Mark Graydon’s  The EQUALIZER Balance-Sensitive SPEED/PACE Software Module! High Win & ITM %. See Situations Where Win Rate is 45%+!


Mark Graydon’s  The EQUALIZER Balance-Sensitive SPEED/PACE Software Module!

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Mark Graydon’s  The EQUALIZER Balance-Sensitive Software Module!

‘Balance’.  If you really think about it, there aren’t a whole lot of things that are more important.  Somehow we are able to balance ourselves on two relatively small parts of our body. 

We are able to center ourselves on a bicycle and ride.  A plane could not fly, a boat could not float and our planet, if not in near perfect balance, would wobble through the solar system, spilling seas onto land and extinguishing most life.

In all phases of life, balance is essential, and that most certainly includes our best friends: Thoroughbred race horses.

👉👉But when we talk race horses, obviously a balanced body is very important, but we translate balance into numbers here, from speed at various calls, to class, to weight, to pace, to surface competency, to the skills of the trainer and jockey, etc.

NOTE:  No Video this time due to ‘Horse’-ness which has lasted a week now!

👉Thoroughbred ‘Balance’ is Quantifiable

So once we have seen a thoroughbred run a few times, and he has proven he is capable of at least getting close, we then have the data to evaluate just how ‘balanced’ he is in the above categories. 

A runner with good balance, for example, will normally have a good turn of early speed, shown the ability to withstand pace pressure, shows competency at a certain class level, can carry higher imposts, is proven on today’s surface and his jockey and trainer have good win and in the money %s. 

👉Now, if a horse is lacking in even ONE of those categories, that may be enough to throw his numerical balance off at least a bit. 

If he is lacking in two or more areas, competent handicappers may eliminate him unless, of course, most horses in the field suffer from the same deficiencies, in which case, the race may be unplayable.

👉The Equalizer Software! is designed to, first off, eliminate runners who appear to lack the necessary balance to compete in today’s field, then compare the survivors to determine the top competitor(s).

Andy Beyer talked extensively about Balance in his My $50,000 Year at the Races book, in which he ventured beyond his initial ‘speed is everything’ philosophy and expounded on the importance of other factors as well.


‘With The Equalizer, you will find everything you need to provide you with a clear picture of exactly what is going on in a race, as it balances several crucial factors that determine the outcome.  It also has some of the most accurate elimination rules that I have ever used.’  Tom Console, Handicapping Software Designer


‘This is a great concept and one I really have never considered before.  To me, Consistency is everything, and I love playing to Show, especially with Parlays.  The 45%+ win rate for selected favorites did even better than that in my smaller test (@400 races).’  Bob Shurig, Handicapping author











The Columns

R = Races looked at.

Last = Days Since Last Race

TRN%/JCK% = Jock & Trainer ‘adjusted’ winning percentages based on past record on today’s surface and distance.

-1OD/-2OD = Odds in last two races measured against lengths beaten in those two races.

Factors working in background: Speed, calculated as Best Speed. Can boost or penalize scores in the TOT column. Hidden Pace: measured between 2nd call and 3rd call. Can boost or penalize. Form Parallel = current form based on recent efforts, beaten lengths and gains or losses in stretch. Can boost or penalize.

The Best Ways to Play

All selections are worth serious consideration. Remember that the place % overall I 52% and show 77% with non morning line favorite selections.

Best odds range for selections, i.e., profitable on the win end, is between 3/1 and 6/1.

When the selection is actually the morning line favorite, and the m/l odds are 5/2 or lower, the win rate is 45%+, place 68% and show 87%.

While you won’t get a lot of big prices, you do get excellent consistency on the win/place/show positions.  Take a look the Summary sheets below from Belmont & Laurel.  You will have days like this where almost everything hits the board.

Note the message FAVSTAT45%+ by some of the winners.  When the actual morning line favorite is also the Equalizer top pick, the win rate is 45%+The place rate is 68%+ and the show rate is 87%+. 

This is great knowledge to have, as you will know that if you are playing Exactas/Trifectas, etc., you can never leave these horses out of your wagering equations.  They also make for great ‘Singles’ in Pick 3s, 4s, etc.




This is a goodie, and one of the soundest theoretical works we have tested.

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