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If you like the words ‘SAFE’ and ‘SURE’ when dealing with wagering on the thoroughbreds, then you are going to love Bob Shurig’s new SAFE & SURE SYSTEM of play.


The ‘safe’ part means you will seldom have your bankroll at any serious risk.

The ‘sure’ part translates into the certainty that you will realize a high winning percentage and significant profits when regularly using this extremely simple and effective method of play. NOW On Software!!!!


Many of you likely know me as the computer and data analyst for Dave Powers and RPM Information Systems.  Dave calls me ‘Cz’ for short, since he still hasn’t figured out how to pronounce my last name (that’s OK Dave, neither has my wife!).

But besides my duties with RPM, I run a little business on the side where I analyze systems of play sent to me by horseplayers worldwide.  I charge a fee based on the difficulty of the method and report back to my customers the results.

Most, I should say the vast majority, of systems sent to me don’t really pan out.  Oh, they may pick a decent amount of winners, but few pass the ‘profit’ test.  And, of course, if you’re playing a system, you not only want winners, but you want to make at least some pocket change as well.


“In seven days at Oaklawn I had 29 plays and 14 winners, including a $12.60, $12,40 and $10.80.  This is good stuff!” Leo Bassett, Pine Bluff

But I do find some winners, and some very significant winners at that. Bob Shurig’s Safe & Sure System, in fact, is one of the best I’ve analyzed.

It produced a very high win rate (36%), a very high win/place rate (64%) and a very, very high win/place/show rate (82%). It cranked out profits to the tune of 44%.  That means, let’s say, that you put a dollar bill in the change machine, and out comes $1.44.  This is an extremely significant level of profit based on my studies.  You won’t get many big prices as you’ll be focusing on the more logical runners in the field, but the consistency of this method is awesome.

What I like about this system is that in most races you are dealing with only three horses, which makes the selection process very quick, indeed, sometimes as little as two minutes per race (of course, with the software, that process becomes less than two seconds!).

I also like the consistency, i.e., the large number of tickets cashed.  Some of you may have my Hammering The Chalk system of play, which cashes close to 90% of the show bets it comes up with, so you know that cashing tickets, a lot of tickets, is very important in my personal play.

“Thanks for letting me do a field test with the Safe & Sure.  I checked 2 months at Aqu, ‘Anita & Gulf — 36.4% winners and a $20 flat bet yielded a $2,763 profit.  I approve!!” Wesley Dodd, Newark

So when I reported these results to Bob (he lives in Illinois), he asked me: ‘Oh, good, now what do I do?’  What do you do, I say, you take your method to the racetrack, play it and pocket the profits!

But I soon found that what he was really driving at was how could he market it to the general public, and thus make money both at the track and from sales of his system.

Oh, that’s easy, I told him.  Contact Dave Powers, tell him that I will send him the complete study and analysis on your method, and put it on software for you, and Dave will take care of the rest.

Well, it turned out that Dave was very busy with a new product catalog, so he suggested that I simply write my experiences down, as I have here, and he would do the mailing for the Safe & Sure System Software.

He also told me he had just gotten hold of a real goodie, a method called Across The Board Overlays, which he said I could easily turn into software, and as an incentive to purchase the Safe & Sure, we could give this method away free!!!

I’m not one to turn down ‘free’, so I said sure, let’s go for it.

I did ask him why he would give something away for free that he could sell for a significant price, though, and his answer was simply: ‘customer satisfaction — it’s the most important thing there is in the business world.’  Sounds all right to me!

So here’s the deal. The Safe & Sure System Software retails for  $88.  And that’s all you’re going to pay!   Shipping is included!

And the Across The Board Overlay Software comes to
you absolutely FREE!!!!!

The Safe And Sure Method

NOW ON SOFTWARE!!! Now all it takes is a couple clicks of your mouse and the entire day’s racecard is handicapped for you, showing you each and every Safe & Sure Play!  88And we’ve added some great features!   You will be alerted to 3 levels of play: Best, Better & Good.  ‘Best’ is the top-producer of course, but the other two levels show you plays that ‘almost’ meet all the criteria.  This way you’ll get plenty of action and even more ways to play both ‘straight’ and the exotics!!

High Win % – 36%+ of your ‘Best’ selections will win. Over 60% will at least place.  Over 80% will at least show.  33% of ‘Better’ plays will win and 30% of ‘Good’ plays will cash in.

Long runouts are virtually non-existent – in fact, you’ll often hit winning streaks of three or more!  Averages 3 to 4 solid plays per card.

Great for Exactas and Trifectas as well. And I will include the wagering strategies that have worked best to hit the exotic bets.

Very Profitable – return of $1.44 for every $1 wagered one of the best overall profits among the hundreds of methods I’ve tested!

And, Remember, another real doozy of a winner,   Across The Board Overlays, the Software,   which sells for $68 on its own, will come to you at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!

So not only will you have in your possession one of the absolute best methods of play that I have ever tested, BUT…….

Across The Board Overlays, The Software, will be in your hot little hands as well!

And remember, the whole package is yours for just $88! And, trust me, you’ll love it!! Oh, as with all our software products, you’ll use the $1 BRIS drf file for your downloads.

“Len, I’ve really liked all of your stuff, but the Safe & Sure is the best I’ve seen.  I like the fact that there are no long runouts and the profits are so darned steady.  Keep up the good work!”
Tom Moretti, Omaha

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