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So this is a great time to get into the groove with handicapping books and software that will help send you to the Cashier’s Window much more frequently.  We are offering what we feel are some of the best ebooks & Software programs that put a serious emphasis on form, especially ‘dry track’ form, at Great Savings!   +++Save with Pre-Order Options for New Software!



One of the great things about the Summer in our game, is that it marks a return to FORMFUL racing.  That means no more four or five day periods of rainy, sloppy tracks where using a hatpin is often more accurate than trying to handicap.  Very few racecards where turf racing is moved to the main track because of the soggy grass, etc.

So this is a great time to get into the groove with handicapping books and software that will help send you to the Cashier’s Window much more frequently.  We are offering what we feel are some of the best ebooks & Software programs that put a serious emphasis on form, especially ‘dry track’ form, at Great Savings!.

>>Also, we have several new software programs on the way and you can now Pre-Order these items at a substantial discount.  Most will be out by late June and they include:  The 2-Speed Software Program; Dan Speller’s Best Selling Longshot method, The Hidden Treasure Method & a Neat Consistency/Form program from Pat Bartolotta we call The Equalizer!


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Denny Nash’s WATCH & WIN!! NOW, for the 1st Time, On Software!! ‘One of the best Double Digit Price Producers we Have Ever Seen!!’

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Bert Norman’s The Easy Elimination Performance Module!! Gets Right Down to Brass Tacks – Eliminates Non-Contenders — Locates Lucrative Winners!! Consistency + Price!

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Tom Console’s Factor-X!

Computer Selection Software that identifies the now horse more often than not and tells you exactly how to bet it!

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Would You Risk $54.50 to Earn Up to a 125% Return on Your Wagering Dollars?? The Brand New Angle-Oriented Racetrack Millionaire & SuperChalk!

A CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE Way(s) to Play our most Popular

System/Software EverThe Racetrack Millionaire & SuperChalk!!

The Angles (from Zel Fairorth)

Angle 1:  45.5% Win Percentage equaling a +34.5% Return on Investment.

Angle 2:  55.55% Win Percentage and a +64.4% ROI.

Angle 3:  66.7% Win Percentage and a +125% ROI (>>this method also produces a positive ROI when betting to show).

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The Wizard of Odds Software! First Time on Sale Ever!!

In his remarkable 1965 work, Horse Sense: A New and Rigorous Application of Mathematical Methods to Successful Betting At The Track, author Burton P. Fabricand laid out a creative way to beat the races.  His theories come to bloom in the Wizard of Odds Software.

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The ESSENTIAL HANDICAPPER! Yes, There is Simple Way to Make Money at the Track!

There is a way to take home money from the Races the Majority of the Time.

Whew!!  Long Title, but EVERY Word Speaks a TRUTH that All Horseplayers want to hear.

Tom Console, a guy who actually paid his way thru college ( a very expensive college!) by playing the horses, reveals several Simple ‘Truths’ that can propel any player, regardless of his/her experience, into the winners’ ranks.

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From the World’s ALL-TIME Best-Selling Handicapping Author – Ray Taulbot!



👉(includes Ray’s H&R Bankroll Strategy Method)

++++FREE!!!!  Glen Dennings The Tri-Factor Continuum!   A super accurate selection and ticket-structuring strategy for Exactas and Trifectas!

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👉👉Modern Technology now makes it possible to map virtually EVERY Step a horse makes in the running of a race.

Speed Maps, long used in European and Aussie racing, is a huge leap forward for the speed/pace handicapper.

With the new SPEED MAPS!, USA, Software, players in North America will NOW have a deeper knowledge of which horse(s) have a distinct ‘pace/positioning’ advantage from which to spring to the front or make a big in-the-money run.

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The 2-Speed System Software!

Based on one of the Sneakiest Trainer/Jockey Moves in the Game!

The logic to this method is very simple. A horse qualifying on the rules raced close to the pace for the first half-mile. From that point to the stretch call it managed to lose lengths, but lost very little or no ground between the stretch call and the finish. Horses simply don’t run that way unless they blew the turn.

A horse that is raced hard early, then loses ground between the 2nd call and the stretch should continue to lose significant ground between the stretch call and the finish. The trick here, and it’s an old one, is that the only way a horse loses that much ground after showing early speed and then basically stays in the same position until the finish is RACED that way by the jockey. Left up to his own devices, a tiring horse at the half would continue to tire badly until races end.

