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Combining Spot Plays, Consistency Plays & Longshots to Produce an Extremely Accurate, Well-Rounded & Profitable Computer Program!!

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See The Video Here____

And you know what is absolutely fascinating!

Lou sent us one of the author’s original workouts which covered a month’s work of the Gulfstream meet.  We have reproduced it below.  This was several years ago.  But when we ran similar 30+ day data tests, remarkably almost every one came up with very similar results.  The main difference was that the win rate in our studies was higher, while the average win mutuel was a bit smaller.


For example:  Gulfstream April 25 thru May 31, 2o2o, $117 profit on $2 wagers with a 31.4% win rate; Santa Anita Jan. 1 thru Feb. 15, $126 profit and 32.1% win rate; Fonner Park March 28 thru April 27 $134 profit and 34.1% win rate; Belmont Park June 17 thru July 7 $114 profit and 29.9% win rate. >>And, we have adjusted the original formula to reduce runouts to boot!

So you can see that this method shows great consistency regardless of where you use it (though the results at Turf Paradise and Remington were not all that good.)

And while the method produces just great on flat bets, if you employ the Phantom Progression Bankroll Plan, you profits will be enhanced even more.

So if you want to do it by paper, it will be quick, but even quicker, of course, with the software.



The Software!! 

Combining Spot Plays, Consistency Plays & Longshots to Produce an Extremely Accurate, Well-Rounded & Profitable Computer Program!!

One of the great things about O’Rourke’s Stable Sleeper Program is the VERSATILITY —  you get the systems’ great spot plays, a formula that entwines jockey/train/stable team acumen with a horse’s win/place consistency and a Super-Duper Longshot program!  Look at the examples below:


Stable Sleepers works at all tracks, but gets more action at the smaller tracks.  Average # of Stable Sleeper plays is @3 per day and often, very often, you will make a profit on just those plays.  At Fonner this spring, for example, we had several days in a row where at least one or two of the three chosen won:  4/29: 3 plays, 2 wins $4.20 & $9.20 and 1 2nd; 5/4: 1 play, 1 win $9.00; 5/5: 3 plays, 2 wins $9.00 & $7.20; 5/6: 2 plays, 1 win $7.80, 1 3rd.

So if you love Consistency and short runouts, and also enjoy the opportunity to land some BIG prices, and have Exacta & Trifecta contenders thrown your way as well, you are going to warm up to O’Rourke’s Stable Sleepers quickly!

Try it — You’ll Like It!


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