Les Conklin’s Iconic Handicapping Classic, PAYDAY at the RACES! Is NOW on SOFTWARE!! Perfect Consistency + Price. ++Includes Les’s Fail-Proof Bankroll Strategy!


Les Conklin’s Pay Day at the Races!

Included FREE!!:  Les’s Remarkable Bankroll Strategy, originally published under the title ‘$61,000 for $2 in 30 Days!’  A No BS way to Profit with as little as 20% Winners!  (We know Pros who still use this strategy today!)




Included FREE!!:  Les’s Remarkable Bankroll Strategy, originally published under the title ‘$61,000 for $2 in 30 Days!’  A No BS way to Profit with as little as 20% Winners!  (We know Pros who still use this strategy today!)


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How We Got Here

‘Groundbreaking’ is a word that is usually used to describe an achievement or event that alters people’s perceptions of what was previously possible.  These milestones, regardless of which area of life they occur, have the effect of a ‘slap in the face’, so to speak, making folks suddenly aware of new and exciting possibilities for the future.  The automobile assembly line, air travel, space travel, the personal computer, the cellular phone, are just a handful of the major ‘groundbreakers’ of which we are all well aware.

But these revolutions in intelligence, theory and practical application also occur in every imaginable area of our daily lives, including the game that is near and dear to all of our hearts, the Sport of Kings.

In our case, those of us who are dedicated handicappers are always looking for the next big thing.  And BIG things, things that have changed our perception of the game, have occurred on a fairly steady basis over the years.

The first really big innovation was the Totalizator, i.e., Tote Board, back in the 1930s, which allowed players to clearly see where the money was going, and the wise tote watcher was able to spot trends and potential coups.

And then came E.W. Donaldson, whose Consistent Handicapping Profits book, originated concepts like race shapes, ‘sheets’, ‘turn times’, parallel times, exhaustion charts, etc.

American Turf Monthly began publication, featuring a genius handicapper by the name of Ray Taulbot, whose work is influencing handicappers to this day.

And then there was Lou Holloway, Dowst, Walt Owen.

And in the late 60s, through his brilliant publications, Tom Ainslie opened the game up wide to novice players who hoped to make a buck at the track.

And of course, one of the most earth-shattering  groundbreakers of all time, Andy Beyer, came along in the 70s and his influence on the game will last for eons.



But there many other groundbreakers in our game who are not as well known.

In 1954, a fellow by the name of Les Conklin, who had been a public handicapper for years, published a book called Pay Day at the Races!  It has been reprinted several times, with an estimated 122,000 copies sold.

It was remarkably different from many of the other publications of the day in that his strategy was incredibly simple.  No sweating over the PPS for hours and hours  —  just concentrating on a small handful of factors and just one or two horses in playable races. 

Mark Mellen, a Professional of the day and a frequent ATM contributor wrote in his review: ‘It looks to me that Les Conklin just promoted the average horseplayer into at least the fringes of the Professional ranks.  His methodology is not only sound, it’s so darned simple a 12-year-old could learn it.  This is a must-read for any player who longs to enjoy the feeling of frequently coming home from the track with more money than he left with.’

Here is the book’s Preface from well known racetracker Bill Corum


👉Pay Day at the Races – Glowing Reviews from the Top Names in the Game!

“Les Conklin, in his Pay Day at the Races, hit upon a winning formula for many types of races and was the first to recognize the extreme consistency of Gelded Horses.  Any player applying his principles will enjoy a big edge on this game.”  Tom Ainslie, author, The Compleat Handicapper.

“I cut my handicapping teeth on Les Conklin’s work and expanded upon it in my own books.  His bankroll management strategy remains one of the most consistent and logical I have ever used.”  Steve Davidowitz, author, Betting Thoroughbreds

“Les Conklin remains one of the true heroes of the system players in this game.” Andy Beyer

“If it wasn’t for Les Conklin and his Pay Day at the Races, I may have never gotten into this game.  He made solving the difficult puzzle of a thoroughbred race much simpler, to the point that I realized that it was really possible to win money at the races.”  Bill Quirin, author, Speed Points



Our FindingsBetter Overall Results with the Software and Exciting Outcomes Using the Bankroll Strategy

Payday at the Races! has been on our ‘to do’ list for quite awhile.  When Len initially tested a ‘skeleton’ version of Payday he programmed the results were quite promising.

Len wanted to make the program even ‘tighter’, however, and by allowing several factors to work in the ‘background’, the final testings produced super solid results.  Not only was the program consistent, but double digit payoffs were frequent and they often came in bunches.

‘I was as true to the original system as possible,’ Len told us, ‘and since the results of the bare bone programming were great, I knew I could make them even better by adding in additional data, like trainer factors and bris speed calculations, etc.  And, indeed, the software shows better overall consistency and basically the same % of double-digit winners with the changes I made.’


👉👉’Also, the new formulas make Les’s Bankroll Management Strategy even more viable.  His ‘$61,000 for $2 in 30 Days’ Plan works perfectly just playing the selections to win.  Granted, most players will likely stop much sooner than 30 days, as soon as they see a substantial profit, and then start another session. 

But we have run hundreds of scenarios using this strategy with a 98% success rate.  Of course, you will do just fine betting the plays any way you would like even if you don’t want to use the Bankroll Strategy.  It’s all up to you.’

Let’s Look at the Screenshots.  

You will note that there are many examples here of double digit winners.  👉👉There’s a reason for that:  Pay Day at the Races! produces a lot of Double Digit winners.  That’s one reason Les’s money management plan can produce solid profits even with lower win %s. 

PD does pick many, many horses at lower odds of course, but the average win mutuel is a hefty $9.71!.













“My Dad introduced me to the Les Conklin handicapping procedure via his excellent book, Pay Day at the Races, when I was just a newbie at this game.  It opened my eyes and made me realize that I was ‘over handicapping’ and there was much simpler way to cash frequently, and often at high prices.  Even though I went on to become mostly a pace handicapper, I still utilized Les’s principles every racing day.” Tom Brohamer, author, Pace Makes the Race

Pay Day at the Races! is easily one of the most consistent producing price programs we have ever developed.

Les Conklin, handicapped for major newspapers in the days when you really had to be good, since there was a lot of competition.

So he developed his methodology to produce good payoffs, frequently, while many of the other public handicappers focused on favorites.

So you can now have the benefit of his expertise and, again the examples above are not just a mirage — you will be provided with price opportunites like these, often.


And his bankroll management strategy is a pip!  And we will include it FREE! with your purchase.

It is extremely simple to follow, and it you use it as instructed, you will be very pleased with the results.

Len ran hundreds of scenarios, using the software picks, and 98% of them showed solid profits in as little as seven days. 

While Les admits that the example he provides in the ‘$61,000 for $2 in 30 Days’ is definitely on the high side, he shows you how to pull back once you have a good profit and then starting another series.  Len found this the best way to go as well, as modest wagers can be maintained with still excellent results.

And Pay Day at the Races! is very reasonably priced at just $99.50

and of course carries a full money back guarantee

We guarantee you will fall in love with this one and we also guarantee that you will hit more double digit prices in just the next few weeks than you probably ever have in your racing career.

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