That’s why we call this the 2-Speed System. The horse is going one speed (fast) early on, but then is geared down to another speed (slower) for the remainder of the race.

A trainer may feel that his horse isn’t quite up to his best effort today. So the horse is given a half-mile workout in an actual race. When the pressure is on in the latter part of the race, the jock lets up on the horse, giving him a breather, settling back to the middle of the pack. To condition him further, the jock then puts some pressure on the horse to either come on again or to at least run ‘evenly’ between the last two calls. This is a great conditioning move and the horse often benefits immensely from this ‘workout’ within a race.

A trainer can also instruct the jock to ride a horse in this manner even if the horse is in good condition. In these cases you’ll often see the horse wheeled back rather quickly (within 15 days or so) with the intention of letting the horse run and hopefully cashing a big bet.

These horses can be tough to spot in the pps, but the New 2-Speed Software Program does all the ‘finding’ for you.  Super Consistent & Double Digit winners are not uncommon.

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Dan Speller’s Hidden Treasure Software Program!


First off, do you like to cash in on big prices? Like $105.00, $124.60, $82.20?

And please be honest:

Other than throwing a dart at the Racing Form pp’s, would you ever actually be able to locate one of these big-priced monsters on your own? Probably not.

But think about this:

What if someone had already developed a method of play, a purely mechanical method of play, as well as software, that would allow you to cash in on huge payoffs like the ones mentioned above?

And what if you discovered that that method was available to you, at a very reasonable price?

Would you jump at the chance to own it?     OF COURSE YOU WOULD!!

Well, guess what! That ‘fantasy’ method mentioned in the paragraph above is very much a reality.

In fact, it’s available to you, exclusively thru us, RPM.

It’s called  The Hidden Treasure Method!

and it is the by the all-time BEST Longshot System Creator ever, the ingenious Dan Speller of New York, New York!

Average Win Mutuel is in the $32 range, and over the last couple years of testing we have logged dozens of winners in the $80+ range.

Will retail for $97.88.  Pre-Order for just $77.50!





Mark Graydon’s  The EQUALIZER Balance-Sensitive Software Module!

‘Balance’If you really think about it, there aren’t a whole lot of things that are more important.  Somehow we are able to balance ourselves on two relatively small parts of our body. 

We are able to center ourselves on a bicycle and ride.  A plane could not fly, a boat could not float and our planet, if not in near perfect balance, would wobble through the solar system, spilling seas onto land and extinguishing most life.  In all phases of life, balance is essential, and that most certainly includes our best friends: Thoroughbred race horses.

👉👉But when we talk race horses, obviously a balanced body is very important, but we translate balance into numbers here, from speed at various calls, to class, to weight, to pace, to surface competency, to the skills of the trainer and jockey, etc.


So once we have seen a thoroughbred run a few times, and he has proven he is capable of at least getting close, we then have the data to evaluate just how ‘balanced’ he is in the above categories. 

A runner with good balance, for example, will normally have a good turn of early speed, shown the ability to withstand pace pressure, shows competency at a certain class level, can carry higher imposts, is proven on today’s surface and his jockey and trainer have good win and in the money %s. 

Now, if a horse is lacking in even one of those categories, that may be enough to throw his numerical balance off at least a bit.  If he is lacking in two or more areas, competent handicappers may eliminate him unless, of course, most horses in the field suffer from the same deficiencies, in which case, the race may be unplayable.

The Equalizer Software is designed to, first off, eliminate runners who appear to lack the necessary balance to compete in today’s field, then compare the survivors to determine the top competitor(s).

Andy Beyer talked extensively about Balance in his My $50,000 Year at the Races book, in which he ventured beyond his initial ‘speed is everything’ philosophy and expounded on the importance of other factors as well.

‘With The Equalizer, you will find everything you need to provide you with a clear picture of exactly what is going on in a race, as it balances several crucial factors that determine the outcome.  It also has come of the most accurate elimination rules that I have ever used.’  Tom Console, Handicapping Software Designer


This is a goodie, and one of the soundest theoretical works we have tested.

Will retail for $138. Pre-Order for just $99.00


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