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 Jeff Sillifant’s 2020: A Race Odyssey!

A 2-Rule Wonder Method Based on Previous Odds

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Jeff, as many of you know, is one of the most prolific creators of quality systems of our time.  He is also the master of simplicity — most of his systems contain just a handful of rules.  Jeff, a former Air Force Information Officer, spent years traveling the world as a newspaper editor and war correspondent.

He tells us he got sick and tired of all the long-distance commuting, and went back to the game he loved, deciding to create viable, simple methods of play that would provide he and his wife a supplementary income.  ‘Simple’ is the key word here.

‘Odyssey has just TWO rules

>>Jeff has this remarkable ability of finding factors, or combinations of factors, that no one else seems to be able to find.  (‘Odyssey’ is a play on names, as the systems primary selection criteria involves ‘Odds’).  And, all of his systems get great prices. 

In fact, ‘Odyssey had a $100.20 winner in the 28-day test below (you will get the complete workout with your purchase).  —

Even if you take that $100 winner out, maybe calling it a ‘fluke’, the win ROI still comes in at +93%.  At the bottom of the page below you will see listed all the systems Jeff created over the past 18 years or so.

As you can see, all show remarkable win & place positive ROIs.  Most also show solid ROIs playing to show as well, including ‘Odyssey which showed an average Show mutuel of $4.47 and a +26% ROI.  **Also, if you had played the Exactas Jeff’s suggested way, the profits would have been considerably greater.


In Jeff’s workout, he also breaks down the results via Morning Line Odds  — on this page are the 4/1, 9/2 and 5/1 odds performed – the horses are listed and then an ROI summary below.  He lists how every odds range from 9/2 to 15/1 performed – again, you will get all of this info when you purchase.

>>Phillips Racing Newsletter, the ‘consumer reports’ of the horse racing system & software industry, has ranked all 10 of Jeff’s systems between a 7 and 8-1/2 out of a possible 10 and all but one landed on their Best Systems of the year TOP 10 annual list.


‘I have always loved Sillifant’s stuff because his methods are so darned consistent in win, place, show & Exacta play.  And 2020 is a real beaut as well!  I am blown away at some of the prices and the show parlay I ran for 30+ days earned me $688 after starting with just 40 bucks.  Thanks!’, Dev Atkins, Dallas, TX

‘What I like is how simple Jeff’s systems are to figure, even though I’m often scratching my head and thinking how the heck do these sometimes bizarre factors produce such great results.  And you guys did a fantastic job with the software – the Exactas & Trifectas hit frequently — and I don’t know who the ‘Oddfellows’ are, but those picks finish in the money much more often then they do not.  Great job!’  Paul Williams, Miami, FL

‘Sometimes I think I’m too old (79) to get excited about anything anymore, but I really perked up after I used Jeff’s 2020 for a few days.  Great prices and great consistency – I’m super conservative and normally bet to place and show — I got $22 and $18 place prices, and six show payoffs between $7 and $13.  This is exactly my cup of tea!’  Sal Devereau, Bronx, NY

So you know that you can confidently rely on any Jeff Sillifant production.  And while his methods are easy to do by hand, the Software makes life so much easier for you. 



The 2020: A Race Odyssey Software Package

Instant, Accurate Selection Power and Featuring Oddfellows’ Consistency Plays & the NEW ‘Exotics with a Flare’ Exacta/Trifecta/Superfecta Plays!

The 2020 Software Package does all the work for you!  2020 does not provide a play in every race, but for those of you desiring action, accurate action, we have provided Consistency Plays (and we mean consistent, Super Consistent!) from Jerry & Mark Fellows (known as the ‘Oddfellows’).  Their formula combining recency, odds patterns, speed and class has been programmed into the software by Len and will provide the user with even more options to score.

2020 hit four DOUBLE DIGIT payoffs on Kentucky Derby Day — one of the toughest betting cards of the year.

Small tracks, big tracks, cheap claimers, Stakes horses, it doesn’t matter — 2020’s ‘hidden odds’ theory produces consistently at them all

The Oddfellows’ Consistency Plays can be relied upon on dirt & turf, wet or dry tracks, all class levels and conditions — at least one of the two Oddsfellows picks will hit the board @78% of the time!

And while Jeff’s systems usually focus on price, 2020 is an absolute dream for chalk players under certain conditions (see below)

And how did 2020 do on Preakness Day?  Well, let’s see:



2020: A Race Odyssey, will add a new element of PRICE + CONSISTENCY to your Play.  It is priced right to boot …  oh, and we’ve got something else for you!:

Did you know that there was a way to blindly bet Exactas, based on rank of odds (fav, 2nd fav, 3rd fav, etc), that will return longterm profits?  Well, there is, and it’s all laid out in a 111,000+ race study called EXACTA LOGIC/TOTE MAGIC!  The author, Ron R., provides all the profitable situations — did you know, for example, that keying the favorite in boxes with the 10th and 12th favorites in fields of 12 horses or more produces a longterm +22.3 Profit?  And there are several other examples that produce positive ROIs as well.  It’s a really neat professional study and the method of play requires virtually no effort on your part.

   And you are going to get Exacta Logic/Tote Magic!, a $48 retail value,  FREE!! with your purchase!

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