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Since Amazon began their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales several years ago, most retailers have jumped on the bandwagon to offer great savings on items in their inventoryThese Sale Days have actually been much more of a benefit to consumers than to retailers, since it gives them an opportunity to purchase items which they may not have wanted to spring for at the regular price, while merchants margins are cut significantly.  

Sale Extended thru October 15!  Most of these are premium items, which you can grab at up to 71% savings.  Simply click on the link below each product to read more about them on our website.  Call us at 1-800-696-0067 if you have any questions or to order, or order on our website.



Manipulating Speed, The Quirin Way!!

What Is More Critical in Picking Winners than Locating the Likely Early Leader(s)? Not Much! Let Manipulating Speed, The Quirin Way!, Show You the Way! +++FREE Excel Spread Sheet Master Multiplier Bankroll Strategy!

83% of all sprint races and 77% of all route races are won by horses that were on or near the early lead!

Reg.  $99.50    Now  $59.50!

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The Z-CODE DYNAMIC ENERGY MODULE!  The First Horse Racing Methodology Ever to Employ Energy Wave TheoryCatches Horses at Their Peak Energy Fitness!

Regular $148.00    –  Now just $88.00!!!

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Bert Norman’s Monster Daily Double System/Software!

This is one we discovered in Bert’s Best-Selling book, The Best of Bert Norman! 

Bert was brilliant at eliminating non-contenders, and when you can do that for two races in a row, that considerably enhances your chances of hitting the Daily Double.


Reg. $68.00    Now  $45.88!

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Ray Taulbot’s The BLITZ!!

Includes New!! Sensational Value Line Tool & New SNAPSHOT ‘the numbers behind the numbers’ Feature!

 1st Time Ever Published!!

Reg. $88.00    Now  $58.75!

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The DRAAMAN, II Mystery Method! – A Remarkable Method Developed Originally for Racing in Hong Kong & Australia – NOW!! Adapted for Racing in the U.S.! Consistency + BIG Prices!!

Regular Retail  $97.90      Now just  $59.90!   

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Len Cz’s Tailor MadeThe Magic ‘Word’ Software!!

What is the ‘Magic Word’ and how can this one simple word vastly increase your chances of making significant profits at the racetrack?

Once you know the Magic Word, which can be found in the conditions of any race, you will have the ability to get prices like these on a fairly regular basis:


Tailor-Made!~ actually ‘reads’ the race conditions (the race conditions are found at the top of every race – they explain what type of race this is and who is eligible to run).  And in doing so, the Software uncovers those ‘secrets’ that trainers so carefully guard … ‘secrets’ that often lead to enormous-priced winners!

Regular Retail  $147.00     Now just    $87.60!!

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NEW!!   FIGS!! 

Ron Stabile’s FIGS WINNING System! Performance Equation Super-Supplement to Robert S. Sinn’s Master Speed Formula!    Superb Accuracy — Superb Prices!

‘Thank Goodness FIGS+ is finally on software — this is the absolute best winner and Exacta/Trifecta picker I have ever dealt with.  Thank You, thank you, thank you!’ 

Pat Bartolotta, mutuels manager, The Meadowlands, NJ

Regular Retail $138.00    NOW   $97.90!!!

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Guy Michaels The WINNING SYSTEM!!


Guy embarked on an amazing racetrack journey beginning in the mid-70s.  His journalist credentials allowed him to visit the press boxes at dozens of racetracks.  His writing and observational skills made him many friends in the sport, including some of the cagiest players in the country, and gave birth to this remarkable system!

First time on sale!  Regular $99.50    Now just  $69.90

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 Ray Taulbot’s Let The Trainer Tell You When! Software   reg.  $111.00   sale price $68.50

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The Console Brothers’ FACTOR X Software!   reg.  $141.00   sale price  $68.88

Precision Multi-Factor Handicapping Selection Accuracy.  One of the Consoles’ Best!



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Mark Cramer’s Short Form Paradigm Software!   Great, great Value!!  reg.  $247.00  sale price  $127.00!


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Rob Henie’s Del Mar/Saratoga Premium Selection Service!

Get on Board for the Nation’s #1 Del Mar/Saratoga Selections Service from Rob Henie at a Great Introductory Price!! Used by many of the Top Professionals in the Nation!

An Absolutely Fabulous Selection Package, for a Super Introductory Price


$97 Each or Just $157 for Both!!!!

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Introducing!! SUPER MASTER CONSENSUS STARS! with NEW ‘SNAPSHOT’ Feature!The Perfect ‘Blend’ of High Performance Systems to Create an Even Higher Performing Software. Works on Thoroughbreds & Quarters!   reg. $197.00   Now   $148.00


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Hot Product!! Tom Console’s & Dr. Robert Anthony’s Project UFON 3000!   reg.  $199.00  now  $88.88


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TCPLUS Thoro-Cap-Plus! – Phillip Racing Newsletters HIGHEST Rating Ever!!!  software reg. $127.00  Now $77.77   ebook reg $55.55  Now $43.97


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PaceAce, PLUS!! A TOTAL PACE Sartin-Style Software Program that Produces Super Accurate Selections to Boot!! ‘The Best I’ve Seen!’ Randy (Pace Appraiser) Giles. Now at a Great Discount Price!   reg. 197.00   Now just $110.70




Tom Console – 94.5% No-Handicapping Show System! + Walt Owen Legacy System!  ebook  reg. $48.00   sale  $25.90


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Jeff Sillifant’s 2020: A Race Odyssey! From one of the Most Prolific Racetrack Author of Our Time! ++Oddfellows Consistency Plays!!  reg. $155.00  sale  $97.50


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Astro-Certain/Magic Numbers Software!

The Perfect Blend of Handicapping and Numerology!  A Best Seller!

Includes Jerry’s State Lotto Magic Number Strategy FREE!!!

Handicapping Blends with Numerology!  reg. 155.00  Now $77.88


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‘Literally A Can’t-Lose Money Management Strategy, Even If You Can’t Handicap!’
~ Dr. Anthony’s

Smart-Bet Professional Formula!

1) Provides the player with simple, no nonsense WIN strategy that will guarantee a BUILT-IN FIXED PROFIT. Can be used at the track, the satellite or betting from home.

2) Will show you HOW BETTING ON ONLY FAVORITES AT 9-TO-5 OR HIGHER WILL RESULT IN A SURE-FIRE POSITIVE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. This is a real no-brainer. I love it, because I don’t have to THINK!

Regular Price:  $48.00   Sale Price:  $35.88!

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Two of The Highest Win% Systems in Our Inventory for One Great Low Price – ++A FREE Bonus Offer You Won’t Believe!! ++The Famous Foursome Software Program!!  reg. $88.00   Now just $57.77


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The Great Discovery!

A Proven, No-Handicapping Selection Method & a Long Term Profitable Bankroll Management Strategy all Rolled into One!!

George Adams, who helped edit books for Tom Ainslie and Andrew Beyer, said of The Great Discovery: ‘It’s really no tougher than just looking at some numbers!’

Regular Price $48.00  –  Now just $38.88

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An Adventure into the strange world of Numerology and Handicapping!


Ebook regular price $44.88   Now just $28.88!

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The Preferred Exotic Wager of Professional Players is not the Exacta, or Trifecta, or Superfecta. It’s the Pick 3. Here’s Why, and How YOU can Take Advantage of it. From Mitchell, Quinn & Tracy.  ebook reg. $59.00   Now $39.00

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So give us a call  1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  All sale prices good through July 15!