The QUICK-PIC Daily Double PROFIT WIZARD – No PPs, No Handicapping Required!! ++FREE!! High-Quality LED Lighted Pen!! +++ Still More!! (see below)



The Quick-Pic Daily Double Profit Wizard!


FREE!! Super High-Quality, Aluminum Body, World’s Greatest Handicapper LED (lighted) Pen!! A $19 value – comes with its own gift box!!


From our Resident DD Expert, ‘Daily Double’ Don

A Proven Profit System for Daily Double Play that Requires No Past Performances & No Handicapping!

+++FREE!! Super High-Quality, Aluminum Body, World’s Greatest Handicapper LED (lighted) Pen!! A $19 value – comes with its own gift box!!  See the Video!

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>>And there’s still more  —  see the bottom of the page!   But for now let’s get familiar with Don’s latest remarkable Daily Double Profit system!



The Daily Double – The Best Value Wager at the Racetrack!

Oldtimers will remember that years ago, the Daily Double was the only exotic wager offered on the card, and it was only on the first two races.

Since then, of course, a ton of other exotic wagering schemes have been implemented at all racetracks and the Daily Double has taken a backseat and actually has become the least popular exotic wager.

And why is this important to your bottom line? 

Because the fact that many players are ignoring this wager, the Daily Double has become a ‘overlay’ situation.  In otherwords, research shows that overall DD payoffs have increased by roughly 12% over what they were 20 or more years ago.  Therefore you will be rewarded with a nice ‘premium’ when you make the Daily Double a regular part of your wagering regimen.

You may remember ‘Daily Double’ Don (Don Branigan), as his friends call him, as he was one of several handicappers featured in our best selling Easy Money Pro! book.  While his most potent DD systems involve some handicapping, his recently discovered Quick-Pic Daily Double Profit Wizard! involves NONE!  No handicapping, no pps.⇣

‘Wizard simply combines the MAGIC of the odds and field size to determine play!


>>Says Don:  ‘This is actually the second no-handicapping DD system I developed (>>P.S. – you are also going to get the other one in the Bonus described below!).  I have looked at literally tens of thousands DD situations and am confident that this methodology will continue to work as well in the future as it has in the past.’

We looked at roughly 1,100 racecards at tracks both big and small (and Harness Tracks to boot!) and it’s remarkable that on most days you come home with a profit.  The average number of Daily Double Wizard plays you will get on an average 9-race card is @3, depending on field size, and your hit rate, at most tracks, will be @41%.


Here’s What You Need To Successfully Use Don’s Quick-Pic Daily Double Profit Wizard!

  1. A Daily Program or a Listing of the Entrants on Today’s Card with Official Program Numbers.

  2.  The Official Morning Line Odds (these are the odds shown in the program whether you have the paper version or are using the Internet.


Yep — That’s It!  And trust us — you will be cashing in on as many (likely more!) Daily Doubles than the folks who spend hours handicapping!


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So, what are you waiting for!  You get: Don’s Quick-Pic Daily Double Profit Wizard!; his Complete DD Strategy Book; ++ A High-Quality LED Pen that You will enjoy for Years!

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