The E-Z Dollar Trifecta Box System!


A Quick & Simple way to Increase Your Trifecta Cash-In


A Quick & Simple way to Increase Your Trifecta Cash-In

C’mon, admit it. Even though many pro’s and authors tell you that you’ve got to get the ‘straight betting’ part of the game down pat before you proceed to the exotic bets, what you really want to do is cash big-paying Trifecta’s. How often do you find yourself sitting next to a guy w ho is jumping up and down and telling everybody in earshot about the $1,100 Trifecta he just hit? And do you notice certain players seem to be cashing in on these bets often, while you just set there and tear up tickets?

It could be that these winning players are sticking to a tried-and-true method, like The E-Z Dollar Trifecta Box System, for example. The E-Z Dollar Trifecta system was developed by New York resident Anthony Vaccaro and is a testament to the innovation that can come from a lifetime of researching the handicapping game. Mr. Vaccaro has come up with a simple yet amazingly effective way to select runners who are likely to make up winning Trifectas.

Not only Trifectas, but the method can also be used to hit Exactas and the occasional big-paying Superfecta. The selection strategy is dirt simple and relies on a little ‘twist’ involving weight carried, of all things. But it works brilliantly and you’ll find yourself walking up to that cashier’s window much more often to collect these big exotic payoffs. Now it’s your turn to jump for joy! Just $29.