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Ways and Means of Winning, Maximum Profits @ Minimum Risk


Offered to the Public for the First Time!

  From the World’s ALL-TIME Best-Selling Handicapping AuthorRay Taulbot! 


(includes Ray’s H&R Bankroll Strategy Method)

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It’s a Whole Lot More than Luck!

Picking winners and making a long range profit at the racetrack is hardly a random process.  You can have lots of fun betting on your favorite numbers or horses with the same name as your Aunt Jenny, but making money, consistently, requires a plan.  And we are very fortunate that over the years, many professional, winning players also became authors to share their expertise with us.

And while it’s difficult to separate the top tier of handicapping authors, there is one name that stands out based on his sheer quantity and quality of his work:

Ray Taulbot!

  Ray spent 35 years as the managing editor of American Turf Monthly and his volume of quality, how-to-do-it-right-at-the-races material exceeds even that of the great Tom Ainslie.  Every word of almost every sentence of Ray’s work provided the player with knowledge that was simply not available anywhere else.

And it’s also more than just ‘luck’ that we got hold of this rare gem.

  As the largest publisher of handicapping products in the world, we are in the enviable position of having authors come to us.  In this case, as with many of our products, Ways & Means was sent to us from a longtime customer who had been using it profitably for decades.

The Method is very simple to use — to get the full benefit of the system you will also want to follow Ray’s H&R Bankroll Management Plan, which is super easy to apply.

You will find that your overall winning average is close to 34% with an average win mutuel of $8.42, which produces a solid +43% ROI.

Look at the example below.  See if you can figure why Biddy Duke (below) came up very strong:

In the 7th race on May 23, Biddy Duke was considered a ‘Standout’ Play according to the system’s rules.  She won smartly and returned $12.40 for the win.


Of course, if you don’t want to do any work at all, check out the Software!



Also note that Len the Ways & Means Software creates its own Value Line morning line —  see TCM/L column.   The Value Line is more indicative of a horses true chances as opposed to the official morning line, which at many tracks is not accurate at all.

The WM Value Line

The software is designed to produce a ‘value line’ which differs from the morning line. The value line takes into account dozens of factors and produces a clearer picture of what each contenders’ chances are. The best way to use this feature is to look for horses who are lower on the WM line than on the morning line.

Now, because of the fact that the point totals in this method tend to group fairly close together, you will note that the WM line tends to have several horses with close to the same odds. The key here is to look for horses that are considerably below the morning line – like a 15-1 that has a WM line between 6-1 and 9-1, or a 30-1 that is at 10 or 12-1.

The WM line works best in races for horses who have several starts (minimum four each) – so you will find it most accurate in 3 & up and 4 & up races.   The WM line can also be used to spot vulnerable favorites. If a 2-1 ml is 10-1 or more WM line, that may suggest that the linemaker is overestimating a horse’s chances.

Using Ray’s H&R Bankroll Strategy

The H&R Money Management Strategy is a conservative way to manage your bankroll at the trackit will overcome even long losing streaks, though you won’t have many with the Ways And Means Method.  We searched for a card that had only one winner late in the day and as you can see from the Summary Sheet below, you would have cashed to the tune of $530 on a total investment of just $126.  Also, check out the fun with the Trifectas along the way!


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This is a real gem — an extremely simple and accurate method that not only shows you how to select your contenders, but also an ingenious way to structure your Trifecta ticket for maximum ‘hit’ potential.  It’s a $48 value —  yours FREE!!!

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