The Guaranteed Profit Money Management System


OK, Kiddo’s, How Would You Like To Guarantee Yourself A Profit By Hitting As Few As One Out Of Every Five Of Your Wagers? Well, Here’s How It’s Done!

The postmark read ‘Falkenberg, Sweden’. ‘Who in the heck do we know in Sweden?’ I asked Lisa, our office manager. ‘Beats me,’ she answered, ‘but I know how to find out.’ She carefully opened the manila envelope and spilled its contents out onto the table. ‘Oh, a letter from Bob Anthony,’ I said. ‘Geez! He’s still bumping around Europe? It must be six months now. Must be nice!’ Bob had told us he was making a grand tour of the European casinos (he’s a big baccarat player) in February, and given the tone of his letter, the tables must have been good to him. Along with his letter a note: Dr. Bob is a strategist, not a handicapper. He is one of the few players I’ve seen who only has to know what the odds are of his winning in a particular situation in order to actually make a profit. He doesn’t have to know anything about handicapping, or more than the rudimentary rules for cards, dice or craps. He simply develops no-can lose wagering strategies to handle each type of wagering activity. Most of you know how high we are on his Parlay Power Match and Smart Bet Professional Formula, but with what we’ve seen so far, the Guaranteed Profit Money- Management System tops ‘em all. The strategy is easy to follow >> and can be used for horses, casino or sports wagering. It basically involves what Bob calls a 4-Level strategy, and he shows how a losing streak of as many as

I am enclosing a betting system I created. It can be used for any type of betting, casino, pari-mutuel, sports, etc. This is something I’ve used both on the tables and at the races for years. It guarantees a profit if you can hit simply one out of every five of your bets (20%). You start with what I call a ‘Lifetime Bankroll’ of 350 betting units. If you study the chart and explanation carefully, you will see how much money you can make with this betting system. You can also see how you can never tap out or lose your lifetime bankroll. It’s like starting a business with a very small amount of capital. Think your customers would like it? Let me know. ~ Sincerely, Bob

17 wagers, which will very seldom if ever happen, will still work its way back into the profit-zone rather quickly. And when you’re on a winning streak, the profits really pile up fast.We put The Guaranteed Profit Money Management System to the test, and the results were very, very impressive. >>We tested over 1,100 ‘what if’ scenarios in our data base and never once had to go to Level 4, the final level from which to recover losses from a losing streak. Losses were always recovered, most of the time on Level 2, after which most scenarios went immediately into the black! This is the first betting strategy we’ve seen that an actual ‘guarantee’ of winning can be made. Any solid system that picks 20%+ winners (and there are a lot of them) can be used to generate profits with The Guaranteed Profit System. And another nice thing: It’s so darned simple to use! Bob loves the horses, but is also big on craps and roulette, where he uses very simple betting systems, plus The Guaranteed Profit System, to earn ‘pocket change’, as he calls it. >>And when you order The Guaranteed Profit Money- Management System, we’re going to include, absolutely FREE, Bob’s Go With The Flow Craps and Roulette Betting System! Good deal, no? After just a little practice with The Guaranteed Profit System, you’ll have the confidence to walk into the racetrack or casino and start playing, and winning, right away!



P.S. Now available on software, too! Ask us about it!