The PETER DALLAS EXPERIENCE SOFTWARE!! Winner Selection Honed to a Fine, Fine Edge!! Another True ‘Professional-Player’ Software Program from RPM!





The Peter Dallas Experience! —

Professional Winner Selection Honed to a Fine, Fine Edge!!

Are You Experienced?  Well, Peter Dallas Is – Professionally, That Is — And now You can Share that Experience, Too!

Who is Peter Dallas? 

Well, you all know who Mark Cramer, one of the most innovative handicappers in history, right? 

Well, Peter’s work reminds us so much of Mark’s, that one of the fellows in the office nicknamed him ‘Little MC’. 

>>>What Peter has done is develop some of the most remarkably accurate winner-selecting handicapping formulas we’ve ever seen.<<<

He applies what seem like an almost infinite number of ‘specialized’ factors into formulas that cover speed, class, pace, jock, trainer, etc., etc.

Each and every stat is an accurate handicapping system all to itself!

But when all are combined you have an absolutely amazingly accurate winner selection program!

See the Video:

Did You Experience the $2,833.00 Trifecta hit at Oaklawn 2/22?  Well, Peter Dallas Did!   Look:

The Peter Dallas Software had Esposito on top — he won at $40.40.  Picked Omen of Courage 2nd, who ran 2nd at 11/1 and picked Opportunist 3rd, who ran 3rd at 15/1.  The $2 Exacta paid $353 and the Trifecta for $1, paid a whopping $2,833!

No, these kinds of hits do not occur every day, but they DO OCCUR — and they are much more likely to occur when you are using Professional Grade SoftwareYes, that is a fact!


>>>If you want to know what truly separates the pros from everyone else at the track, read the following carefully.  You will see the extreme ‘precision’ that goes into a professional-grade program.  The formulas used insure consistency — insure profits.<<<


Look at the screenshots below.  Note that the main screen has two parts — the first screen you see when you bring up a race, and then when you scroll over to the right you will see the second screen — All of Peter’s formulas are viewable.  Also, check out the results from this race!:


The Peter Dallas Experience Software is Absolutely Great with Favorites, too.  Morning line favorites with a large point edge in the TOTAL column win at a very high rate and hit the board (run at least 3rd) close to 90% of the time.


The Peter Dallas Experience Software – Designed for Consistency

 Peter’s concept involves searching for the most logical winner based on 19 individual formulas. He has never been a longshot player – he is much more interested in cashing tickets frequently.

‘I have always been interested in favorites since I know that I am already starting with a 33% – 37% win rate – so my goal was to find situations where the favorites won at a 45% or better rate, and hit the board close to 90% of the time,’ Peter says.

‘This way I can not only make a profit by wagering to win when the favorites were at 7/5 or higher, but could also kill playing show parlays and use my picks as Key horses in the exotics (win/place on favorites with significant edges it the TOT column – 10% or higher than the next highest scorer – hits w/p @71% of the time).’

Now, of course, as you can see from some of the examples above, the PD software is not only for favorites, as top scoring horses run well regardless of odds.

>>>19 – Count ’em – 19 Different Precision Formulas!<<<

As mentioned above, the software contains a total of 19 different formulas. We are not going to bog you down with the specifics of each formula, as they are complex, but on the next page you will see what is involved. Peter originally sent us all the formulas written out by hand – one is displayed below. Suffice it to say that the thoroughness involved in each rating lends to their extreme accuracy – doing these all by hand would be next to impossible. Take a look:



Betting Favorites

One of the main strengths of the software is that it catches a very high % of favorites when the conditions are right.

What we want to see is a horse who is the morning line favorite who also has a score in TOT that is at least 10% higher than the 2nd rated horse. Here the 2nd rated, Onward, had a score of 947 — 10% of that is 95 rounded up. Adding the 95 to 947 we get 1042. Cost Basis, who won this race, had a TOT of 1188 so he qualifies on the high % favorite play. We have seen many cards where three or more qualify on this or the below count and all win.

The favorite has even a higher win % when it has a huge advantage in TOT – 50% or higher than the 2nd high scorer.

So Peter has created formulas for several vital handicapping areas — you can see he has speed, early pace, late pace, formulas for overall performance last year and this, jock, trainer, etc.

And, again, if you want a shortcut — let’s say today’s race is on turf — well, the Turf Formula rating can be compared among entrants and you will come up with the major contender(s).  But of course the Combined (CMB) ratings provide you with even more accurate results, both on straight and exotic wagers.

We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have many methodologies from true-to-life Professional Players in our inventory, and Peter’s work easily fits into the ‘Pro’ category.

The Peter Dallas Experience Software! is a true work of Handicapping Art. 

You will love the consistency and love the profits.

And the Complete Peter Dallas Experience Software Program! is yours for just $128!

(that’s about half of what our beta-testers suggested we should charge, so get it while it’s hot!)

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Thank You!  And please call us with any questions.


The Peter Dallas Experience Software  $128.00