SPEED MAPS, USA!!!!! The Most Advanced Pace/Positioning PROFIT Machine In the Business!! WATCH THE VIDEO!! Multi-Dimensional Analysis – A True Advance in the ‘Picking Winners’ Part of the Game!!



Speed Maps are used by Professional Players, bookmakers, jockeys, stewards, owners, trainers and ANYONE wanting a better understanding of the likely ‘pattern’ of a race.

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Modern Technology now makes it possible to map virtually EVERY Step a horse makes in the running of a race.

Speed Maps, long used in European and Aussie racing, is a huge leap forward for the speed/pace handicapper. 

With the new SPEED MAPS!, USA, Software, players in North America will NOW have a deeper knowledge of which horse(s) have a distinct ‘pace/positioning’ advantage from which to spring to the front or make a big in-the-money run.

What is a Speed Map?

>>Speed maps are used to predict the running position of each horse in the field.<<

They are also used to determine the likely pace of the race. When it comes to finding the winner of a race, both of these factors are deemed critical by expert form analysts.

Speed Maps are used by Professional Players, bookmakers, jockeys, stewards, owners, trainers and ANYONE wanting a better understanding of the likely ‘pattern’ of a race.



  Successful Speed Maps rely a lot on what happens in the opening stages of a race, from the moment the gates fly open to the point when the horses have sorted out their order.

There are many factors that can determine where a horse will ‘settle’ in the run – some horse are more versatile and can race anywhere whereas others may only know one way to race. Aside from their own idiosyncrasies, a horse’s speed from the gate speed and its post position are two of the most crucial factors influencing where they will settle in the running.


Good Morning,

Thank you, Dave. LOVE Speed Maps ! This may be Len’s crowning jewel of programming!

Lee Cummins, Murrells Inlet, SC



>>>Watch The Video – it’s a bit ‘rough/fuzzy’ but will give you a good look at some of the prime features   Click the arrow below:



Racing Wisdom

“In deciding which horse to back, Phil always tried to ‘map’, in his head, how a race would be run – what horses would lead, what horses would sit off the pace, and what horses would settle at the rear. He also tried to predict how slow or fast the pace would be. His wagering success usually depended on the accuracy of those predictions” – Don Scott talking about handicapping legend Pittsburg Phil in his book ‘Winning More’


***With our NEW SPEED MAPS,USA Software, you will be provided with a projected ‘viewing’ of just how a race will be run!  An innovation that no serious horseplayer should be without!***


Early, Mid, Late – Pin-Point Pace & Position Projections

With Speed Maps, USA you will know the projected running position of EVERY horse in the race at EVERY call — as well as a separate Projected Finish screen that is based on the accumulating points each horse earns by his/her prominence, or lack thereof, at every call.

Here’s a screenshot of the ‘numbers’ part of the program.  You can see that at each call (2FPS = 2-furlong call measured in feet-per-second FPS, 4FPS = 4-furlong call, etc.).  The projections are based on these numbers.  You can see here that the public pretty much ignored these horses.


“Extremely innovative.  This is like ‘mad scientist’ stuff, but instead of evil, Speed Maps, USA does nothing but good for the player’s bankroll.  Some true ‘genius’ went into developing this one.” Tom Console, Handicapping Author

A Little Knowledge of Early Pace can Lead to Some Major Surprises & Fat Wallets for Careful Observers!  A Study of this year’s Preakness Stakes

>>The importance of knowing which horse(s) possess early or contending speed cannot be overemphasized.  Often, horses that figure to be prominent early hit the board, even when they may suffer trouble or interference along the way.

This year’s Preakness Stakes presented an excellent example of the above.

>>To observe a projection we simply click on furlong designation, in this case we’ll look at the 1st call or 2FPS

Once you click you will see the projections streak across the screen, with each horse’s saddle cloth colors illuminating the lines Note that the first three top projections are designated by colored circles – 1st is blue, 2nd is red and 3rd is green.  So we look at the Speed Map Chart and what do we see?


Wait! – that can’t be right!the 2FPS is showing a 50/1 morning line horse, Everfast, with the early advantage – HA! 

Well, the last laugh was had by anyone paying serious attention to the Speed Map of this race — Everfast was also the 2nd pick on the main screen — he paid $32 to place!  He did not break well, as he usually does, but made up a ton of ground late. 

>>>And… what we call an ‘Early Call Exacta’, boxing the top three horses on this screen, got you back $948 for every $2 wagered with the War Of Will/Everfast combination!!!<<<


Now Remember, several of these examples are from Preakness Day and Kentucky Derby Day, days which are extremely tough to handicap because of the strong competition in every race, yet Speed Maps showed strong results – – on your regular everyday run-of-the-mill racecards, it will do even better.





>>Another neat feature is the  Final Finish Screen, where you can pull up the projected final finish by clicking on the picture at the bottom right of the screen.  The projected horses are listed by saddle cloth color and number.

“I am totally sold on Speed MapsThis program digs so ‘deep’ into the underlying factors that determine the outcome of a horse race, and is spot-on so often, that in my estimation any player who does not take advantage of this opportunity is missing out big-time — actually, for the sake of the payoffs I have been getting, I hope they don’t put too many of these programs out there.”  Pat Bartolotta, Mutuels Manager, The Meadowlands


The Speed Maps Software final projection will include four horses if, indeed, there are four ratable horses in the race. Our database studies show that one of these four horses will win 91.7% of the time, so you invariably end up with the major contenders in most races.

Wagering Situations

There are many ways to use Speed Maps to improve your cash-in rate. Remember that the horses each receive points, which show up in the TOT (Total) column, based on their projected performances at each call. If you are looking to play just one horse, one of the best wagers we have found in our testing is to look for horses who have the top number when sorting the TOT column, and that number is at least 4 points higher than the second-highest scorer. A win and place wager, with more on the place than the win, is the best way to go. In our studies top scoring horses with a 4 or more point edge with morning line of 7/2 or better returned a +22% ROI

In Exacta situations, when looking at the main screen only, the top three horses listed make for a good box, though in bigger fields (8 or more), it is a good idea to click on the Speed Maps picture at the bottom right of the screen and view the final projection and add the fourth horse into that box as well.

In our studies, when playing 4-horse Exacta boxes, where at least one horse is 4/1 or higher morning line and at least one other is 5/1 or higher, a +24% ROI was returned.


>>>>>Act Fast – Get a Great Price!!!<<<<<

The retail price will be $197, but order within 14 days and your price will be just $148.!

This is really, seriously, definitely, without a doubt, no two ways about it, a major innovation in precise prediction of any type of race, turf, dirt, sprint, route — mud & slop don’t even deter its abilities!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067, or order from our website.

You can use our 3-payment/no interest plan if you wish.

Thanks, Dave & Len


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