Ellis Sterling’s The ALLSTAR RACETRACK COMPUTER ‘BOOK’! Now on Software!! Extremely High ITM % + A Super-Accurate High Paying Exacta/Trifecta Selector!!


Ellis Sterling’s:  The ALLSTAR RACETRACK COMPUTER ‘BOOK’!  Now on Software!  Exclusive New Release!

Super Consistency + Price + A Top Notch Exacta/Trifecta Selector!


This program is about as Predictive as a program can get.  Incredible consistency, and what I really like is that when it picks a morning line favorite, you can be assured that that horse will be super competitive.  You can count on these picks to be ‘true’ favorites who have everything going for them, and not ‘false’ favorites that are overbet by the crowd.  Gets some great prices as well.  And, yes, as you say, the percentage of Exacta and Trifecta payoffs is the highest I have ever seen.  Thank You for this.’  David Brookshire, author, ‘Supplemental Income from the Racetrack!’

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You may remember this one.  Widely advertised in various turf publications, it was introduced a couple decades back by well-known Racetrack Professional Ellis Sterling, who put his winning handicapping methods in a book called The Allstar Racetrack Computer Book.

Now, the interesting thing about this publication, is that it also included ‘code’, or coding, that would allow a player with some good computer knowledge to create a program of the methodology by following the instructions, thus the word ‘Computer’ in the book’s title.

As far as we know, few if any of the book’s purchasers actually used the coding to create the program, but when Len got hold of the publication he saw ‘gold’ before his eyes. 

‘I first noted that the methodology in the book was extremely sound’, Len tells us, ‘then, after studying the code, I found that whoever designed it, whether the author or someone else, had created some absolutely glorious algorithms related to recent performance, class changes, speed and trainer patterns that I could tell would produce very accurate results. 

And after I coded it, the results were even better than what I had initially expected.  I then added in some other ‘proven’ handicapping algorithms that improved the overall results even further, and I truly believe that the Exacta/Trifecta box selections are the best we have ever published.  Not only is the Exacta hit rate in the 43% range, and Trifectas 24%+, but many of the payoffs are absolutely sensational.’


The Allstar Racetrack Computer Program! is extremely accurate, with win %s of 45% + in designated odds ranges (these will be explained in the manual).

Runouts on the win end are very short, with three being considered a long one, and on an in the money basis, very seldom to you go two races in a row without the selection running at least 3rd.  You won’t get a lot of huge payoffs, though they do occasionally hit, but you will get a steady diet of winners and Exacta and Trifecta payoffs.


👉👉’This is truly a ‘precision’ program, in that most of the time the top pick hits the board.  In addition, its ability to locate price horses is downright amazing.  You have truly designed a program that would seem to fit every player’s needs and provide them with the ability to cash many more tickets than they would on their own, with the added satisfaction of some great Exacta & Trifecta hits.  Good job!’  Barry Levinson, pro player, Brooklyn, NY

Top selections make for excellent ‘key’ horses in your exotics.  Selections in the 7/5 to 3/1 morning line range will run at least 3rd 86% of the time, so don’t ever leave this type of horse out of your Exotic plays.  With the very high win %, they are also excellent to use as ‘singles’ in your Pick 3s, 4s, etc.


👉👉And on many, many cards, you will get multiple winners and in the money horses, + Exactas and Trifectas.  Take a look at the two cards below.  While every card, of course, is not this good, you will find many, many that are.  👉Most cards have 3 or more winners and 3 or more Exactas/Trifectas. 

And, despite the ‘formful’ nature of the top selections, the Exotics often pay a Bundle.


Tampa Bay

Oaklawn — 3 wins, 5 2nds, 1 3rd, 5 Exactas, 4 Trifectas


Take a look at the screenshots below.  You will immediately see how versatile this program is, from short prices to long prices and everything in between.  And, again, take a look at the Exacta & Trifecta hits.



The Trifecta hit below is the top payoff we found in our research, and it occurred just the other day.  We have logged several Trifectas in the $200 to $900 range as well. 




The Secret Sauce: Solid Favorite Algorithms & Profit Pattern Longshots

Ellis created some great, great ‘indicator’ angles that not only pointed out favorites that are ‘true’ favorites (as opposed to ‘false’, which comprise a good 40% of all favorites), but also a longshot angle that closely mimics the well known Profit Pattern Longshot angle.  😃The program’s ability to locate these price horses, and include them in the Exacta/Trifecta Box section, is the main reason that so many of the Exactas & Trifectas pay so well. 😃

👉👉When the program picks a horse that is also the morning line favorite at odds of under 3/1, the win % is 45.6% and they show at close to 86% of the time so, again, these horses are great to use as ‘singles’ in your horizontal exotics and also a dream for ‘show’ parlayers.


So, with the ALLSTAR RACETRACK COMPUTER ‘BOOK’ Software, you have a program that:

👉👉Is Extremely Accurate in all types of races.

👍👍Is Especially Accurate with Favorites, identifying them as ‘True’ Favorites, and the vast majority of the time these horses are going to hit the board.

👉👉Is Great at Identifying Big Prices, both with Straight Betting and, especially, in the Exotics.

👌👌Is perhaps the Best Overall Exacta & Trifecta selector we have ever Published.

So what are you waiting for?  Get Started Today with this Gem of Consistency & Price.

It is priced right at just $99.75 and, of course, carries a full Money Back Guarantee

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