IDEAL ODDS!! “Former Mutuel Clerk Shows Frustrated Horseplayers How To Escape from ‘Losing Wagering Cycles’ And Truly Profit from a Little Known ‘Flaw’ in the Pari-Mutuel System!”





Editor’s Note:  We have lately been focusing on methods involving past odds as being a predictor of future performance.  And, for good reason, since odds really tell the story of whether a horse has recently been seriously backed, or backed in a discernible pattern of predictable odds.

This stuff works, and actually most of these methods require must less work than conventional handicapping methods.

  An now, along comes one of the very best we’ve seen, Darin Garman’s IDEAL ODDS!

Give this one a try – you will be delighted in the results — it’s one of the more unconventional toteboard methods we’ve seen, but it works like a charm!



💻The Ideal Odds Software!💻

While the Ideal Odds paper method is pretty simple, 😀there’s nothing like having all the calculations done for you instantly, i.e., as in The Ideal Odds Software.  
🏇In addition, the Software figures the Triple Hoop Exotic Key Horse for you as well!
As you can see from the examples below, the software calculates all of the elements (odds, finish position, recency, trainer, etc.) necessary to provide you with the selections 👉and, as Len often does when programming, there are some added algorithms involving pace and running style that work in the background to confirm the better plays.
Take a Look:





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