Gregg Banner’s New SPEED DEMONS! – A Multi-Faceted Speed/Pace/Quirin/Class Handicapping Software Program!! Generates Full PPs + Dynamite Trainer Stats!


Gregg Banner’s New SPEED DEMONS!

A Multi-Faceted Speed/Pace/Quirin/Class Handicapping Software Program!! Generates Full PPs + Dynamite Trainer Stats!

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Publisher’s Note:  While we pride ourselves in the quality of the products we produce, we also recognize that there are other purveyors of top-drawer Handicapping Software out there.  And one of the absolute best, in our humble opinion, is Gregg Banner, who has created several ingenious software programs over the years. 

Gregg has received sterling ratings from Phillips Racing Newsletter, HorsePlayer Monthly,, East Coast Pony Picker and others.

The first of Greg’s programs we are featuring is Speed Demons!, which not only rewrites many of the generally-accepted ‘speed’ handicapping, 👉but also provides the player with several excellent winning angles.  👍It also generates complete DRF-style Past Performances and Excellent Trainer Angle/ROI reports.  Take a look:

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From Gregg

‘I’m Gregg Banner (NorCalGreg) of Oakland, Ca.  Welcome to my World of Winning Software!

One day, I just got so tired of scanning the Racing Form–up and down, back and forth, writing notes with red and green sharpies.  It sometimes took all night, and bleary-eyed would make my wagers and go to bed.

I had to find a better way before I went blind.  I have a distinct handicapping process…👉I mainly look for horses with recent activity, winning pace figures, good connections, and early speed.  Sprint or route…SPEED is the only true bias in racing.

I came up with my own proprietary figures you’ll find nowhere else.  😎I developed a “Power Number” that has a higher ROI than Bris’ Prime Power.  It’s actually brilliant—Bris’ Prime Power is as well…but EVERYONE has it, diluting it’s effectiveness.  

My first handicapping program is called PLATINUM–so my Power Number is “PLATINUM POWER”.  Other programs of mine are EXOTIC BETS!, BEST-FIVE!, PONY-PICKER!    and>>>  SPEED DEMONS!

>>>👉👉My programs have received top-5 awards for the year in Phillips Racing Newsletter.  All use pace ratings, speed figures, class, recency and connections.

I sell my programs for a very reasonable price …  there is definitely GREAT VALUE here.  I can send it digitally through your email—no tax or shipping!  Just click a link and it downloads to the folder of your choosing, because WHO WANTS TO WAIT??’—NCG 



The various columns you see on the main page contain a virtual smorgasborg of critical handicapping data.  All columns can be sorted and many can be used as high-% angles all on their own (the manual will explain which columns are most critical under which situations).  You will note the various columns, as explained below, provide you with critical handicapping info as well as Gregg’s own proprietary ratings and algorithms).   Speed Demons uses the same $1 Single Data File as RPM software does.


SPEED DEMONS! Contains a number of winning angles, as well as the ability to view complete DRF Style PPs for every runner, and outstanding Trainer Stats (you can at a quick glance tell exactly which trainers have shown long term profits from an angle that applies to today’s race).  You can just click on the desired angle and all of the horses who fit that angle today will be displayed on the screen. 

👉We have found that the Easy Money, Double Back, Aussie Outback, Faded Glory and Winning Habit angles produced the best overall results, but every angle provides a unique, long term proven winner-getting algorithm.



“I simply love the versatility of the Speed Demons Program.  My guess, being a handicapping system author, is that if Gregg’s angles in here were sold separately the price would be in the $1,200+ range.  He has provided a wealth of handicapping info and expertise for an extremely modest price.  Get your hands on this program — you will immediately see what I mean! (P.S. – check out the ‘Faded Glory’ angle — an incredible price-producer!)”  Tom Console

🤠With Speed Demons You Can View DRF-Style PPs for Every Horse!

Sorting on Columns E1 or E2 provide you with the the fastest early and mid-race runners — this is one extremely accurate ‘trick’ in sprint races with the top scorer hitting the board most of the time.  All of the other columns are sortable as well, allowing you to find high scorers in other important handicapping areas.

📺Just double click on any horse to view full DRF PPs!

And Take a Look at the Great Trainer Data Reports the Software generates.  These reports list EVERY trainer angle that is applicable to today’s race and provides how each trainer has performed with the angle and the overall ROI.  Anything above 1.00 is a positive ROI.

So what you’ve got here is a sophisticated software program that literally accomplishes dozens of critical handicapping tasks related to speed, pace, class, etc., and presents them on a silver platter for the player’s use.  Check it out, for sure!

And while we feel that Gregg is seriously underpricing his product, we are offering it for just $69.90, and of course there is a full money-back guarantee.

So give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  And call us with any questions, of course.


The Speed Demons Software Program  $69.90