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How can we say it any simpler than that? It’s simple— it involves Maiden races—and it’s profitable! Although, it’s not actually a ‘machine’, but it does pump out the winners and profits in a neatly ‘mechanical’ fashion. The Simple Maiden Profit Machine came to us courtesy of a long-time customer, John Melting, who resides a few hundred miles north of us in Sacramento. John has been using it since 1989 with some rather startling results, like a +32% return on investment (meaning that for every $1 you put in, you get $1.32 back—pretty nifty!). Why do we say ‘startling’. Well, because the method involves only four simple rules, and you can literally find plays at 10 or more tracks in under 30 minutes. You play only ‘straight’ Maiden races (MSW), which limits your play somewhat, but most tracks card at least two of these races daily.

Also you’ll notice that most racetracks card these races in the middle of a Pick 6, Pick 4 or Pick 3, and they are the type of races that give the general public the most trouble, which often means a nicely overlaid price for the clever player. And having The Simple Maiden Race Profit Machine by your side will award you permanent membership in that exclusive club. So why go another day letting Maiden races intimidate your racetrack play. Get a copy of The Simple Maiden Race Profit Machine today. It’s only $27, and we can absolutely promise you that it will consistently get you more Maiden winners than you ever thought possible! So join in the fun, today!!

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