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A Widely used, mathematical Engineering Formula adapted to Thoroughbred Racing – Super Fast & Easy & Super-Effective!

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>>>How about a Formula designed for Quantum Engineering that has been converted into a dynamite selection strategy that is both consistent and pulls in Great Prices!


A Widely used, mathematical Engineering Formula adapted to Thoroughbred Racing – Super Fast & Easy & Super-Effective!

***A Fascinating Odds-to-Speed Ratio that Produces Extremely Consistent Results!***

Quantum, II enables you to pinpoint winning & in-the-money selections in almost every single race… at all tracks! The win/in-the-money percentage of Quantum, II is in the 34% to 77% range.  Win ROI +31%  — Place ROI  +18.5%.

Engineering theory and mathematics are and have been used in virtually every aspect of our lives and history, from the construction of the pyramids to developing power systems, to mapping out the stars to creating paperclips. 

And, as it turns out, some engineering formulas are ‘friendly’ to games of chance, such as roulette, craps & 21 …

and even friendlier to games like ours, where there are ‘quantifiable’ statistics available.

Honestly, while we have seen hundreds of formulas combining all kinds of different factors,

>>>we have never seen one that relates speed to odds.<<<

It clearly shows there is a very predictive element using that combo, with a few other things thrown in to make the method even stronger.

And it’s extremely simple to use — maybe 5 minutes per race longhand, or Instantly of course with the software.

Author Jason Fortis tells us: ‘I have used this Formula with tremendous success for a number of years. The method is an extremely dependable profit-maker as it takes advantage of  a situation that 95% of all horseplayers ignore.’

And because you will be using a unique formula that few other horseplayers have even conceived of, not only will you experience consistency, but you will also catch some great longshot prices.

Below is the actual engineering equation which Jason converted into The Quantum, II racetrack system — it is actually a ‘probability’ formula used in many ‘what-if’ type situations in a variety of industries.

While the full formula is programmed into the Quantum, II Software, Jason has reduced the equation to two very simple rules in the paper version.  You can likely do the figuring in your head or simply use a hand-held calculator to find the speed/odds ratio necessary to make a horse a contender.

Then there are just a couple of other rules to insure that the play is as solid as possible and that’s all there is to it!

Below find the extensive database test done by Brad & Payne Stevenson — you can see that Quantum, II produces excellent returns in several categories at most tracks:


>>>When you purchase Quantum, II, you will also be provided with both the requirements for Straight wagering as well as betting strategies for the Exotics.

>>>With Quantum, II, after just a few weeks of use you will notice a big change in your racetrack fortunes.<<<

The ‘change’ being that you are now winning rather than losing!


☛☛And, we’re not finished yet!!  When you purchase Quantum, II, we are going to include a Great Bonus Package.  You will also be getting, FREE!!:


1) The Super Hi-5  — Logical Wagering Strategies! You won’t hit this bet too often, but when you do you are usually looking at a payoff in the thousands and often in the tens of thousands, and this $48 retail publication will show you exactly how to best structure your tickets to have a fighting chance to cash in Big-time!

2)  The BEST Progressive Betting Strategies EVER!!  —  ‘Slow’ Progression; ‘Steep’ Progression; ‘Steady’ Progression; ‘Percentage Progression.  The best collection ever of workable, profitable progression methods – something to fit every type of bettor, from conservative to aggressive and everything in-between.  Works great with the Quantum, II win/place/show strategies.  $65 retail

3) Win, Place Show?  Which Way to Go?  A proven toteboard method that will key you in to exactly how to play — when Win, Place or Show is your most logical wager, and when not to bother playing at all.  Age-old handicapping wisdom contained in this remarkable work — this one will make you money by saving you money on wayward wagers.  $45 retail

>>>>The QUANTUM, II Software!!<<<< 
The Quantum Software is not only 🌩🌩lightning-quick, but is loaded with some incredible features!  
Prime Plays
 Price Plays
 Super-High In-The-Money selections and
A Super-Accurate Exacta/Trifecta Box Selection — Check It out!

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