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Provides players with a complete ‘plan’ that if followed to the letter, will put you in the position to profit at

the racetrack, without a whole lot of effort on your part.

Holloways Profit Plays of Racing $55 — includes Lou’s The Speculator’s Guide FREE!!  or Steve Terrell’s ‘A New Look At Speed


Rare and Much Sought After — Selling for $100+ on the web — Lou Holloway’s




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Editor’s Note:  Enclosed below is a brief passage from Lou Holloway’s remarkable publication: Profit Plays of Racing!


This is a very rare book, so rare, and so desired by horseplayers, in fact, that copies have sold for $100 or more on Ebay and other Internet sites. 


**But we were lucky enough to obtain a copy from our Lou Holloway ‘source’ and now have permission to distribute it to our customers at a much lower retail price.

Lou had a way of putting everything in ‘perfect working order’, so to speak. 



He provides players with a complete ‘plan’ that if followed to the letter, will put you in the position to profit at

the racetrack, without a whole lot of effort on your part.


 Lou discusses the most critical elements that go into becoming a winning horseplayer and ***provides one of the most unique takes on ‘betting action’ we have ever seen. 


He calls it his ‘Four Line Plan’ and we guarantee that it will provide you with a new insight into wagering action, not to mention plenty of winners you normally would not have even looked at.


****But the real ‘crux’ of the book comes near the end, where Lou will school you on how he became a successful player by first observing 10 very simple ‘Essentials’, rules that will have you turning your racetrack operations into an actual business.


***He then reveals to you Six very easy to follow and very easy to use, profitable systems:









Bankroll Management


In addition Lou spells out to you, in detail, an ***extremely effective, yet ***extremely simple way to manage your wagering dollars. 

A method that will ease the pain during losing streaks and speed up profit making when you are hitting winners at a decent clip.

It’s all here folks — ‘how’ to be a successful horseplayer (the ‘essentials’); ‘how’ to win using a proven system; ‘how’ to manage your bankroll. 


And when Lou writes:

‘If you apply the principles of this book you can expect to make a reasonable return on your investments. 

If you are making 20% profit on your wagering action, you are doing many times better than most businesses — not only that — you are having a whole lot of fun doing it!’ 


We couldn’t have said it any better!


An excerpt from Lou Holloway’s Profit Plays Of Racing:


‘My experience with systems started when I was through with school. 

Since then I have devoted my full time to racing, constantly checking and searching all sorts of plans.


I feel that I have pretty much graduated with honors from the course ‘Education Of A Horseplayer’. 


I’m not boasting, because as you have read previously this always has been and always will be a very tough game — but since I have been able to make a supplemental living playing the horses I feel I am therefore qualified to advise you how you can do the same.


Naturally my statements that follow and choice of systems will be guided by my own favorable or unfavorable experiences with these systems.


For example, I find it almost impossible to play against ‘Top Speed’ (the first system I will present to you). 

There comes a time in your evolution of race playing when you have to call a halt to the seeking of magic formulas and settle for the proven ‘breadwinners’.


**You can go on looking, and no doubt will, but I’ll make a bet that you will never find better, winning systems than the ones I am about to list.**


Previously I explained the ‘Ten Essential Rules’ of becoming a winning horseplayer. (this is in the text of the book)


These rules are not system rules, but rules of how a winning horseplayer behaves with various phases of the game. 


One simply says: ‘Don’t listen to anyone else.’ 

They are all simple rules that require some discipline, but when you combine them with the systems I am about to present your success is assured.’


Editor’s Note:  And then Lou then goes on to explain his systems.

The book, overall, though, is an experience no horseplayer should miss.

It will make you a better disciplined, more successful player.  Follow the simple rules, and success will follow – period.


***A Step-by-step plan that will make any horseplayer a winning horseplayer!


So We Have Once Again found ourselves in the extremely fortunate position of obtaining a very rare, almost never seen Lou Holloway publication. 


A publication that is cherished by winning horseplayers who have a copy, and sought after by players who wish to make a serious go at profiting from this game!


***In fact, here is a recent ad posted on EBAY by a fellow who had just a single copy:

‘RARE  Lou Holloway Horse Racing Betting Handicapping Best Winning System – Profit Plays of Racing! Price: US $100.00’

**But we have received permission to distribute Profit Plays of Racing to our customers, and our price to you is just $55!



Here’s our challenge to you:



Purchase Profit Plays of Racing and follow, to the letter, exactly the formula Lou presents to you. 


It is a very simple formula, and when you read the other text (above) you will have a good idea of what Lou has accomplished. 


***Follow it to the letter, and if after 3 or 4 weeks of using Lou’s Formula, your bottom line is not only healthier, but PROFITABLE,

just send the publication back for a full refund.



****Oh, and as many of you know, we also have in our inventory Lou’s famous Speculator’s Guide, which covers all phases of gambling, including casino play. 

Lou provides all the info (%’s, systems, odds tables, etc.).

****>>>And we will send you the Speculator’s Guide FREE! with your purchase***Yours to keep even if you decide to return Profit Plays!


***Oh, and if you already have The Speculator’s Guide,


we will send you Steve Terrell’s (writer for The Racing Form and other Racing Publications) new   

‘A NEW Look at SPEED Figures & How to Manipulate Them to WIN!!’


Just let us know — if you want Steve’s publication instead and are ordering thru PayPal, just include a note, or call or email us.



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You will be a much smarter, wiser handicapper, and we promise that your visits to the Cashier’s Windows will increase immeasurably.



Holloways Profit Plays of Racing $55 — includes Lou’s The Speculator’s Guide FREE!!  or Steve Terrell’s ‘A New Look At Speed