Beyer Secrets!


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So you think you’ve read everything about the Beyer figures?



You think you know them inside and out — backward and forward, right? Well, think again, because friend, you ain’t read nothing yet!

We had the good fortune of meeting an expert handicapper in Las Vegas who had a manuscript to sell. ‘John’, we’ll call him, is 67 years old and told us that he had developed a methodology using the Beyer figures that has earned him a comfortable living for many years. He is not a big bettor, but tells us: “I get my monthly Social Security, of course, and make twice that much again at the racebook (he plays at the Orleans Hotel racebook in ‘Vegas). I’ve got these Beyer methods whittled down to a fine science and have been happier than a clam for so long now since I’m doing something all horseplayers hope, wish and dream for — beating the races!” John is a very modest fellow — not the kind of guy that exaggerates his exploits. We took his manuscript and did the necessary testing.

John had even provided us with 60-days of his results from six different racetracks, all written out by hand. Profits ranged from +$876 to +$1,731 at the six different tracks based on $10 win & $10 place wagers. We ran his results thru our database and they checked out to a ‘T’. We then tested his concepts out on @ 18,000 other races and found that his methodology beat the vast majority of race meets, sometimes modestly, sometimes BIG!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE BEYER FIGURES IS REVEALED, and John shows you exactly how to ‘put it all together’ to come up with a much higher winning percentage then you’ve ever been accustomed to. *Oh, and here’s something fascinating: We tested John’s method using speed figures other than Beyers, and lo and behold, the profits were almost as good — so don’t worry if you don’t use the Beyers. John, himself, was rather taken aback when we gave him this good news. But it is good news indeed for any horseplayer with access to any of the major speed ratings, even though the Beyers show the best overall profit.

John also shows you how to hone in on the Exactas & Trifectas — betting modestly but having a solid chance of hitting some major big payoffs. So if you’re a speed-rating freak, this is your baby — or if you just want to learn how to cash in consistently using proven angles and formulas, give BEYER SECRETS! a try. An excellent value at just $50.

“A real work of genius! John shows you where the ‘beef’ is with the Beyers. Your win/place hit rate is going to go thru the roof!”

~ Tom Console, author, Ultimate Racetrack Investor

Just a Sampling of What You Will Learn in Beyer Secrets!

The Amazing ‘Growth’ Secret: a ‘layoff’ angle that will knock your socks off! The Distance-Switch Secret: which distance switch is the most profitable from a Beyer standpoint? You are about to find out!

The False Favorite Secret: This secret alone will save you tons of money and let you know when it’s safe to eliminate the favorite!

The Fantastic Form-Cycle Secret: Use the speed figures to judge up and down form-cycles. This one will really surprise you as it blows apart previous concepts.

Big Profit Secrets: hitting a 4 or 5-figure exotic payoff using an ‘obvious’ horse? Yep — you’ll find the details here!

. . . and so much more, like how weight influences the outcome of a race, when you can disregard a horse who just won his last race, the ‘sneaky’ Beyers, longshot ‘heaven’, etc., etc.! Good, good stuff!!