A True Professional; A True Story; A Truly Great Opportunity for You to Gain Access to a Handful of Time-Tested, Profitable Angles That Will Have You Cashing Tickets From Now to Kingdom Come!



Editor’s Note: Here at RPM we are in a fortunate position.  Horseplayers and system-writers worldwide come to us with their methods, software, etc., for us to evaluate and perhaps market for them.  Most of what we see fails to make money over the long run, but every once in awhile a real gem crosses our desk, like the work of Bud Kemphert, whose absolutely true story we relate to you here.

Bud Kemphert played like a professional.

He had an arsenal of angles, most of them spot-plays, all that showed long term profits.  He would go out to the track daily and never make a play unless a horse fit one of his angles to a ‘t’.  He wasn’t interested in ‘action’ — he was interested in making money.  And make money he did, lots of it, over his 30-or so year career. The interesting thing about Bud is that he didn’t come up with any of his winning angles on his own.  He instead could be called a ‘collector’, because starting years ago, that’s exactly what he did; collected angles from fellow professionals. His intention, initially, was to compile 15 winning angles from 15 winning pro’s.  He was a lively, likable fellow and knew who the guys were who were making good money from the ponies.

He would befriend these fellows, explain about his concept for a book filled with profitable angles and ask if they would like to participate in the publication by revealing one or more of their favorite winning methods.  While he was often turned down, he nonetheless did reach his 15-angle goal (we’ve included 10 of them in the BK Secret), sometime in the early 1990’s.  He had every angle, written out longhand, tucked away in the satchel he carried to the track daily, and had purchased a new word processor to put everything in readable, and hopefully, publishable form. In the meantime, though, he had been putting the angles to his personal use, and with extremely good results.  He sat down one day to pen the introduction to his book but never got a single word down on paper.  While he was considering the proper introduction to his manuscript, a thought struck him.  ‘Why’, he said to himself, ‘do I want to go to all this work to write a book that may never be published?  I’ve been having a ball out at the track every day and have been pocketing some pretty good pocket change.  If I increase my bets I’ll make even more.  I can always write the book, but for now I’m having too much fun to quit the track and spend a couple of months getting the book into publishable form.’ And so the ‘book’ was put on the shelf.  Bud figured he would write it slowly, in the evenings and on days when the track was dark.  But he never used that new computer/word processor.  Instead he continued his professional life at the racetrack, making enough money to lead a decent middle-class life.

We ran across Bud in the summer of 2005 at Del Mar.  When he learned that we were in the handicapping book publishing business, his eyes lit up.  ‘I’ve got a book you can publish’, he said excitedly, ‘and I think it’s probably better than anything else out there!’ He told us the story about collecting winning angles from pro players.  ‘I never got around to writing the book,’ he told us, ‘but I’m getting up there in years now, and though the track has been good to me I wouldn’t mind a few extra bucks coming in as royalties.’ As we parted Bud told us he would bring the hand-written manuscript to us the next day.  We liked Bud.  We could tell he was honest as the day is long and it certainly sounded like he had something good to offer.

When we ran across Bud the next day, however, it was obvious that something had changed.  ‘I’ve been thinking about it, guys’, he said sheepishly, ‘and I don’t think I’m ready to let this stuff go yet.  I’m still an active player and I’m afraid that widespread distribution of these angles would kill my prices, so I think I’ll back off for now.  But here’s one of the angles,’ he handed us 3-pages of text, ‘just so you know I’m not BS-ing you, and I feel kind of bad for getting your hopes up.’ We didn’t hear from Bud again after that.  Instead we heard from his eldest son in late 2007.  Bud had passed away in his sleep about six months ago, he told us.  While cleaning out his dad’s closets he had found the manuscript with our business card paper-clipped to it.  Bud had apparently scribbled a couple of $$ signs on the card, and his son thought maybe that Bud owed us some money, or vice versa. So we explained about our meeting with Bud.  His son said ‘Geez, there’s probably nothing my Dad would have liked more than to have his book published.  I think he may have been more leary of entering into any kind of business deal, since he had been burned in a handful before, that probably had him thinking twice about publishing the book.  But, hey, I’ll send this stuff to you, and if you decide it’s worthwhile, just give me a call and tell me how the deal works.  Dad left two dogs, Rex and Sabre, who he loved dearly, who we’ve adopted, and any extra money we get from the book we’ll lavish on them.  My Dad would have liked that.’ When we received the manuscript, a page fell out that had these simple words written upon it: ‘The BK Secret’, by Bud Kemphert.  Great title, we thought, but the true  test would be how the ‘secret(s)’ actually worked at the track.

We only had to peruse a few of them to realize that what we were looking at was seriously good stuff.  The angles, overall, were very easy to figure — a couple only required a few seconds to locate plays on an entire race-card.  A couple were very familiar to us, as they were angles very similar to ones we had been using profitably for years.

