.90    Now $49.90

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2m2p Major Limited Time Sale!!

Get the COMPLETE 2M2P RACETRACK PRO ‘Suite’ at a HUGE Discount!! Access Every Track, Everyday  thru December 2023 for Just $249!! No downloads required!   reg.  $359.00   Now  $249.00

Thru ALL of 2023 – reg.  $359.00  Now  just $249.00!

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Randy Giles’

PACE APPRAISER, v.1.0! Find the Runners with True Pace Advantages at any Track, or at Multiple Tracks with just a single Click of your Mouse. Incredibly Accurate!

Regular Price  $85.00   NOW $65.50

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‘Literally A Can’t-Lose Money Management Strategy, Even If You Can’t Handicap!’
~ Dr. Anthony’s

Smart-Bet Professional Formula!  ebook

1) Provides the player with simple, no nonsense WIN strategy that will guarantee a BUILT-IN FIXED PROFIT. Can be used at the track, the satellite or betting from home.

2) Will show you HOW BETTING ON ONLY FAVORITES AT 9-TO-5 OR HIGHER WILL RESULT IN A SURE-FIRE POSITIVE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. This is a real no-brainer. I love it, because I don’t have to THINK!

Regular Price:  $48.00   Sale Price:  $35.88!

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The Great Discovery!  ebook

A Proven, No-Handicapping Selection Method & a Long Term Profitable Bankroll Management Strategy all Rolled into One!!

George Adams, who helped edit books for Tom Ainslie and Andrew Beyer, said of The Great Discovery: It’s really no tougher than just looking at some numbers!’

Regular Price $48.00  –  Now just $38.88

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So you think you’ve read everything about the Beyer figures?  Think again!

Regular Price  $50.00   NOW  $24.88

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Holloway’s PROFIT PLAYS of RACING!  Original Best Selling Masterpiece!

Provides players with a complete ‘plan’ that if followed to the letter, will put you in the position to profit at

the racetrack, without a whole lot of effort on your part.

Regular Price $55.00   NOW  $29.88

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