MR. A’s PRIVATE RACEBOOK METHOD!! Limited Edition: just 75 Available. From one of the most Prolific Handicappers of ALL TIME!! ++ FREE, Jess Howe’s ZERO-RISK ODDS MANEUVER!!



A very robust, versatile, and accurate Method!

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NOTE:  We were initially limited to selling just 100 of Mr. A’s Private Method, but have now been given permission to release another 75 copies, so get it while you can!  P.S. Does Great with Quarter Horses, too!!

Editor’s Note:  Being the largest distributor of handicapping products in North America has its advantages.  When a handicapping author seeks to market a product, they normally come to us first. 

The other advantage is that we are often able to locate gems from the past …. as in this case …. and we scored BIG.

While publishing license does not permit us to use the original name of this system, you likely all know who we are talking about … one of the best-selling authors of all time who introduced his ‘Private Method’ a few decades ago.  It quickly sold out … and we are talking tens of thousands being sold … and then just as quickly vanished from the market.

The method received rave reviews from the likes of Andy Beyer, Dick Mitchell, the Daily Racing Form reviewers, etc., etc., but anyone wanting a copy after the initial sellout was out of luck.  We’ve had dozens of inquiries and requests over the years but were unable to secure a copy.

>>UNTIL Now, that is.<<


It was over lunch with a few oldtimers at the Wynn Racebook in Las Vegas.  One of the fellow, Paul, told us he had bought the rights to a certain method years ago but never did anything with it.  ‘It seemed like too much of a hassle’, Paul told us.  ‘I didn’t know who to approach or how much to ask for it, and my agreement was that I could not use the original name of the system, so I just put it in a drawer.’

When he told us the name of the method, our jaws dropped.  ‘What?!’, I quietly yelled, ‘Do you know how many players have been literally dying to get a copy of that?!’  And my partner said, ‘Geez – I’ve never even seen a copy – – I’ve been hearing about it for years.’  And I said — ‘Paul, please dig it out from your sock drawer and let us try to market it.’

Paul just said ‘OK.  I didn’t realize that I was sitting on a pot of gold!  But, seriously, can you please just limit your sales to 100 copies!  I don’t want to get too ambitious with this if it’s really this special.’ 

‘Well, maybe not gold’, I said, ‘but there are a lot of folks who would love to have this method in their possession, and we can put it together in a package with another high-percentage system we just acquired (Zero-Risk Odds Maneuver), so let’s give it a go, and 100 copies it is.’

***‘Of all the things I have bought – this is absolutely stunning – very robust, versatile, and accurate. It really brings a lot angles together in a very solid, fundamental and integrated way. WOW!!!’***  Ross Shiraki, Harrisburg


So, here it is!  Give the following a good read – not only are you getting Mr. A’s Private Method!, but Paul also gave us Mr. A’s Exacta Key Strategy!, which has an amazing 43% Exacta hit rate, AND … you are also getting Jess Howe’s Super Consistent

Zero-Risk Odds Maneuver!, where ‘Best Bets’ have high win/place % and a show rate approaching 94%!

And we have priced both the paper versions and the Software very reasonably, so you have every reason to give the Mr. A Package a try, especially when you don’t have anything to lose with our money-back guarantee!


Mr. A’s Private Method — The Software!!

‘One of the absolute best Software Programs I’ve seen for In-the-Money Horses and simply GREAT for Trifecta Players!’                Bob Shurig

‘Mr. A’s Software Program is a giant leap for horseplayers at every level of the game! Amazing Exacta & Trifecta program!

Tom Console

Make your horseracing life even EASIER with the Mr. A’s Private Racebook SOFTWARE! 

Super – High Win, In-The-Money @ Show Hit Rate.  AND ….  Easily one of the best Exacta/Trifecta Cashers we have ever produced!!





And check out Mr. A’s Expertise with the Quarters!   Note that in field sizes of 6 to 10 that most were nicely profitable!

Mr. A’s Private Method  $59.60

Mr. A’s Private Method Ebook  $53.88

Mr. A’s Private Method Software  $111.00

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