  • In our initial testing (we tested 20,000+ races for each angle) 10 of the angles came up nicely positive in the ROI column.  We then ran these 10 on the full database (500,000+ races) and, overall, the results were even better.
  • Angle #1 was very consistent and produced a +28% profit,
  • Angle #2 showed a +37% profit playing just Daily Doubles!
  • The method using workouts is as simple as pie but still gets you back @$1.50 for every $1 you put through the mutuel windows!
  • The Allowance Race angle is another that is dirt simple yet gets you big and very consistent returns.
  • And how about the angle called, simply, ‘Play The Best Horse!’.  Makes sense, doesn’t it, yet here’s a method that will have you hitting 50%+ winners, 80% place and over 90% show!, and all at decent profits!
There’s a great longshot angle from Dick Johnson, a fellow we’ve known for quite some time ($27 avg. win mutuel!), a money-management tool, and a fascinating angle called:
‘Perry Giles Point-Count Contender-Getter that simply blew us away because it’s so darned logical we can’t figure out why no one had come up with it before! ‘You know what we’re holding here?’ I said to my partner, Tom (Console).   ‘A booklet that any player, regardless of his level of sophistication, can take to the track and make money.  Now why didn’t we have one of these back when we started out!’‘Because we did it the hard way,’ Tom responded, ‘and tried to figure out how to win all by ourselves.  Bud just cozied-up to these guys and came away with a real goldmine.  Oh well, no one says we can’t start using them now.’ And that we did.  Our philosophy has been that the winning player can never have enough good, solid spot plays.  Angles that you can confidently use year after year, decade after decade, and know that they’re going to turn a profit for you.
And now, with the first-ever publishing of The BK Secret, we can share that knowledge with you.Now you’ll know what Bud knew.  You can choose to use all 10 of these wonderfully profitable angles, or you can just pick out a handful to enhance your racetrack play and pump up your bottom line.After you peruse these angles you’ll quickly see that none seem particularly ‘revolutionary’.  All are based on solid handicapping principles: it is the ‘combination’ of the factors that make the angles work so well.  We have the names of only a few of the original authors of these angles, two fellows who we already happened to know and another because his name was included on a magazine article someone had given Bud.  One thing we know for certain, though, is that the fellows who used, or still use these spot-plays have and are making money off all of them.
Now one thing we need to mention:  None of these angles will make you rich overnight, but they will make you money.You have to exercise patience with any method of play at the racetrack.  We often have customers return systems for a refund with notes like: ‘I tried this on three races and only got one winner.  I want my money back!’  No kidding!  We don’t know where these players get the idea that they’re supposed to win 100% of the time.  This is not a game for sissies or crybabies.  Losing streaks are inevitable, →But if you are using a good selection of solid angles, like most professionals do, one or more of the angles will always pick up the slack when others may be dogging it.
If you really, truly want to make a profit at this game, face the reality that it isn’t all a bed of roses.  But if you are persistent, and don’t cuss out the jock or trainer or system-writer, or whoever, every time your horse runs up the track, then you have a darned good chance of pocketing some extra cash.

And The BK Secret will help you do just that!

And we’ve made the price affordable to everybody, just $49.50, complete

A Rare Opportunity to Own, Use & Profit From Angles that Real Professionals use to make REAL PROFITS! Enjoy the satisfaction of owning a super-powerful arsenal of spot-play angles that will keep your bottom line in the black racing season afer racing season. These are time-tested, professional angles, all extremely quick to figure, that will have you marching up to the cashier’s windows over and over again.

And at $49.50,  it may just be the best bargain you’ve ever enjoyed in this game!!

The BK Secret contains:  Angle 1 – Try, Try, Try Again – a superlative ‘trainer move’ that yields 35% wins and a +28% ROI! Angle 2 – The ‘Dilly’ Daily Double Method – Like playing Daily Doubles? You’ll like it even more once you start using this profit-generating play!  Angle 3 – Across The Board Overlays – many of you may have this one already, but it’s a must-use for any player interested in good prices at a solid profit.  Angle 4 – The Workout Way – WOW!! simply using workouts will put you on some huge, huge prices and really perk up your pocketbook!  Angle 5 – The Allowance Race Class Angle – we know why guy who uses nothing but this angle and takes home a nice supplemental income from the track – gets @34% winners and a nice ROI! Angle 6 – Wild Cards & Longshots – one of the best longshot methods ever written – average win mutuel is over $27 and ROI is +89%!! Angle 7 – Play The Best Horse! – well, duh!, but, on the otherhand, how do you locate the best horse? This angle shows you how with over 50% winners, a positive ROI even on the place and a show hit rate of 93%!  Angle 8 – Perry Giles Point Count Contender-Getter – this is such an easy and logical method yet it produces such great results – you are going to absolutely love this one! Angle 9 – Due-Column Progression Money Management Strategy – looking for a great bankroll management strategy that can be used with virtually any solid method of play? Here it is!  Angle 10 – The Positive Horse – this angle has been around forever but still produces a boatload of winners and a good profit – and so darned simple!! Call 1-800-696-0067 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-696-0067 end_of_the_skype_highlighting to order TODAY!!